Ian F

Thursday, 17 January 2013 00:00

Duration: 1.11.14 // Plays: 2224

No new face for all our MEOKO followers, Ian F., who grew up in Slovenia only to build bridges via sound and musical concepts, is carefully welding together this beautiful piece of a mix for MEOKO who are proud to have him on board for its much acclaimed mix series. The multifacetted mastermind, driving force behind the Coloursmusic net label, oscillates actively between all his creative outlets and outputs, be it organising events, managing labels and artists, djing, and producing, and this wide-angled take on electronic music and the culture behind it is something which inevitably shows and gives his mix this emotional and characteristic component. Driving, eclectic and smooth, the mix session picks up meandering like a river towards the Meditereanean, sparkling, quirky, yet laidback and profound at shaded places perfecto to skinnydip right in to cool down. Nevertheless, he does not miss the opportunity to bang in some heavyweights, drawing from his huge experience which is actually a spiritual experience for him. Passing this onto his listeners, his mix is a feelgood message to the crowds connecting energetically through music. Well done!