Danton Eeprom

Friday, 01 March 2013 00:00

Duration: 1.21.04 // Plays: 5317

When it comes to music, Danton Eeprom can't sit still. Born and raised in France, he soon developed an ardent interest in all things sonic, first performing in a rock band and then setting about exploring the endless nooks and niches of electronic music. While many will know him best for his collaboration with Radio Slave on techno classic 'Grindhouse', Danton is a tireless innovator, comfortable only when out of his comfort zone. With his second album 'All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go' set for imminent release on Infiné and his own Fondation Records back up and running, now is as vibrant a time for Danton as ever before. His addition to the MEOKO podcast series is a measured onslaught of techno in all shapes and sizes, from minimal to funkier, more groove-centric records. Expertly put together, Eeprom keeps the pace at a heady constant, confirming just why he's considered one on the most exciting performers in the scene.