Lula Circus

Thursday, 07 March 2013 00:00

Duration: 58.27 // Plays: 2104

Lula Circus - Danilo Sardella’s and Sergio Frazzingaro’s love child - was born in 2008, rearing its colourful head to get people dancing by celebrating their mutual enjoyment of electronic music, life, the universe...and motion picture culture. Hailing from different musical backgrounds, the two manage to fuse their individual talents into one solid groove, backing it up with emotive soundscapes, powerful arpeggios, emotional vocals and hauntingly beautiful synth sounds. For their exclusive MEOKO mix, the two Italians did not leave out any stylish gimmick or cinematic effect and the result is an enhanced overall experience. Their roaming spirits wander through the outer limits of experimental house music only to pull back onto the floor, as if by magic. They skillfully incorporate elements that catch your ear and get you hooked instantly, as an internal movie unravels inside your head and captures all your senses: Lula Circus’ sound is a hugely dramatic way of celebrating the limitless beauty of electronic music, with all it entails. Their releases on Resopal, Catwash and Culprit, just to name but a few labels where they surfaced, meander in the same vain. Their music, a huge nod to one of their biggest influences, Ennio Morricone, is just a huge massive head-fuck of the sweetest and most seductive kind.