Mr Statik

Friday, 15 March 2013 00:00

Duration: 1:19:40 // Plays: 2380

As one of the key artists on Ellen Alien's B-Pitch Control roster, Greek-born producer Stathis Kalatzis has been bubbling away at the forefront of European electronic music for over twenty years. Entering into the scene through hardcore, breakbeat and pirate radio, Stathis soon began to craft his Mr Statik alter-ego, slowing down the bpms and representing Greece at RBMA South Africa in the meanwhile. Today, Mr Statik continues pushing his brand of emotionally charged, twisted tech house, performing regularly around the world. Stepping up to be the next in line for the MEOKO podcast series, Mr Statik delivers a mix that glides between moments of weird, trippy techno and more emotive stylings, all enshrouded in his trademark deep, dark veil.