Luna City Express

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 00:00

Duration: 1:00:51 // Plays: 4024

It’s time to get deep and house-y. “Do you remember house?”, echos a sonorous male voice. The call is repeated and, in no time, this 73rd outing of the MEOKO mix series has the listener revelling in past, present and future interpretations of the genre we like to call house. Luna City Express answer the question in their own way, calling upon old virtues without trying to repeat history or sound, or feel scholarly. DJing together for over thirteen years, and being happily glued together as Luna City Express for almost a decade, they effortlessly slide through different landscapes without needing to go off the rail. With dollops of enjoyable, bass-heavy, old school glee and the occasional vocal diva outbreak, the express train rides through time and space, occasionally lifting off the veil to expose new productions in the makings. Showing off some of the magic stuff their home-label Moon Harbour is made of, the pair combine cosmic-beams and house-rays with German minimalism and interstellar machine funk.