Friday, 10 May 2013 00:00

Duration: 1.21.04 // Plays: 12276

Cabanne, first name Jean-Guillaume, is one of the true purveyors of funk, injecting it into the minimal groove of contemporary house with true French verve and panache, and there is no note that´s not bound to be bent a Little blue, off kilter and beautifully playful. This magic 76th installment of Meoko´s stunning mix series, which is getting more vanguardistic with each new edition, is oozing with elegance and style whilst, at the same time, being so cheekily tongue-in-cheek you want to peck him on the mouth. It´s a pure joy to skip through dancingly, and around the middle, this succulent ride really picks up and draws you deep into the universe of Cabanne: Being Telegraph´s beacon sending out the bounciest frequencies around, and Perlon´s and Concrete´s sophisticated sound flagship, he is possibly the best example of what a fresh approach to dancable yet advanced electronic music should sound like .