Maher Daniel & The Other Side Curate Impact Lebanon Charity Compilation Inc. Ricardo Villalobos, SIT, Mandar, Alci & More

We cannot forget the catastrophe that took place on August 4th, 2020, where a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored at the port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, exploded, causing at least 203 deaths, 6,500 injuries, and $15 billion in property damage, and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless.



Head to the Impact Lebanon site here:


November 6th will see the release of a non-profit collaboration from a healthy package of established artists and friends including Ricardo Villalobos, SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia), Alci, Mandar, Priku, Faster, Pîrvu, Dragutesku, Guy From Downstairs, Lowris, Costin RP, Pheek & Kike Mayor, and Sepp. Masterminded by The Other Side founder, Maher Daniel.


The Bandcamp release is amalgamated in support of Impact Lebanon with all proceedings going to the charity in light of the recent horrific events in Beirut, and will be available here




The fourteen tracker meanders through certain minimal moods with each of the artists involved bringing their own angle and textures to the release, a wholesome compilation for a good cause injecting some positivity into what has been an uncertain year, delivered by some of the most established artists from this sector of the sound spectrum. Although a charity compilation Maher and co. have managed to put together a cohesive body of work with all of the tracks communicating with the next, maintaining distinctive themes and setting the tone for the cause in hand. Sure to build some traction this winter getting behind a fantastic charity. 




Alci - Denayi 

Costing RP - Tajo

Dragutesku - Muza

Faster - Surveyor 

Guy From Downstairs - Coast To Coast 

Lowris - Sauve 

Maher Daniel - Wasted Liquid 

Maher Daniel - Motionless (Mandar Remix) 

Maher Daniel - One Drop (Priku Remix) 

Pîrvu - Ev - Uh - Nes - Uhnt 

Pheek & Kike Mayor - Costa Verda

Ricardo Villalobos - Sauvage 

Sepp - Cairnholm 

SIT - Transit


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A Fallen Hero: DiY’s Pete Woosh Has Died

It’s with great regret that Pete ‘Woosh’ Birch, founding member and influential figure in Nottingham’s DiY Collective, has passed away after a five-year battle with cancer.



If you scratch under the surface of dance music heritage in the UK it won’t take you long to stumble across DiY Soundsystem. The outfit was a seminal part of the acid house raves scene back in the early 90s, to many most notably being a part of the collection of sound systems which threw the infamous party at Castlemorton 1992. An estimated 20,000 - 40,000 party revellers enjoying the delights of the party which went on nearly a week. This resulted in the Criminal Justice Bill driving parties from fields into clubs full time in the UK. In a weird way, you could say we wouldn’t be here doing what we do today in this capacity without people like Pete pushing the way forward.



He was also responsible for one of the hottest nights in the UK at the time; Bounce which welcomed guests including Sasha, Laurent Garnier, DJ Pierre, Andrew Weatherall, Larry Heard, Derrick Carter and many more. From parties all over the UK, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Dallas and Ibiza it’s safe to say the DiY we’re absolutely on fire in their prime years. The collective was holding multiple parties a week at some stages. The infamous DJ duo Digs & Woosh along with Simon DK and many others of the DiY entourage were known for their dedication to music and bringing joy to many dance floors across the world.





Pete was also responsible for launching the labels Strictly 4 Groovers and DiY Discs releasing 100s of records. The imprints brought artists like Nail, Atjazz, Rhythm Plate, Inland Knights and many more to light. These records are still found in many of favourite DJs sets to this day and are an essential part of any serious house diggers collection.



After being diagnosed with highly aggressive head and neck cancer in December of 2015, Pete decided to take a natural approach to treatment and launched his The 52 Card Trick project. He wanted to give something back to everyone that helped him when he was diagnosed. The label would release 3 tracks a week for 52 weeks. It saw the likes of Brawther, Yueseke, Nail, Hot Toddy and Schmoov, as well as many others, release a brilliant selection of diverse music. All proceeds from the project went towards organisations which offered support with cancer, none of which received government funding. These included Active Cancer Therapy Support, Together Against Cancer and The Penny Brohn Centre



DiY recently celebrated their 30th birthday in 2019; an achievement which is truly unique and special in its own right. How? Still sticking to the ethos that has served them so well over all these years. A family of like-minded people coming together for the love for music. You only have to look on the DiY Facebook page to see how many people Pete inspired over the years with floods of testaments, stories, nods of respect and admiration.




Thoughts going out to everyone suffering from his loss. The world we love has lost a rare breed indeed. Rest in peace Pete ‘Woosh’ Bird.

Thank you for being you.




Words by Jordan Diston


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Mr. C: "Today is International Mental Health Day. Let’s all use this day to promise ourselves to be better people"

Good morning from an overcast LA everyone. Today in International Mental Health Day, so I wrote this: Down but not out. Depression is a problem with the dance music scene, that has taken artists & friends from us all. The toll of constant touring, the loneliness, the burnout.




The pressure to be on point at every show giving your happy best. The pressure to keep making great music, release after release. The pressure to keep putting on regular events, supplying the best DJs, production & environment. It’s these things that can weigh heavily on DJs, producers & promoters. The pressure to continue to inspire & to lift others from their daily struggles can be a thankless task, yet it’s expected time after time. As performers & as event hosts we can’t be down, we can’t be stressed, we can’t be depressed because it’s us who the party people look at to help them to celebrate life. To the dancing public, we have to be the faces of joy, bringing the good vibes & always being there, solid, steadfast & cheerful. Yet for most DJs we don’t know what gigs are coming in 2 or 3 months down the road. We’re not sure if we can pay our rent month to month, but somehow we manage & that stress to simply survive cannot be shown while we’re performing. Many events promoters are unsure if adequate numbers will come through the doors to pay the DJs, the security, the sound & lighting people, the door staff, the flights, the hotels, the drivers & more. The stress can be unbearable. Often as promoters, we’re on tenterhooks for the first couple of hours of our events, hoping that the break-even number of people come sooner rather than later. Yet our faces have to be welcoming, happy, assuring & willing to help you to celebrate. Well, right now I’d take all that pressure back in a heartbeat.


Our industry is destroyed due to this pandemic & no one in the establishment seems to care. There’s no proper stimulus package for the nightlife industry. Agents, club managers, door staff, security, dancers, bartenders, servers, we’re stuck between a rock & a hard place right now. A friend pointed out today that our industry has some harsh critics. DJs are being subject to abuse for trying to think outside the box for a way to earn some kind of living & as soon as you come up with an idea there are those who want to shoot you down as though you’re a serial killer, just for wanting to survive. But we’re well know DJs, we’re perceived to be indestructible, our mental health & well being doesn’t seem to be important to those who want to shoot us down at the first given opportunity for trying to find a way to just get by. We don’t have feelings, we don’t have emotions, we don’t have rent & bills to pay, we can survive like magic, just like that.


This pandemic has seen so many people from all walks of life lose their jobs, their income & with it for many, their dignity. Lockdown has brought about a huge difference of opinion. Everyone’s opinion is right, everyone else is wrong & the vitriol on social networks has escalated out of control. This is happening during a time when we should actually be looking out for each other. Being careful what to say to each other as we don’t know where the person we’re about to lay into is at mentally. If they’ve lost a family member if they’re struggling to feed their families if they’re living with people who are making their lives a living hell? Today is International Mental Health Day. Let’s all use this day to promise ourselves to be better people, to think before lashing out at family, friends or people online. To be compassionate & caring as every single one of us is suffering in some way or another right now, be that big or small. No one is immune to the toils of this pandemic so let’s all promise ourselves to be better, kinder & to treat others as we would like to be treated. Let this day be the day that we start to turn a corner together & strive to make each other happier instead of upset.


If you’re feeling down there’s lots we can do to try to lift ourselves & here are some suggestions:

  • 1. Put on your favourite 10 songs all in a row, turn the music up really loud, dance & sing along to all the words as loudly as you can.
  • 2. Go for a good long walk, preferably in nature if you can. The fresh air, exercise & change of lockdown environment can really help. Try to do this daily.
  • 3. Force yourself to meditate for 20 minutes every day. It’s hard to make yourself do anything at all when depressed but meditation can give you the energy needed to get back in the room.
  • 4. Make art. Go get yourself some paint brushes, paints & canvas & get those feelings out in a creative way. The finished result will make you feel good & gifting that art to a friend who is down will bring you both some joy.
  • 5. Talk. Don’t hold stuff in. Your loved ones, family & friends love you dearly & will be only to happy to listen to you talk & who knows, they may well have some great ideas to lift your spirits.
  • 6. Watch a comedy or stand up. Laughter is always a great cure. So contact a friend or family member & watch something really really stupid to have a good old laugh.
  • 7. Reach out to others who look like they’re down & need help. There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping others & bringing them to happiness or helping them out of a dark place.


This will greatly improve your sense of self-worth. As a finishing thought, maybe it’s better in these troubled times to be kind than be right? Have a wonderful day. Mr.C




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Preview - Zero: tINI, Harry McCanna & Benson Herbert (18.10.2020)


London is not letting the current situation in the UK slow the city down with there being an abundance of quality socially distanced events across so many of the venues we know and love. Sunday 18 October see’s an outstanding Sunday day-time event with one of the characters we love the most, tINI.


London-based creative platform, Zero Logistics hold a showcase (Social Dis-Danced) at one of the capital's most loved underground hotspots; 93 Feet East. tINI will be joining Benson Herbert and North South Records wonder Harry McCanna on the 1s and 2s. Safe to say this has all the ingredients to be a sublime affair of quality beats as we hear some of our favourite selectors delve deep into their collections.


Buy tickets here (limited capacity and advance tickets only.)

Join the Facebook Event here


Words by Jordan Diston


More Zero Logistics 

More MEOKO: Facebook Soundcloud / Youtube

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Mike Shannon's Cynosure Recordings celebrates 20 years of Timeless Dance Tracks with a stellar VA

Cynosure Recordings celebrates its 20th anniversary with a Compilation of epic proportions including Dewalta & Shannon, Brett Johnson, The Mole, Matthew Johnson and many more.



20 years is an impeccable length of time to keep any imprint current and relevant. You only have to look at the support they have received from across the industry over the years to see they have done just that with their records being played by the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, D'Julz, Sonja Moonear, Doc Martin and Ryan Crosson to name a few.




The label still continues at the same pace and consistency that it always did.  Never flooding the overly saturated underground market and only releasing a handful of quality releases a year. But how did it start and where did it all begin?



Many moons ago when a couple of friends in the sleepy Canadian town of Kitchener, Ontario got together and merged their studios. Mike Shannon and Jason Hunsberger put together the little gear that they had and created a makeshift studio called the Onom room. 



Together the two would create a project called the Sunaj Assassins and would later create a record label to showcase their work. At the time the two young producers were involved in a provincially funded arts collective called K.O.R. The initial idea of the Cynosure Recordings label was meant to showcase a number of the artists and musicians involved in the collective as well as other artists in the province. But shortly before the first release was set the project funding was pulled and the project was momentarily sidelined. 



But it was too late for all the work to be wasted and the project shelved, so in 1999, Mike and friends got the funds together and continued to make the dream Cynosure Recordings a reality.



In 20 years the underground market has gone through some big changes but things with Cynosure’s releases remain the same. Timeless Dance Tracks.




You can actually enjoy the digital version of compilation by purchasing it on Bandcamp today from here.



Words by Jordan Diston

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