Preview: Junction 2 2018 & Junction 2 presents Tobacco Dock

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Watch out everyone, Junction 2 has announced the full line-up for its 2018 edition with special back to backs, Adam Beyer b2b Carl Cox (World Exclusive), Dixon b2b Âme (6-hour Set) and Sonja Moonear b2b Nicolas Lutz.

The LWE event will hold its third edition on the 9th of June in Boston Manor Park — a 10-hour long event that, so far, includes the biggest names in house and techno. Fan of the melodic fare? Âme, Mind Against, Tale of Us, check. Prefer the harder, darker stuff? Nina Kraviz, Len Faki, Jay Clarke, check. There’s the King of Ibiza, Carl Cox; the Queen of minimal, Sonja Moonear; and the prodigal kid of UK dance music, Joy Orbison. And it’s particularly nice to see Nicolas Lutz on such an event. The Uruguayan digger’s been everywhere last year, as comfortable spinning obscure bangers on a festival’s main stage as at some dodgy afterhours — proving that popularity does not require compromising on quality.


Anyways, this is only the first wave of names, leaving us to wonder what else’s to come. What’s for sure is that two of the biggest structures in the game will be hosting stages. One of them is Drumcode — Adam Beyer and Dense & Pika are already announced, but expect more acts from the label. The other is Sonus Festival, the Croatian festival that seems to lure half of your Facebook friends to its idyllic shores and decadent boat parties every year. With its outrageous line-ups and top production values, no doubt the team behind the festival will come up with something special for Junction 2.


And to keep you waiting, LWE has crafted an appetizer of sorts: a day-time event on the 10th of February at Tobacco Dock that will fly to London some of the festival’s headliners along a string of other acts. Once again, it’s only big-hitters.

tobacco dock

No need to introduce Nina Kraviz anymore. Out of all the generic techno DJs out there, her name will always stick out for me, as she’s certainly the one who has made the less concessions to get to where she is. She stays faithful to her high-energy, banging mixing style that forays into the most abrasive strains of 90s techno and trance, while pushing more experimentally-inclined but no-less banging up-and-comers on her трип label. You can tell Nina is passionate, and this is infectious.


LSD, the joint project of Luke Slater, Dave Sumner (aka Function) and Steve Bicknell, would be worth the price of entry alone. From the dreamy techno he put out as The 7th Plain to the relentless sound of Planetary Assault Systems, Luke Slater is a proper techno mastermind. Same could be said of Function, whose carrier embodies an entire section of techno’s history: his angsty sound brewed in the dark corners of late 90’s NYC mutated to a more hypnotic strain of techno when he relocated to Berlin as part of Sandwell District, a cult project that pioneered the currently prevailing trend for deep, mental techno. Steve Bicknell, meanwhile, is a UK underground hero whose Lost parties left an indelible mark on British techno. Their forces combined should send you on a proper mind trip.

There’s also Scuba, the head of Hotflush Recordings who has established himself as one of UK’s main tastemakers. As a matter of fact, the big room techno of Dense & Pika, who also share the bill in the Great Gallery, wouldn’t be where it’s at if it wasn’t for him. And finally, Modeselektor will also be present. The duo has been of all the main trends of the German underground in the past two decades. Whether with their wonky minimal on BPitch Control, their crossover label Monkeytown or the recently terminated 50Weapons that showcased some of the best current house and techno, these guys have always been driving forces rather than train-hoppers.


If that’s too much to handle, the artists billed in the Gallery will doubtless soothe your ears. Like Ricardo, Sonja Moonear is an Ibiza regular who’s as comfortable pushing the deeper and trippier cuts in her collection, and a definite MEOKO favourite. And that’s not mentioning our darlings, Apollonia. You know what to expect from the French trio: ridiculously pumping and bouncing beats that won’t fail to put a smile on your face, let alone to make your body move.


Not too bad, eh? Well you guessed it, there’s more to come. But you can already grab your tickets for the Tobacco Dock event here, and those for the festival there, before they reach the final phases.


Words by Pierre-Alexis Chauvin


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Preview: Melliflow & Closer Winter Trip 2


With less than a month to go we decided to look at a party that quickly gained a solid fixture in the MEOKO calendar.

Twice a year (one in summer, one in winter) Melliflow and Closer join forces for an extended dance in Berlin. The incredibly versatile line up is a true reflection of what the brands themselves represent, handpicked crate diggers and underground selectors who all share the same vision and ability to create unique atmospheres. The occasion and environment go hand in hand as they step on board Hoppetosse for the entire duration. Saturday night (3rd Feb) until Monday morning. An intimate affair, low ceilings surrounded by tight sound filled with amazing artists. It’s a no brainer.

Alexandra MC

The Berlin based Melliflow founders Vera and Alexandra welcome a wide array of artists to town. Some magic moments to be had on the boat. My Own Jupiter man Nicolas Lutz will be there to display his never ending discography of rare and curious records. Hailing from all over the world, Japanese collector DJ Masda, New Yorker and precise mixer Evan Baggs, and young Italian artist Quest to name a few. Underground explorers Unai Trotti and Nico Etorena will both bring something fresh to the table. Noizar and Borys will be representing Kiev offering their reputable music, that they have built there immense residency at Closer around.


To round off the special party a second room will also be available, an open door for experimental sounds. A place to relax, and take a moment from the madness. Featuring a spectrum of rhythms from Baby Vulture, E/Tape and a rare opportunity to see Federico Molinari in this light. Visuals on the weekend from Cote, the real cherry on the cake.

See you on the boat. 


Facebook Event: melliflow & closer kiev winter trip 2


Words by Zac Bidwell


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HOT WAX - Tools & Tips (December 2017 - Part 3)

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12 tracks listed below by Primărie will do all the talking;



1- Premiesku - The Last Man on The Moon EP // ALLINN028 



So being in a period where over generousity is experienced at a high level, here is our take for a special wax with divine sounds :). We start with Premiesku who 'soar' to 'only' take us on a trip to the moon and then we are 'Even' for the whole EP. We can always go Sci-Fi when this lovely Romanian trio share their newest sounds on All Inn Black, we can already be sure it's the deepes underground cut coming out from their studio.


2- Adrian Niculae - Consensual EP // MTF005 



Back to a sound we cherish, and one that is stands out for this period. Adrian Niculae is back with his own 'Motif' to share with us another cocktail made out of fruits from his own garden. I'm sure I 'SeeSaw' cherries in this smoothie too while B Side reminds me of a whole cycle i have to review, re-align and recentre myself then move on and on, play with this play.


3- Fonetica (Cristi Cons & Dubtil) - Noises EP // NMS003


Here is an interesting collab, one that has a tender flow, one that define powerfull drum rythms. Who are they? Well Cristi Cons and Dubtil come out as Fonetica, with their first 'Noises EP' on Nervmusic special side series. I'm sure the point is to get 'Lost in thought' when everything is so well done in the 'background'. The sound proposes another way of rhythm and tight percussions and the time is right for us to have these options too.


4- Arapu - Wasted Ego EP // UND007


A 'Wasted Ego' title as a sublime message for a sublime sound, delivered by Arapu on Understand. Did you get it ? Uplifting sound with a scary atmosphere and voices 'from the other side' show you can't always have the bliss without a bit of extra-ordinary tension meant to keep you straight and offer you a wide range of experiences.


5- Mihai Pol - Invasion EP // OTK003



Already with a sound if his own, Mihai Pol continues to polish his craft with a new EP on the Londoner Otaku Records. It's ok, there is an invasion going on, and Triptil is on board with a B Side remix, calls out his best troops and rolls out his offensive and uplifting groove taking on the lead in this adventouros manifest.


6- Cally - Calldaer EP // MELONIAN005



Of course one player getting fresh attention is romanian dj and producer Cally. Usually with a perfected round sound, in this EP he reveals his high pillar attitude on front side and then shares his wormth and angelic atmospheres with two perfect after-hours tracks on side B.


7- Costin Rp - Basics EP // RUERE004



Costin Rp is one that i know likes to go further and explore his sounds and mainly he comes up with new ingredients for his cocktail. Making it more spacious and lightly in the same time, Ruere is the right caravan to serve this jam sessions. Whishpering questions are thrown throughout the whole experience. Did you hear?


8- Unknown Artist - DRGS01 // DRGS01


As you know it is a pleasure to write about the Unknown Artist who does not need any more recognition and just shares his feelings and moods with us. On the first one of these series you'll find clues and ways as to how to get wild and childly again and of course if you 'Say it Loud' you will get it better. 


9- Floog - Ambele EP // FLG001 



I have love for new beggings and to share the right ones with you and as i told you before I'm happy the artist behind Floog is back on track again, delivering smooth rhythms with clean and clear percussion cuts aiming for an ever more fractalized house music anthems. It's all under a great plan, delivered with love and joy on FLG001. 


10- Piktor - Acid Space EP // LKMV002



How do you make a painting of acid floating in space? Well there is one formula very well presented here and tell me if you can find a better one. Regarding groove and sound, Piktor found his ways and it's ready to be part of our big community. We're sure the EP on Lokomotiv is just a small card of the big picture, and we're shure the canvas is ever expanding.


11- MOi - 08 // MOI008

House, Groove, Rhythm... oi oi. It's all in here, it's the new MOI release. Undergound house music all the way under this project and the credits go in Eastern Europe. Well it is a very fine touch of uplifting side of our house music and this release is set to bound new standards, as the ones before, it did. 


12- VA - Tzinah On Black 004 // TZHBK004



4 Romanian talents,  Hansel!, Mihai Pol, Herck and vlf, are billed for TZHBK004. When speaking of Tzinah records, it is always a treat to ears.


With care and appreciation from P. with Love


Words by Dan Primaru



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HOT WAX - Tools & Tips (December 2017 - Part 2)

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Recently regarded as one of Spain’s “best kept secrets,” Javier Carballo, internationally acclaimed DJ, producer, and label owner, grew up on an exotic Spanish island called Gran Canaria. From the warm sounds of inspiration of the vibrant wellspring of life surrounding him, music became a way of life to transmit emotions and communion through sound. Thoroughly dedicated to this calling, Javier’s passion drains over everything he does, channeling his creative efforts to produce deeply emotional, strikingly state­of­the­art underground deep house and techno. Since 2009, Carballo’s career has continued to evolve with his solo projects and remixes that received support by some of the biggest names in the industry. 

And now, 6 tracks listed below by the man himself, Javier Carballowill do all the talking;


1- Primary perception - Retroftted Future Vl. 1 - Slow Life



I am very happy to see how 2 good friends from my island are one of the most exciting duos right now in the electronic scene, this ep is clearly my favorite of them , anyway all the things done by the guys are top level music. This ep has 5 tracks, where Mahy and Nichel do a trip between house, Minimal , electro and deep sounds.


2- Tommy Vicari Jr - Beta Stop Thinking - Lowwaxx



This EP is one of my favourite last work of Tommy, the 2 tracks are weird but when u start to listen them u can’t  take it out of your mind, Minimal techno and atmospheric sounds , with a great Rich Nxt remix oriented to the dance floor.


3.- Pola - Kuku - Aku



Two big tracks in Pola release, each side works just perfect in After sets or nights, amazing baseline and groove. proper records for clubs and djs.


4.- Disk - Blackloops 02


All the last Disk releases are great, solid rhythms , amazing pads and transitions , this time Blackloops 01 have 2 cuts where the rolling house, minimal and groove elements doing a perfect combination.


5.- BSS - Unrequested State Of Bliss, Bosconi



What a package of 8 tracks, Im really impressed  with this work of the trio of Bosconi Sound system I can play each track in deferents moments, Minimal, Driving tech house, Deep techno, Electro. Honestly nowadays is so difficult to see a double vinyl and be sure to buy it, in this case100%


6.- Martyne & Jacob / Bodin & Jacob - Gesandt - Traffic Records



Every records of Traffic is a real bomb ,this time Bodin does 4 tracks collaborating with his friends Jacob and Martyne to do a new era of Electro, minimal and breaks. 


Javier Carballo MC


Words by Javier Carballo / JC Soundcloud


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HOT WAX - Tools & Tips (December 2017 - Part 1)

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6 tracks listed below by Primărie will do all the talking;


1- RQZ - Freaks EP // MODEIGHT004



So let's start this session with an artist who is stepping up in the vinyl only world, and that is the Romanian DJ, Midi Club Resident, RQZ. With a great approach to his sound and his techniques, this EP is a great anchor beetwen the house world and the more deep and fractalized micro-house music.


2- Miroloja - Subtitle EP // OLOREC001



Another great and courageous opening are from the Miroloja brothers, with their first release at their headquarters Olo Records. Armed up with two smooth remixes from artists like Nima Gorji and Rowlanz, they make a great promise to the scene, and that is to release quality music in their view and understanding. Done well so far for me.


3- Silat Beksi - Shushu EP // WOW05

Back to groove and to that peculiar sound we cherish most, Silat Beksi showing two sides in his What you Want release called Shushu EP. What we love about Silat is that he won't let the guard down and he's always massaging our ears with some breaks on every release. Of course the other side of him is revealed in the more detailed Java track.


4- Floog - Gicu cu Robotzi EP // HOARD003



Great to see such an experienced artist going out on his own and showing his more soulfull side on his solo alias Floog. We are talking about George the third part of Premiesku near Livio and Roby. Now we get to see where the more esoteric and atmospherical parts of that were coming from, it's all over this EP and i really look forward to the direction of Floog.


5- Vlad Arapasu - Artifical Moves // SBTL010



Talking about taking things on a solo attitude, Vlad Arapasu from Dubsons did that recently also, delivering his first EP at the German Subtil Records. He is expressing his happiness and thoughfull messages throughout his music and my guess he's got a lot to share! Great EP representing our Romanian sound signature.





And.. not to be missed is the new release from Sei Es Drum, Villalobos trips are being out on A and B, one expressing the 'sensitive' voice direction and the other one drumming on the bass and playing it low. This is what we should do also, beat the earth to raise the frequencies and be open cosmical energy from the above.


With care and appreciation from P. with Love


Words by Dan Primaru


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