Epizode releases 2nd wave of Artists including [a:rpia:r], Apollonia, Nastia, Sonja Moonear, Mr C and more!

We celebrate 5 years of Epizode and this is looking to be their biggest party yet. The thrilling 12-day music and art festival will, once again, bring the world-class selection of electronic music heroes, inspiring art installations, exciting wellness activities and magical sunsets within their non-stop program.




Now, the second wave of artists is revealed featuring planetary DJ icons such as Jamie Jones[a:rpia:r]ApolloniaNastiaSonja MoonearRichy AhmedSatoriArchie HamiltonAgents Of Time and Mr. C. They will be playing alongside some of the best Europe and Asia talents.




Minimal undisputed heavyweights [a:rpia:r] will take us on a hypnotic journey while French housepower trio Apollonia leads with their signature groovy back-to-back-to-back set. Techno lady Nastia will be debuting Epizode spreading her passion behind the decks, whilst Swiss queen Sonja Moonear will enchant the crowd with her lean house moods. Dutch artist Satori will play impress the crowd with his live act again, while FUSE star Archie Hamilton will bring his hugely sought-after act of minimalistic sounds. Italian trio Agents Of Time has mastered their house sound for an enthralling live act and multi-talented English DJ, producer and rapper Mr.C will bring a force of London rave scene.




These will join an already stacked line up including VillalobosBinhDeborah De LucaDubfireGoldieGutiHectorLoco DicewAFF, Yaya and many more. Together, these artists will bring their fresh beats to Epizode’s iconic stages for an unforgettable fiesta over the NYE holidays.


While helping the Asia-Pacific music scene drive forward, Epizode has, in only four years, made an impressive mark internationally. With the vision to unite people from around the globe, the festival has become a top destination to ring in the new year, gathering music enthusiasts, art lovers, experiential seekers and music industry professionals. Sunset Sanato beach in Phú Quốc where Epizode takes place offers an immersive festival experience, surrounded by lush jungles, heavenly food, and awesome people. 


12-day Multi Passes are available online at €198, and can be purchased online via Epizode website:


See you front left! 




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Mathimidori aka Mathias Kaden to release a new LP on Echocord

News just in that Copenhagen’s Echocord returns with a long-player from Mathimidori this October, entitled the ‘Akebono’ LP comprising of ten original compositions.




Mathimidori, better known by most as Mathias Kaden has been using this alias as a way to showcase his take on dub-leaning, minimalistic and refined Techno via labels such as Dorian Paic’s Raum Musik, Tokyo’s Mule Musiq and Berlin’s Ornaments. Here though we see deliver his debut long-player under the guise, and fittingly the LP will be released via esteemed Dub Techno imprint Echocord, home to releases from the likes of STL, Deepchord, Fluxion, XDB and Forest Drive West.


The project also welcomes an assortment of collaborations such as the opening track ‘Java’ alongside Spain’s Pulshar, ‘Kioku’ featuring Japanese artist Tomomi Ukumori and ‘Kobe’ with Germany’s Rhauder which all lean towards downtempo dub territories. Also featured are Sakura who provides spoken-word vocals for ‘Akebono’ and Shoco who joins Mathimidori for the ambient leaning album conclusion ‘Akari’.




Meoko has been catching up with Mathias about the album and we will be dropping an exclusive preview and interview very soon! This is some of his best work yet and we can’t wait to share it with you all.



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Erik Morillo charged with rape crime

Over the past few months Miami police have been investigating a rape allegatio against international DJ Erick Morillo. Now Miami Local 10 News reports, they have charged him with sexual battery after rape kit tests positive for his DNA. 


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Cops report that the victim said 'she woke up nude on the bed, with Mr. Morillo standing on the side of the bed also nude'.

Detectives said after months of denying the allegations, he then turned himself in. The incident is said to have taken place at his Miami home back in December 2019 after him and his accuser were both working as DJs at a private party at Star Island and later went to Morillos home with another womand for more drinks. 

The arrest reports also states the victim telling detectives "Mr Morillo made several dances towards her, some sexual in nature but she refused all of his attempts".

Erik Morillo back in 2016 went public about his inability to quit drinking, which leads to him taking drugs "You have a little alcohol, then some girl comes and says "Let's do it" and you think -fuckit and take a bit, then a bit more..."

His drug choise was ketamine, which often shows up in "date rape" victim tests. 

"Nearly 1 in 5 women (18.3%) and 1 in 71 men (1.4%) in the United States have been raped at some time in their lives, including completed forced penetration, attempted forced penetration, or alcohol/drug facilitated completed penetration". (NISVS 2010 Summary Report - Sexual Violence by any Perpetrator). More than ever before females are showing their courage to come forward and speak out. This is nothing to be ashamed of the adverse effects of rape can be traumatising 30% of womand report symptoms of PTSD 9 months after the rape.'

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As I write this, it brings back my anxiety of being a victims of a similary story. I didin't have the courage as a minor to speak up and still to this day very few people know. But I would strongly encourage anyone who has fallen victim to any type of rape, whether its forced, attempted or alcohol/drug facilitated rape, to speak out. You are not alone and justice needs to be served, you could potentially save someone else from falling victim to the same crime.




Words by Nicole Venter

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Long live the king! Happy 50th Birthday Ricardo Villalobos

There are certain DJs and producers who transcend and connect with us far beyond their prowess behind the decks or in the studio. They become a symbol of a movement and moment in time. Ricardo Villalobos is one of these individuals. 




Today we celebrate his 50th Birthday! Behind the decks and there are few that sit parallel. Who can’t recall a classic Villalobos moment at some point during our days and nights on dancefloors across the world? On the form, he has the ability to effortlessly take you down the rabbit hole presenting you with all the twists and turns that make a set from Villalobos so definitive. His presence is something to behold. You see someone who truly enjoys their craft and at one with the moment they’re in with absolute control of the room.



Maybe it's because of his attitude or his moves behind the decks. That swirl of arms waving in time to the music. His alluring smile and his untiring, constant movement. If seen by a novice eye, he could look almost unconcerned of playing the next track. But that's exactly the opposite. Ricardo is the first one enjoying what he's doing. Every single move is precisely calculated to dive the lucky listener into something more than a simple listening experience. 



With a career that spans over 25 years as we look back and there are so many defining moments, with residencies across the globe at seminal venues including fabric, Closer, Club Der Visionaire and many more. Extended sets are something of the norm to the artist who is well known for his marathon performances in the booth flying solo and also alongside friends including Zip, Raresh and Rhadoo.


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In the studio, Ricardo has graced us with an ever-growing string of releases over the years with regular releases on Perlon, Playhouse, [ a:pia:r ], Raum...Musik and to name a few. Many of which have become nothing short of dancefloor classics and an essential in the bag for many DJs across the globe. 



His music is truly unique fabled for his length productions. They are known for being beautifully crafted progressing with each intricate detail you soon get lost in the moment. This is something that has been at the essence of his whole catalogue; even "The Contempt", which was released in 1995, still sounds super fresh today. 



But it's not just about the overall quality or the sounds used in his tracks that he differentiates himself from hundreds of skilful producers. He basically transcends the idea of 4/4 track. He risks. He goes beyond the consolidate intro - plot - outro structure, pulling out timeless gems that range from 8 to even 40+ minutes. It's just Ricardo being Ricardo. Nothing more. Minimal as he is.



To label him under a genre would be impossible. Whether it's house, techno or minimal or even pure electronic experimental, he's always been one step ahead, making him a true pioneer and one of the greatest innovators in electronic dance music, but most importantly a true inspiration to us all.




A very happy birthday Ricardo!




Words by Jordan Diston & Francesco Quieti

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#LETUSDANCE – UK Nightlife fights back

Earlier this month, the Government announced a £1.57 billion rescue package for the arts, culture and heritage industries to help weather the impact of Coronavirus.


However exactly who this money will go to and how is yet to be announced. It is still unclear whether electronic and dance music sector in the UK will be covered by this. This is really uncertain times for our industry and the people who work within it. 


On Thursday 23rd July the entire industry, from artists and promoters to workers & freelancers, venues, festivals, publishers, companies and all associated organisations will come together to urge the Government to take action and save this vital industry, which employs hundreds of thousands of people and contributes millions to the UK economy.




So how can you help? Spread the word and create some noise!



Post your favourite picture from a recent nightclub, festival or event with a note supporting its place within arts and culture. Pre-made social media graphics can be found here. Please use the hashtag #LetUsDance with all posts.



A draft letter to local MPs will be available via an automated online system for fans, artists and industry professionals to access and send automatically. Access the letter here.


This campaign represents a major moment in the future of our industry - please do give the #LetUsDance campaign your support. Hopefully, by working together we will get the answers we need for us to move forward.



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