Camouflage party returns at Zurich's Supermarket with Fabrizio Sala, Togué, Rogi and Carmine

Zurich's Supermarket has become an indispensable reference in the Central European scene over the last years, hosting renowned names such as ro-minimal titans like Rhadoo, Mihigh, Cosmjn, Cezar and Amorf, but also serious grooves like Loco Dice, Felipe Valenzuela, Yaya, Ferro, master of the house Alci and many more. 




Born in 1998, the club is located just outside the city centre and during these 20 years has fashioned and shaped not just the nightlife of Zurich, but also that of the whole of Switzerland, affirming itself as a leader in the underground-music panorama.




This next Saturday, after being re-opened by its very own talent Alci, the club see again the Camouflage crew bringing some lovely vibes courtesy of Goa Club resident Fabrizio Sala (NOZOO), Togué (RE.FACE) and residents Rogi and Carmine, for what will be an amazing night full of good music, especially in times like this when we all would need it!






Make you sure to keep an eye on the page as the club will also invite Priku, Guti, Zefzeed, Gianni Callipari and Ricardo Villalobos, so you definitely can't miss them all! The events will take place with due caution, respecting all the necessary COVID-19 preventive measures, click HERE for all the info.







Words by Francesco Quieti

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26th Sept. | Ampere pres. Amphia night with SIT, Amorf (live), Dan Andrei, Cezar

We talked about a long ago. A time that seemed to us interminable. A time of discouragement, uncertainties and fears, that seems to have finally reached the end. The Amphia night was supposed to take place at the Ampere club on Friday 13th March, but we all know what happened then. With great regret of the organizers, artists and all the music lovers, the night has been delayed indefinitely. Now, almost 4 months after, we're so happy to announce that the event will take place on 26th September, same line-up, same passion, same flavour.




Born from the mind of Romanian studio wizards and musical visionaries Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia, this label has rapidly shaped what we usually used to call the rominimal sound, adding to the usual intricated grooves the right dose of fuzzy synths, futuristic basslines and cosmic pads. The label name itself evokes ancient and epic scenarios, leading us to vast and desolate lands, where once performed deeds that are still remembered today.



The battlefield for the night (if we can say so) will be the magic Ampere club. The titans clashing will include label heads - Vlad and Cristi - under their SIT moniker, going live both as a duo and a trio, because they will be joined by extraordinary pianist Mischa Blanos, with whom they form the Amorf group. The Romanian squad will be completed by Arpiar’s associates Cezar and Dan Andrei whom, through a rich and deep musical selection, will enrich the evening unleashing unforgettable peak times tracks.






 Check out the official event for all the info!




Words by Francesco Quieti

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Serialism & MEOKO present: Save the Amazon Music Marathon

The Music industry unites to: ‘Save the Amazon’ on June 26/27/28.


As the destruction of Brazil’s Amazon accelerates due to illegal deforestation and forest fires, the 3 days live stream marathon ‘Save the Amazon’ aims to connect and inform international audiences about the current situation of the natural landmark through music and art.




Meoko and Serialism Records will come together in the weekend 26-27-28 of June along with a team of worldwide celebrated artists and media partners, for the first edition of a unique and heart-felt musical marathon to raise awareness for the future of one of the world’s most vital ecosystems.

During these troubling times, the pandemic has made it difficult for people around the globe to be aware of the latest development in the Amazon forest.

Home to some of the last Indigenous Tribes and traditional communities, the world's largest rain forest is vital for keeping our climate stable. But with industrial exploitation and forest fires ravaging the region, the Amazon forest is facing unprecedented threats by a greedy industry backed by the present government. Now, with the double threat of fires and Covid-19, indigenous communities and many unique species of animals are in even more danger.

Currently, the Brazilian Congress is close to voting a law derivative from the decree MP910, which allows people that illegally logged or squatted on protected federal lands before December 2018, to purchase such lands at reduced prices.
This law directly relates to and fosters the practice of `land-grabbing´, which could lead to more massive deforestation. Imazon, (a non-profit environmentalist group) found that the measure could lead to a loss of an additional 16,000 square kilometers of the rainforest by 2027.




Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest rose more than 88% in June 2019 compared with the same month in 2018, and more than doubled in January 2020 compared with the same month in 2019.


Indigenous tribes are in great danger, firstly because of the pandemic and secondly, with the political agenda that revolves around their habitat and land. It is time to connect despite our confinement and express our concern for the Amazon as one, the world may not recover from this catastrophic situation. We must act, now.



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Josh Baker launches SYNTHO, a brand new exciting learning hub for aspiring music producers

You&Me co-founder and rising star Josh Baker launches SYNTHO, a brand new exciting and innovative learning hub for aspiring music producers.




SYNTHO is an Electronic Music Hub offering insightful education about music production. Inside SYNTHO, you will gain exclusive access to comprehensive track breakdowns, live jam sessions, seeing how Josh works in his studio and detailed, bespoke tutorials on Ableton. In addition to this, Josh will guide you step by step on the journey it takes to become an established artist. You will become part of a like-minded creative community as Josh aim’s to help users connect the dots in their music and reach the next level.


  • Do you have an interest in expanding your Ableton knowledge? 
  • Do you feel that you need to find a fresh spark of creativity? 
  • Are you making music but can’t seem to take that jump to the next level? 
  • Are you struggling to get out of the loop and getting tracks arranged? 
  • Do you sit scratching your head at how artists are achieving certain sounds?


Josh will set out to iron out these questions and more by delivering exceptional content in a clear and detailed manner, covering all aspects of music production.






Each week will see Josh host a Q&A with the community discussing a wide range of topics including many that often get overlooked for example: building your social media, preparing for your studio session and more. Also, I will be welcoming feedback and allowing for content to be tailored to its users.


Join now by clicking here and get exclusive introductory member access and discount!


The special introductory offer is only available until 10 am Thursday 18th, and after that, there will be no places on SYNTHO until July.




Words by Dom Fletcher

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MEOKO is looking for a Web Designer!

MEOKO is looking for a positive and self dynamic web-developer specialized in WordPress to complete the final touches of the website, as recently we've migrated from Joomla to Wordpress platform and part of the project has already been done. We're looking for someone trustworthy and transparent, 100% professional and maybe even passionate about the music world that we all like.




This temp role will put you in a position of being a sole developer working on MEOKO's website in a two-week temp role which could lead to something longer term.


Please drop an e-mail and cover letter with your CV + some examples of your previous works to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "WEB DESIGNER JOB" as the object of the e-mail.


You will get to work alongside a brilliant creative team and help develop an exciting platform focusing on quality electronic music and culture.


Down below you can check the programmer-skills required:

Excellent knowledge of WordPress, Joomla, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Google Analytics, graphic design skills. Fluent in English and excellent communication skills to keep in touch with the rest of the team by testing and implementing fresh new ideas to the new website.



Thanks in advance for your time, hope to see you soon on board!


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