MEOKO is looking for a Web Designer!

MEOKO is looking for a positive and self dynamic web-developer specialized in WordPress to complete the final touches of the website, as recently we've migrated from Joomla to Wordpress platform and part of the project has already been done. We're looking for someone trustworthy and transparent, 100% professional and maybe even passionate about the music world that we all like.




This temp role will put you in a position of being a sole developer working on MEOKO's website in a two-week temp role which could lead to something longer term.


Please drop an e-mail and cover letter with your CV + some examples of your previous works to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "WEB DESIGNER JOB" as the object of the e-mail.


You will get to work alongside a brilliant creative team and help develop an exciting platform focusing on quality electronic music and culture.


Down below you can check the programmer-skills required:

Excellent knowledge of WordPress, Joomla, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Google Analytics, graphic design skills. Fluent in English and excellent communication skills to keep in touch with the rest of the team by testing and implementing fresh new ideas to the new website.



Thanks in advance for your time, hope to see you soon on board!


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Italy's Club Zero11 pres. Music For Hope (COVID-19 foundaiser)

Situated in the coastal town Pescara, Club Zero11 has become in just over 5 years one of the most famous clubs in Italy, actively contributing to give life to the local clubbing scene. As you may know, Italy has been one of the most hardest hit European countries by this pandemic situation, and even though the clubbing scene has been deeply affected sectors, the Zero11 staff has started a fundraiser for Italy's Croce Rossa with the aim of combating this emergency phase with concrete help in terms of health and social care.




The campaign, called MUSIC FOR HOPE, will include both famous local acts like Enrico Mantini, Leon, Togué, Deyayu and upcoming natives and will be streamed LIVE on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th from Club Zero11's Facebook page from 6 - 12 PM for six hours of great music.








Words by Francesco Quieti

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20 Record Labels to Keep an Eye on in 2020

Earlier this year, we took a look at 20 artists we thought you should be keeping an eye out and now it's time for us to turn our attention to record labels...

20labelsmeoko copia5344

Running a record label is not an easy task and the people who have taken the plunge into running their own imprints are to be admired. The number of hours of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure the tracks they're signing is getting out into the wild and recognition they deserve is a thankless task. There are many pieces to the puzzle of signing a track from the initial A&R phase of finding the right artists and the right music to release, to getting all the paperwork written up and signed, then sending the tracks to a mastering engineer to get the music sounding perfect. Then it's off to the pressing plant to get those lovely 12" copies of wax made up, then into the distribution chain to make its way to all the physical record stores as well as all the online outlets before it can find it's way into the hands of the customers who have been waiting months, sometimes years to get their hands on their favourite tracks!

In this article, we'll be taking a look at both up and coming labels, as well as some more established names who are consistently at the top of their game who we think, will be worth you keeping an eye on throughout the year and further (going A-Z).

If there's one thing we can be certain of in these uncertain times is that music really does bring us together whether we like it or not. Music is not going anywhere and for that, we should be thankful. We'll sign off this intro by reminding you to keep checking on our friends and loved ones and if we make sure that we stick together through all of this then we'll come out the other side in a much stronger place.


  • Addition By Subtraction


Sydney based imprint, Addition By Subtraction believes that less is more and that in order to add, one must subtract. These guys really caught our eye throughout 2019 and we're predicting them to have a great 2020! The guys over at the label have done a fantastic job with the music they've released so far. EPs, VA's and remixes on both digital and vinyl format have come from the likes of; Giorgio Maulini, Stussko, Voigtmann, The Willers Brothers, Stephan Bazbaz, Monika Ross and Michael James.

Here, you'll find delicious pieces that go from the groovy deep house through to some heavier techy numbers and minimal rollers being put out so there will be something to suit all tastes. They also have a fantastic podcast series that has seen guests include the likes of; DJOKO, Javier Carballo, Toman, Dubfluss and Ray Mono amongst others - as we're sat here typing this we're currently listening to the talented Joren Edwards who has served up the 13th edition of the series, make sure you go check this one out...some seriously good grooves inside!





  • BEEYOU Records


BEEYOU Records is a vinyl-only label that was created on the white isle of Ibiza but nurtured in London by co-founders Laidlaw and Jamie Mannion. The guys say that each selected artist has personally connected with them on their journey on earth and their aim is to share their part of the story in music form. The guys say that each selected artist has personally connected with them on their journey on earth and their aim is to share their part of the story in music form.

Garage influenced house vibes coupled with rhythmic minimal textures are the order of the day for the BEEYOU crew who have released music from the likes of; Den Haass, Per Hammar, Julian Anthony, Rossi, Jake Flory, Casey Spillman and Mehlor amongst others. The London influence is strong with the music they put out but everything has an infectious groove that you'll find hard not to move to! They also say that the world they live in can sometimes be dull and a place of control so they are aiming to spread light and life by showcasing the talent & individuality of each artist and to be a platform for people to express and 'BEE' themselves. 





  • Berg Audio


Berg Audio is a label most people have come familiar with over the last 12-18 months. They've been releasing consistently solid music from some of the best artists around - go check out their latest outing from DJOKO to get a real sense of the style and sound that the label pushes for. They are also the home of Traumer's amazing 'Assembling Pieces' album - try and pick up a copy of this on wax if you can get your hands on it, it's a real masterpiece! 

Alongside these two, they have also released tracks from the likes of; Malin Genie, Chris Stussy, iO (Mulen), Pavel Iudin, Priku, Mihai Popoviciu, Silverlining, Ada Kaleh...the list goes on! Their 'Construction Tools' Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are some of the best music the label has put out! You seriously need to check these guys out and keep an eye out on everything they put out... marvellous!





  • Blind Vision Records

Blind Vision 

Blind Vision Records, the London based deep underground house label, has been releasing quality music for the past 4 years. The man at the helm, Alejo Galvez has a keen eye when it comes to spotting the perfect artists and tracks to release. A nice mixture and blend of minimal, deep tech and deep house can be found strewn throughout the labels back catalogue. 

Artists who have made appearances, both with their own originals and remixes include the likes of; Julenn, Mikhu, Arkady Antsyrev, BADEO, Javier Labarca, Alex Ranerro, Legit Trip, Dirty Culture and Parsec amongst a whole host of others. Blind Vision is a label that consistently produces the goods from both up and coming names alongside more established artists and we find the balance really great. We've been introduced to some fantastic talent thanks to the label and we hope it continues!





  • Botanic Minds

Botanic Minds

Botanic Minds, run by Ted Amber is one of the labels at the forefront of the new ro-minimal movement. Ted has ensured that his very own imprint is one of the go-to labels for all the latest and greatest upcoming minimal tracks. A very distinctive sound and taste can be heard throughout the back catalogue that make a BM release recognisable. 

The Lithuanian label, which is now based in London, has pressed various releases and remixes to wax from the likes of; Direkt, Barut, Camelia, Arapu, and LIZZ. What you get with a Botanic Minds release is pure quality and these slabs of vinyl will be sure to stay in your record bag for years to come! Make sure you keep an eye on the label as we can tell you that Sepp, the master of hypnosis will join the Mind's ranks very soon...!





  • Capodopere


Bucharest based digital and vinyl outfit Capodopere is a label we have had our eyes on over the past couple of years and they deliver the goods every time! If you're looking for pure minimal goodness with splashes of jazz samples and meticulous attention to the details, then look no further, these guys have you covered.

They're unearthing and showcasing some fantastic talent with each release and they all have that special 'something' about them that makes us keep going back for more, getting hyped for each release. They have put out music from some great names; Stefano ZamponeHendriks Toth, Atemporal, Alfij, Kikuya, Dieru, Pedro Duarte, Suolo, Incolor and so much more. If you haven't taken a listen to a Capodopere release then we suggest you do it right now!





  • Constant Sound

Constant Sound 

Burnski's Constant Sound has put out - no jokes aside - a constant quality output over the last 5 years or so. During this period, the label had the chance to explore all the facets that the 4/4 can offer, ranging from dub techno to raw minimal, deep house, electro, UK garage and everything in between. It is precisely this last genre that Burnski has turned his attention to, starting the INSTINCT project which synthesizes his work both as an artist and a homonymous label. 

The variety of genres explored has led to the inevitable opening of 3 more sister labels: Constant Black, dedicated to the most underground techno and dub vibes, Infiltrate, designed for the breakbeat heads, Aesthetic, for rolling deep-tech groove specialists where some lush deep pads can finally do the work. In the vast panorama that the label offers, we can see veterans such Subb-an and Okain but also upcoming producers like frequent collaborators Michael James and Nick Beringer, Pakzad, Niko Maxen, Kepler and Iuly.B to name a few. Last but not least, the label has officially opened the doors to a digital-only label, exclusively dedicated to introducing young talents onto the scene.





  •  Daydream


Daydream, run by Frenchman Clement Valdelievre in our opinion, is one of the most exciting labels around at the moment! The label seeks to offer an intelligent and efficient vision of house music in order to provide perfect DJ cuts. Release after release, they are building a family of vinyl lovers passionate about strong beats, spacey dreamy sounds, and bouncy rhythms. 

The family consists of talented artists such as; Nick Beringer, Noah Skelton, MJOG, Kepler, Casey Spillman, Worker Union, Steven.aint.leavn, The Willers Brothers and many more! Clement also launched 'Ethernal' as a sublabel focused on the micro side of house music with a more intimate approach, with releases being available in a very limited hand-stamped edition. The latest offering from the impressive Mbius is a release we think you'll really like! 





  • Eagervision Records

Eagervision Records

An independent record label operating both in digital and vinyl distribution, Eagervision is based in London but works with artists from all over Europe. Its goal is to cultivate and support creative talents within the scene and has started to gain attention for introducing new artists bringing something different to the table. That’s why the basis of their approach is building a genuine relationship with the artist, taking into account their influences and their original ideas in order to explore new horizons and provide authentic sounds through original productions and remixes. 

They have so far enjoyed support from BBC RadioTrommelDJ Mag SpainGrainy and of course ourselves here at Meoko. as well as getting plays from artists such as MJ ColeArchie HamiltonRich NxTMarco CarolaLaurent Garnier and prominent Romanian artists such as Sepp and Mihai Pol.






  • hedZup Records


Wlad and Mancini's hedZup Records continue to go from strength to strength! The Paris based label has a string of releases under their belt from some of the best producers around and their catalogue is very strong! A no-nonsense house and tech label who pump out thumping, driving records will have no doubt already found their way into most DJs records bags by now! 

Artists you'll find putting their music out through the imprint include; Ray Mono, DJOKO, Nolga, Nolga, Rowlanz, Alessio Viggiano, Niko Maxen, James Dexter, Josh Baker, Rich NxT and Lee Burton amongst others. Make sure you keep an eye on these guys as they'll no doubt keep rolling out the tunes as the year progresses.






  • Irenic


Yoyaku's Roger Gerressen is a master of his own. Being famous for delivering interstellar dub techno trips and electronic emotional pieces that cross every genre, the Dutch producer launched his own imprint Irenic back at the start of 2017, but he's been on our radar for a long time! Roger started this label to promote music aimed at peace for the heart and soul and he certainly has delivered with the material put out.

Here you'll find great dubby house sounds from the likes of; Novio Dub Tribe, Alex Jansen, Bas Amro, Noah Skelton, Matt Thibideau, Tm Shuffle, Jeigo, Highkin and Roger Gerressen himself. If you like deep minimal dub then Irenic is a label you'll want to get to know!





MTM (More Than Music) 


Ibiza based MTM (More Than Music) is owned and run by 2VILAS. They're not just a label but a physical record shop as well you can actually go and visit (when we aren't all in lockdown!) They have a selection of hard to find, and second-hand vinyl for those that like to do a bit of digging. For producers, you can check out their stock of second-hand vintage synthesizers and drum machines. They also supply accessories for the professional DJ, including cartridges, records bags, and headphones. 

The guys don't hold back either on the amazing roster of artists they have releasing music on the label. Here you'll find some great house cuts from artists such as; Lorenzo Chiabotti, Topper, Herck, Giuliano Lomonte, Triptil, Silat Beksi, Miroloja, Nu Zau, Vincentiulian, Mihai Pol, Viceversa and lots more! We can't wait for the lockdown to be over and jump on the first flight available over to Ibiza to check out the store and buy lots and lovely new wax!





  • Normandy Records

Normandy Records  

Normandy Records boss Gunnter launched the label back in 2018 and has been on our radar ever since. A total of 7 releases have been pressed and put out to the public and each one has been impressive! We absolutely love the latest outing from fellow Parisian Vitess who has compiled 4 straight-up house thumpers for his very own EP...go check this one out right now! 

Other artists to release on the label have been the likes of; KA One & St-sene, Mara Lakour, R.M, District 9, Julenn, Sichuan, Vendi and Stan Claud. We're really looking forward to seeing that this label has up its sleeve for the rest of the year and further into the future! 





  • Perspective


Leeds based rising star Kepler launched Perspective back in 2019 with an amazing release from another rising star in the shape of Nolga. The Manchester-based producer served up 4 rolling minimal house slices for the dancefloor that really hit the spot! Fresh from a release on iO Mulen's Hoarder imprint alongside Michael James, the 'Ventura EP' gained early support from the likes of; Nick Beringer, Monika RossArapuChris StussyChris Stussy and many more!

With 002 due to land sometime in June, a release confirmed from the mysterious Jaques Jardin as well as an EP from BE9 crew member Tim Etzel, it's safe to say that we're really excited to see where Perspective goes with its future releases...





  • Politics Of Dancing Records

Politics of Dancing 

Parisian S.M.A.L.L. and PACO got together as a proper duo 7 years ago and since then they've literally been smashing the scene with powerful house anthems under the Politics Of Dancing alias. The pair founded the homonymous P.O.D. Records, which has recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary with a special compilation, including tracks by Chris Stussy, DJOKO, Boris Werner, Djebali and Jamahr among others. The label gained immediate support since day 1 from the likes of; Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Carola, Apollonia, and Tuccillo to name a few.

P.O.D. Records' sound has evolved from raw party house vibes with sharp vocals and noisy 909 drum assaults into a more sophisticated blend of melodic deep-techy grooves, without ever losing sight of what this music is the primary goal: making you dance! Politics Of Dancing Records had the pleasure to release beauties from top-notch groovers such as Dan Ghenacia, iO (Mulen), Chris Carrier, Janeret, Shonky and D'julz, affirming itself as one of the leaders in the groove industry, also thanks to the sub-label P.O.D. CROSS which is exclusively dedicated to collaborations between the label bosses and some close friends. Make you sure to keep an eye on it as they're going to have big stuff coming from Diego Krause, Stephan Bazbaz and Silverlining, while the next CROSS wax-sides will be shared between Okain and Rowlanz





  • RE.FACE Records


Conceived along the beautiful Italian coasts, RE.FACE Records was born in 2013 with the aim of promoting the finest Italian clubbing experience. A couple of years later, this constantly growing and evolving crew felt the need to do take the next natural step, founding the digital RE.FACE own label, which has become the home of renowned and upcoming artists in the underground panorama. The label's style can be described as the perfect mixture of evolving deep house and minimal, without ever being afraid to explore breakbeat sonorities or dreamy house numbers.

Among them, we can find Techu, Ephem, Cerec, Bauch, Cristi Murar, SY, Ted Amber, Fabrizio Maurizi, Vern, Peshka and lots more! In 2016, the label landed on physical format, releasing music from the likes of; Topper, Vincentiulian, Sakro and Fabrizio Maurizi to name a few. Lastly, fascinated by the peaceful oriental landscapes and delighted by the smell of Sakura flowers, they’ve found their inner peace in the KOI Series. The label has already good plans for this year, which include majestic works by top-producers Sublee, Arapu, Sepp, Los Bastoneros, Lorenzo Chiabotti, and label co-owner Togué





  • Standalone Records

Standalone Records

Dominic Smith aka Laughing Man's Standalone Records has been a label releasing consistently solid music since its inception. Dreamy, moody, spacey vibes are the order of the day here and we can't get enough! Check out their latest 'Complex Eight' release to get a real feel. Showcasing some great up and coming and lesser-known artists alongside some more familiar names in the business are helping the label in becoming a reliable source for a variety of high-quality music for music lovers everywhere. 

You'll find music from; MDC (Italy), Mysa, Kepler, Vedran Komm, Parsec, DJ Moonbeam, Fawnic as well as the ever-impressive Harrison BDP and head honcho himself, Laughing Man. In the future, we'll see music coming from; Dan Goul and Barrow as well as a VA which will include music from; Nier, Fawnic, Two Dotts and Laughing ManA seriously good label, run by a seriously talented producer, releasing seriously good music...what's not to love!





  • State of Flow

State of Flow 

Despite the small number of releases, Igor Vicente's State Of Flow got some first-class supporter such as Ricardo Villalobos, The Martinez BrothersSeth Troxler, Jamie Jones, tINI, Guy Gerber, Nick Curly, Dyed Soundorom, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Bill Patrick just to name a few! The first three EPs, which came from LYE, Brett Johnson and Jakob Seidensticker & Boronas, showcased Igor's deepest musical side, with great dancefloor cuts ranging from deep house to minimal with splashes of electro.

Despite a hiatus that lasted almost 2 years, the Belgian label is ready to get back in the game with a forthcoming release by South America's exclusive project Aire Terra (aka Manglus & Guillermo de Caminos) with Cesar Merveille on the remix. To follow, Pier Bucci, Francesca Lombardo, Jean Pierre, Trangaz and Igor Vicente himself will all provide some serious tunes, bringing the label back to the level it deserves.





  • Talman Records


Berlin-based Okain is the man behind the successful Talman Records. Since its very first release by the boss himself - which started back in 2015 - the label has given proof of what it was going to be capable of, delivering Berlin-ish deep house cuts with rolling basslines, majestic grooves, sharp synths, and minimal hypnotic percussions. After having provided the first five releases by himself, Okain led the label's throne to UK maestro Silverlining who got remixed by no-one-other than FUSE's main man Enzo Siragusa and genius live performer Sweely.

As time passes, Okain felt the need to have more space to share his ideas of sound, and founding Talman Digital and Retro Future Chapter was just a matter of time. On these labels, he has released quality cuts from the likes of Paolo Rocco, Stevn.aint.leavn, Josh Baker, Monika Ross, Malin Genie, Niko Maxen and Revivis, of whom we recently premiered his recent debut EP. For the rest of the year, the label's output will see the mysterious Debussy and Revivis going on vinyl, while Luuk Van Dijk and Hyacin will join the digital sister label. Make sure you check out their brilliant podcast section as well...lots of goodies inside!






We R House

Last and by no means least, we have the Berlin-based WE_R HOUSE. Founded by the amazing Cinthie, also known from her work with Beste Modus, Unison Wax and 803 Crystalgrooves, she's really defined a certain sound with the releases on this imprint. Deep, classic house as it should be, the 8th release which showcased the talents of San Francisco based Sam Haskin, is the epitome of what this label is all about. Check the release here. Previous artists and releases on the label have come in from the likes of; Carlo GambinoKevin OverTomanAkyraNiko MaxenRevivis, and The Willers Brothers.

Whatever CInthie seems to touch, turns to gold and there's no doubt that the same is happening and will continue to happen with WE_R HOUSE!






Words by Dom Fletcher & Francesco Quieti


More MEOKO; Facebook / Soundcloud / Youtube

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{MEOKO HOTWAX Tools & Tips} April 2020

how wax image


HOTWAX – April 2020

The perfect "HOT WAX" list is as elusive an idea yet at Meoko we love chasing after it! Get really comfortable and look through each record.... somewhere in the pursuit is a spirit of curation that we think leads to a better relationship with music overall. While everyone’s been on the Egg Easter hunt, we’ve been looking out for records. List in no particular order, enjoy!


  • Ferro – Out Of Me EP

Fasten your seat belt – we’re kicking off the list with Fasten Musique! VBX resident DJ and A&R of the record label Ferro, makes a vigorous appearance for the 14th instalment of the label. Fasten Musique starts the new decade with a stellar 3 track EP, those who had the chance have already witnessed dancefloor casualties with any of these pure minimal tracks. Limited copies - vinyl only! Legit!

Buy / listen:


  • Rico Casazza – Purple Wave EP

Crisp sounds on Purple Wave aesthetics landed on Dionysian Mysteries, courtesy of electro and techno veteran Rico Casazza. The title track, which is also the first track of this record could be considered as a curious but inspired blend of electro rhythms played on live drums. Druggy Italo-disco/new wave style arpeggio bass and alien-sounding electronic melodies will keep you on your toes from start to finish. A total of 5 tracks – this EP is a great addition to your record collection. Be it for your listening pleasure at home or for the dancefloor. Rico’s production style demonstrates constant innovation and originality.

Buy / listen:


  • Afriqua – Four Fleurs EP

No matter what sound he tries, Afriqua has no problem with the technical side of production. Esteemed Metereze imprint dishes out yet another quality release and presents the long-awaited debut of Afriqua with a 4 track EP symbolically named Four Fleours. Each track comes with its own intrinsic identity while knotty melodies and sharp arrangements give this EP a symmetrical intonation.

Buy / listen:


  • Monkey Nenufar – 2 Monkeys In The Oud

French producers Ben Vedren and Leiris first came together with an EP on Minibar back in 2014 before launching their Monkey Nenufar project in 2016 as a vessel for their most intricate and psychoactive tracks. It's the perfect scenario for another intriguing cross-cultural collaboration on Cosmo Records, exploring the space between Western club sounds and traditional Moroccan musicianship. The flexibility in Monkey Nenufar's sound makes for the perfect match for the Cosmo Records philosophy, exploring a range of styles and using a broad sound palette with a shared focus on pushing forwards. It's this futuristic context that Cosmo wants to place the traditional sounds of Morocco in, and as ever the results are truly spellbinding.

Buy / listen:


  • Cab Drivers – Spaceship / Quotes

Fresh originals from their adventures thru space and time, Cab Drivers gives us deep and driving baselines. Spaceship brings you to their typical sound dimensions while Quotes quote some of the older classics from the two. Can you spot some?

Buy / listen:


  • Triptease – Mescaleros LP

Triptease has steadfastly become a staple of the ever-impressive Berlin electronic music scene. Comprised of four multitalented musicians, (Topper, Francesco, Jacopo and Hugo), they have become known for their marathon live performances that can sometimes reach the impressive 8 hrs in length and incorporate special guest musicians from around the globe. Their first full-length LP and debut on Visionquest perfectly display a sound that they have crafted in diverse locations across the world, including a week of recording in Tenerife, right under the Teide Volcano, a location that is considered to be the secret mountain of Guanche Mythology.

Buy / Listen


  • East End Dubs – bRave EP

Repress alert! East End Dubs delivered his highly anticipated ‘bRave’ EP, accompanied by label boss Enzo Siragusa on remix duties. The long-awaited ‘bRave’ is one of the most requested tracks of the year having been championed heavily by label head Enzo Siragusa and Jamie Jones across recent months, alongside two further originals and a hefty remix from Siragusa himself.

Buy / listen:


  • Ten Years Of One Part 1

It's now accepted that label anniversary compilations and EPs should be stacked with high-grade cuts, preferably offered up by sizable or notable artists. Even so, there's something extra-special about this first part of Digbeth-based One Records' 10th anniversary EP series.

Buy / listen:


  • Bakked – Employee EP

From the moment the needle hits the record, it's apparent that Bakked's latest EP - his first on the freshly minted Outban imprint - is a cannily produced, retro-futurist affair. Chicago house style bassline and wiggly acid lines around a tough 21st-century tech-house groove.


  • Die Gestalten – Widerstand

4th release for Die Gestalten! The fact that these records get snapped in the blink of an eye without any sort of promotion nor digital or social media surpasses me. Whoever is behind this project has got it right 100%! As per usual this release is very limited to copies, no repress and vinyl only! Basically, the real underground!

Buy / listen:


Ricardo Villalobos & Maher Daniel – Changes EP Part 2

Is there a better way of kicking 2020 than having Ricardo Villalobos and Maher Daniel release the 2nd Part to their Changes EP? Probably not! True to their unique style Ricardo and Maher co-create yet again heavy, twisted minimalist drums with hits of blissful melodies. Treat yourself!

Buy / listen:


  • Vitess – NRMND007

In Paris, Vitess has become a member of the new wave of artists to follow, thanks to his unique live performances. This fine DJ and live performer just released a detonating EP for the seventh Normandy Records release. Keep an eye on him, that's just the beginning.

Buy / listen:


  • Dicret Popescu – Agent Discret

Repress alert! Minimal house grooves in unmistakable Romanian fashion. Amazing and pure minimalism by Crihan aka Discret Popescu.

Buy / listen:





Words & record selections hand-picked by Denny Kem.


 More MEOKO: Facebook Soundcloud / Youtube

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Press play and get comfortable: 20 emblematic electronic music movies and documentaries

To better face these though and long days, we thought of making a list of movies and documentaries in which electronic music is one of the main characters. We really hope that these documentaries will heal a bit your lockdown period, breaking your routine and making your days a little bit sweeter. These stories have undoubtedly an important place in the hearts of all the (electronic) music lovers and we wish that they'll find a place in yours too. 



  • The summer of rave (1989)


The most representative documentary about acid house music in the UK made by the BBC. At the end of the 1980s, the club culture here began to take shape in the context of the end of the communist era.





  • The story of the Street Rave (1990)


The journey of this movie takes us through the history of the last 20 years of the UK clubbing scene. Most interestingly, the documentary points very well the path of British rave culture. Many artists like Carl Cox, Iain Boney Clark or Graeme Park are sharing their sincere stories.





  • Detroit The Blueprint Of Techno (late 1990’s)


Originally from Germany, Techno went beyond its borders and began to develop in Detroit in the mid-1980s, making this city as popular as Berlin. In this documentary, a lot of the important names from this area, such as Carl Craig, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and many others, tell us catchy stories about techno movements.





  • Dutch gabber (1995)


The action is taking place in Rotterdam. Lola Da Musica has made a short documentary presenting the Dutch hardcore scene, images that perfectly capture the experiences of the ravers of that time and how they were partying. At the same time, you will see Paul Elstak, one of the important names in this scene, and DJ Ruffneck from Ruffneck Alliance.





  • Love is the message (1995)


Even it is in German, this is an excellent Love Parade documentary to watch, a film made by Tommy Grube that managed to capture the 90's moments of the most popular electronic music festival and techno parade in Germany. This event was held for the first time in 1989 and all started in Berlin, as host town. In 2010 was the last edition of this festival, due to a crowd crush that caused the death of 21 people and many others injured. Besides the German artists, there were performing also two other big names in the electronic music scene, such as Rhadoo in 1999 and Raresh in 2007.





  • Music is my drug (1996)


The documentary was produced by Martin Meissonnier & Jean Jacques Flori. Shot in four locations, very diverse as culture, Goa, Israel, UK and Japan, the images speak about what the musical movement of Psychedelic Trance means.





  • Universal Techno (1996)


Detroit's techno music scene has become one of the most popular in the world. For 1 hour, this French documentary brings us in contact with the fascinating path of techno.





  • Human Traffic (1999)


This movie has both a dramatic side and a comedy side, in which it is presented to us the life of five friends, young people for whom, after work, on Friday, means going to the club, and their attraction was recreational drugs. A highlight of this film is the presentation of the British rave scene of that period.




  • The Chemical Generation (2000)


The history of the acid house and rave in the UK is presented by Boy George. This documentary gets together the stories of the club culture revolution since the ‘80s and how British young people meet with MDMA and ecstasy, as dealers or clubbers.




  • It’s All Gone Pete Tong (2004)


This is one of the most appreciated films in this area, a British-Canadian production, which is based on the real story of DJ Paul Kaye who at some point he completely became deaf. The character Frankie Wilde, a British music producer and artist who performs in Ibiza, experiences different states with this body change, seems to have lost control over his life and in these conditions he is gradually trying to regain those important parts that he had lost in this period: appreciation as an artist, his job and his wife.





Moog (2004)


Hans Fjellestad directed a documentary about Dr. Robert Moog who was one of the pioneers of the electronic instrument. He invented what is called the Moog synthesizer.





  • Disco: Spinning the Story (2005)


We have to admit that the disco offered another face to the music. In this documentary, Gloria Gaynor presents the phenomenon together with the featured interviews by Donna Summer, George Clinton, the disco group Village People and many others.





  • Feiern (2006)


The English name of this movie is "Don't forget to go home". We meet here with the story of 72 hours of partying in a city known for its nightlife, Berlin. The pictures manage to capture both the good and the bad parts of the mix between regular life and partying in the weekend in clubs such as Club Der Visonaere, Watergate, Bar 25 or Berghain. All are fully completed by the interviews offered by Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Nick Höppner and Ewan Pearson.







  • High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music (2006)

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Directed by Gary Bredow, the documentary covers all the historical periods of techno in Detroit and also by the interviews of great artists such as Carl Craig, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Richie Hawtin, it offers a great overview of what techno sounds and culture means.






  • Berlin Calling (2008)


The movie main character, DJ Ickarus, is played by the well-known German artist Paul Kalkbrenner. This video piece presents the artist, a drug consumer, who was often hospitalized for this reason. These things make him lose his girlfriend and at the same time, the record label with which he collaborates cancels the partnership with him. Nevertheless, he manages to release a remarkable album of electronic music.





  • Kraftwerk & The Electronic Revolution (2008)


Kraftwerk is a symbol when you talk about electronic music. This German band was formed in 1970 and their incredible story presented in this documentary will allow us to understand how these guys manage to inspire other artists such as Radiohead or Coldplay and how they popularize this music genre.





  • Slices: Pioneers of Electronic Music - Richie Hawtin (2011)


Richie Hawtin is one of the successful artists and a complete artist. Producer and DJ, his career is a great inspiration and his music is well-known all over the world. This documentary allows us to get to know Richie Hawtin much better, the videos and the interviews will tell an interesting story of his personal and artistic life.





  • Sub Berlin – The Story of Tresor (2014)


Tresor is one of the most legendary clubs in Berlin which was opened in 1999, an unconventional place, located in the basement of a building, which in the past was a bank vault. Besides the history of the location, we will enjoy the interviews of important artists such as Sven Väth or Atkins, as well as those of the people who contributed to the creation of the club's story.





  • Why we DJ - Slaves to the rhythm (2017)

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A 40” documentary that explores the link between the DJs psychology, their creativity, passion and lifestyle. The interviews featured by Pete Tong, Seth Troxler, Carl Cox or Luciano, will help us to understand the ups and downs of a DJ career and life.





  • Everybody In The Place - An Incomplete History of Britain 1984 -1992 (2019)


This is a documentary produced by the Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller. The movie's author successfully managed to analyze rave and acid house movements in the UK during '80s-'90s. The selection of archive materials chosen, presents the journey in time during a period of social changes, with protest movements, a time when rave parties were illegal.






Enjoy! Stay home, and stay safe!



Words by: Miruna Ioana Dan

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