Pentajam & Musikplatz Showcasing Metrica, Roderic, Ulises and more @ Jägermeister Night Embassy Berlin

Meoko is excited to report from Berlin where some of the most revelating musicians and their audiences come together, to give you an insight about interesting new developments within the scene. In this context, we would like to introduce you to the Night Embassy, a Jägermeister-sponsored concept, the core idea of which is to celebrate emerging electronic music culture in an international context; basically, the only embassy on this planet where people from all over the world can jam and party together all night long. 


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On December 13th, the masterminds behind the Embassy concept conjure a really special final event row by announcing country-based showcases, including a Latin-American showcase, represented by Musikplatz. Der Musikplatz is a Jägermeister-sponsored music platform which showcases emerging talent from Latin America. The driving forces, some very capable musicians and creatives from Mexico, manage to gather artists from all over the continent, and present them in a professional context. 


To take them abroad, namely to Berlin, is the latest coup, and for this special Jägermeister-powered night which is part of the Night Embassy programme which has been running since the end of September in the specially refitted Baumhaus Bar location right next to Watergate, they got Alejandro Bernal from Colombia and Rene Roco from Chile, Metrika, Roderic, Evil Tapes and Ulises, to name but a few.


Event :


The event is created to provide a laid-back backdrop for the musicians to play together and fuse their crafts and musical vibes. The jam where musicians present their live projects will smoothly transition into a party that kicks off at 11 p.m. to showcase those talents from Latin America and Berlin that manage to create a synergistic dynamic and perfectly capture both worlds’ spirits by building musical and cultural bridges. As this is Musikplatz’ first showcase in Berlin, it is amazing to hear that it will be repeated every year to reinforce the idea of cultural exchange. 


The Night Embassy’s concept draws inspiration from both Jägermeister’s own heritage and the free and unbridled creativity of Berlin’s celebrated nightlife and art scene. It unites artists based in Berlin from all backgrounds, ages, genders and level of experience, and has so far showcased six individual crews and collectives from Berlins, such as Pansy, Sweetest Taboo and Move.Unltd, most of which are intersectional. Now culminating in a string of international closing showcases including South Africa, Austria and China, this is bound to find its way into any sorted Berlin nightcrawler’s agenda. 


Register for your tickets here.

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Hide&Seek Festival // First Edition

August 31st 2019 was a very special day for electronic music aficionados in the UK, marking the first edition of Manchester’s Hide&Seek Festival.

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After a heavy summer of raving and travelling, Kurt Hurst, Josh Baker, Dan Mourino and Darren Ford —  founders of the You&Me collective — had been inspired to create something that would match their idea of what a festival can offer. They built Hide&Seek from the ground up; a sold out event of 2500 people, all gathered for the love of music, and we had the chance to follow them in their journey.

At the beginning of the festival, it was impossible not to be amazed by the stunning venue they had chosen. Capesthorne Hall is a sprawling English manor built in Neoclassical designs of the early 18th Century, 30 minutes from Manchester city center, offering to all the capacity of getting lost in four unique stages with four distinct atmospheres in each: Contour, Ten Tree, Stretch Tent and the Dome. 

The weather was merciful toward the attendants of the festival — after a bout of rain, the sun came on strong, leaving us with a rural vibe, dancing in the slush like happy children.

 Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.11.08

Hide&Seek gathered all of the elements to comprise an event that united and garnered smiles from even the most discerning ravers, with a line-up that brought together some of the best artists evenly dispersed on each stage, such as Praslea and Nicolas Lutz and their 3-hour slot each on the Ten Tree, and an extra one for Perlon queen Margaret Dygas.

Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.17.18


Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.19.09


Spokenn (Ferro & Reiss) impressed as always; incredible brothers in arms, delivering the kind of energy that you need to enter the mood; weapons on weapons, the craziest basslines, with their best smiles behind the decks of The Contour stage — followed by their good friend, Voigtmann, sharing his set with rigor, melting some ethnic vibes before getting serious with solid acid rhythms like Paolo Macri's Acid Tune.

Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.21.05


Mathew Jonson’s exceptional live set was a highlight of the festival, his plethora of hardware can create the type of vibrations wherein you just have to listen and let your body speak for you.

Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.23.45

And Shonky, part of the french trio Apollonia, captain of the spaceship in charge of closing the festival with his pure selection of tracks, always on point.

 Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.26.21

In the Stretch Tent, Jamie 3:26 and Jeremy Underground raised the temperature a notch with their extended sets mixing house, funk and soul beats worthy of a Soul Train episode, almost making us forget the noted absence of Dan Shake and Francesco Del Garda, who couldn’t make it to the festival due to delayed flights out of Croatia post-Dimensions.

Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 23.10.14

Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.29.07

Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.29.41

Concerning the Dome stage — the hottest of all due to the sun and the fact that it was a closed area — the Ingi Visions boys Samuel Deep and Julian Alexander who played after UZU, were completely on fire weaving minimal, and house and low-slung cuts.

 Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.33.38

Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.33.55

The first edition of Hide&Seek was extremely well-organized, with two large efficient bars with minimal queuing, plus nice staff and hosts. It was brimming with tasteful tunes and good vibes, that only makes us keen to see what the organisers will bring to the table in 2020.

 Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.37.19

And if it was not enough, we had the pleasure to see Mr. Gene on Earth playing the Hide&Seek afterparty with Jamie Mannion, Josh Baker and Laidlaw until 5am - a perfect way to end this Mancunian trip.

Capture decran 2019-10-27 a 22.39.57

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A night with Parisian label LA CLAP

If you’re passionate about electronic music, and more particularly by minimal rhythms and living in Paris, you definitely have heard about LA CLAP, at least once. With their distinctive but true and recognizable visual identity made by Léa Charée, LA CLAP has become one of the labels in vogue of the French capital.

No photo description available.

This label was founded in 2013, by Jean Cedric Alisonn, better known by his artist name Alisonn

His dedication to djing started when he was 16, and still living in the south of France. He grew up in the middle of time of rave parties, and begun to play some techno beats according to this movement. His first residency at “Le Club House” back in the days allowed him to gain confidence and some improvements in his DJ sets by playing old groovy house and techno music.

It’s during the early 2000’s that he discovered the minimal style and imprint he wanted to share with labels such as Minus and Perlon to quote a few, and DJs like Steve Stoll, Daniel Bell, Richie Hawtin or Ricardo Villalobos. In this direction, Alisonn has begun to create some tasteful music, working in a vinyl shop in Paris and has gained the opportunity of learning about electronic music in general. This allowed him to start playing in all of the biggest clubs in Paris and around. It also marked the creation of LA CLAP.

LA CLAP has for goal to share his passion for music to everyone touched by electronic music and to promote minimal artists from the underground mid. The collective is already well known from the French people but also from foreigners like Romanians as it already has invited big micro-house headliners such as Barac, Petre Inspirescu, Nastia, Archie Hamilton, Arapu, Julietta, Triptil, Cezar Lazar, Praslea, Alex Celler, Denis Kaznacheev, SIT, Suciu, (iO)Mulen just to name a few of them.


With some serious releases from Dubsons, BirdMakingMachine, Alex Celler, Bruno Pronsato, CNTRL, Suciu, LA CLAP has already made their proof. 

LACLAP004 is actually on the way, with some special guests : Fabe and Federico Molinari.

This time, Alisonn chosed to invite one of Reciproc best assets ALCI, to Nouveau Casino, that will become the next LA CLAP playground this week end. In addition of it, Ben Resist and Jesus will be playing as well. Expect some groove and weapon tracks all night long.

la clap


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BienAimer Music Free Forest Community Party with MEOKO

Following a spectacular soirée over the May bank holiday weekend, a selection of London’s finest will return to the secret forest again for a marathon 22 hours of enchanting rhythms and mesmerizing beats. The second installment of BienAimer Music’s free forest community party will take place in a new location from 8am on the 25th of August until the sunrise the next morning. Meoko, Bread and Butter London and Secret Roots will be teaming up with the BienAimer crew for the memorable occasion.


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The musical offering of the forest party is sure to impress, with many of London’s leading artists packing their bags to the brim with groove-laden selections. In alphabetical order, the event welcomes Alex Celler, Dean Marc, Georgia Girl, Kane Solo DJayden, Jacob Husley Peter Pixzel, Julenn & Stany, Lopaski, Ludo M & Tarek Charbonnier, Max. Davide Decay, Sami Dilla and Silverlining. In addition, two yet-to-be-announced very special guests will also be performing.


The high caliber musical curation will also be matched with a considered focus on event production. The soundsystem for the rager will be powered by Ela:r Sound with Tito Nicolau and Jan Bernet providing videography and photography respectively. A fully stocked bar will be provided for the gathering to keep ravers quenched through day and night.


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With many new surprises up their sleeve, it is safe to wager that those behind the forest party will deliver something special. Make sure to click attending to the Facebook event for important updates and keep your ears close to the ground for exciting announcements in the weeks to come. Ravers, we will see you in the forest.

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MOGA Festival : A mystical place on the Moroccan coast



MOGA Festival has announced the full line-up of this exceptional musical gathering taking place this October 11-13th at UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city of, Essaouira, Morocco. The festival spirit combines music and art at various levels with an emphasis on Moroccan, Maghrebian and African culture, alongside top tier international artists and guests.
This breathtaking site will host a variey of artists like Bradley ZeroKenny Dope, Enzo Siragusa, Folamour, Lazare HocheBLOND:ISH, Raresh and Praslea (as Praslesh), Amine K, Maher Daniel and more.
MOGA creates therefore, a diverse and unique experience during the three-day festival at the beautiful Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa resort. The festival harmoniously combines the local landscape by the sea with its grand and antique architecture and the warmth of the sun, the amazing local cuisine, culture and colour.


Capture decran 2019-08-14 a 15.08.06

The annual MOGA Creation Initiative has also been announced — following dOP and the Maalem Hassan Boussou in 2016 collaboration, and Stavroz and the Essaouira Issaoua one in 2018 — Thomas and Julien de Bie, who form the duo Parallells, will combine their electronic productions with the gnaoua music of Maalem Omar Hayat. After several days of working together in the studio in Essaouira in the days prior to the festival, they will perform the final pieces from their collaboration on the main stage. Other names of the local scene will include top quality acts including Daox, Mr ID, Achil, Noritsu, Amine K and Nomads.
For more information, consult the MOGA social media pages and site.





4 Stages: Pool Stage, Garden Stage, Terrace Stage and So Lounge
Young creators market, wellbeing and relaxation
Hours: 12h - 05h00

Location: Sofitel Mogador Golf & Spa Essaouira


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The city of Essaouira will vibrate to the rhythms of the Festival, for this new edition of many must-see places will be invested again:

Thursday, October 10, 2019

18h: Opening at DAR SOUIRI with officials
20h - 00h: OCEAN VAGABOND - BBQ / buffet + Dj set
22h-2h: BEACH & FRIENDS - Dj Party Set

Monday, October 15, 2019

12h to 18h: CLOSING SIDI KAOUKI Seagulls and Dromedaries - Brunch Electro

Other Moga X-tras TBA

moga moga



The attendees that present their entry ticket will be able to benefit from many preferential tariffs on the hiring of Buggy, Quad, Kite-Surf, ride on horseback and camels, shops of souvenirs and crafts, workshops, cooking classes — details announced very soon.



Festival Ticket Only —  3-Day Pass from 150€

Ticket + Transport + Hotel — from 206€



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