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When dance music culture began to expand from the USA into London in the mid eighties, it slowly but surely spawned a community of aspiring young DJ’s and producers to go with it. Over the following decade, artists began to flock to London’s fertile breeding ground where artistic expression and a sense of community amidst electronic music was forming. London has since become one of the most influential electronic capitals in the world, but what is it that has drawn the multicultural population of musicians here? While clubs are an essential driving force behind the scene with venues such as fabric keeping us firmly on the official map – the unknown and underground sector that allows upcoming artists to be heard is just as, if not more essential to what makes London the creative hub that it is today.

From London’s fabric review and Serialism’s interview about its upcoming ‘London Cuts Volume 2’, I spoke to the compilations artist’s to find out just what it is that has made them migrate or remain here when it comes to developing their craft. Whilst they may now all lean towards house and techno, it hasn’t always been the case – the UK and its capital instigated Dubstep, Breakbeat & Drum & Bass which have all weaved throughout the ‘London Cuts’ artists’ studios and night lives. From fabric to car parks, Herbal to kitchen afterparties and The End to derelict warehouses; ‘London Cuts Volume 2’ and its sounds have all been inspired, moulded and changed through living and working in London. This is their thoughts on a trip through the London Underground...



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Zombies Grand Halloween Ball

Zombies are soulless corpses that are animated by dark magic.....Its the time of the year for the undead and what better way to celebrate then join in with the true professionals of the spooky craft Shane Watcha’s Zombies Soundsystem. Hosted at a new warehouse space located in Hackney, The label’s signature night ‘The Grand Halloween Ball’ is a freak show not for the faint hearted! Welcoming all creatures and freaks alike,.

Zombies welcome a very Special Guest for one night only, and judging by the previous years line ups which include the likes of Guido Shneider, Guti and Bloody Mary this night will not disappoint!

Last but not least Zombies bring their own residents together with Lokee’s Nisekay, Sebastian Voigt and Half baked’s Greg Brockmann and Robin Ordell. If the previous years are anything to go by, expect to be taken on a journey of some serious thrills and musical tricks and treats!!!!

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