Berghain Changes Location in Attempt to Stay Ahead of Tourists


The iconic warehouse will no longer be the home of Berghain Klubnacht, or any of the other weekly events held at the unique venue. Organisers state that the growing influx of tourists attempting to gain entry to the club every weekend is changing the atmosphere both inside and outside the venue, presumably not for the better. The plan is to move to a secret new location in Berlin, to stay ahead of the not-so-welcome clientele.

Like many Berlin clubs, Berghain is well known for its tough door policy, with at least half of the would-be clubbers often turned away at the end of a long queue. Whilst this system goes some way to filtering out those coming to Berghain for the cool-points not for the music, there’s only so much bouncers can tell on face value, and in the end the more ‘clubbing tourists’ there are attempting entry, the more will make it through the doors. For a club that prides itself on being authentic and underground, its growing status as a tourist destination is a problem.

Relocation appears to be the next logical step for Berghain, but the move poses questions: where will the new club be, how will they keep it a secret from the rest of the world and is it reasonable to deny so many the Berghain experience just to preserve an ultimately unsustainable ‘underground’ vibe?

Rumours abound as to the whereabouts of the proposed new location, with the area of Neukölln the hot favourite so far. MEOKO advises Berlin tourists that the best chance of finding and entering the new Berghain will be to look as much as possible like a local. See below. 

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Jordan Smith