Flare Audio ISOLATE® - Revolutionary Ear Protectors

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Flare Audio are bursting through the market with their revolutionary PA systems, rivalling the big players like Funktion-One, Martin Audio and Void. You might have heard of them by now and if you haven’t then maybe their new product will grab your attention. It’s not a speaker, in fact, quite the opposite... Protective earplugs! However, Flare Audio’s ISOLATE® are not like other earplugs you may have come across in the past. Typically, earplugs are fluorescent yellow or orange and stick a fair bit out your ear whilst not really delivering an all-round great experience. The music sounds unevenly muffled, your eardrums significantly feel the lower frequencies, and there’s always the one that decides to take a trip out of your ear onto the dancefloor, annoying the most patient of venue goers. ISOLATE® have gone in a different direction to that of the current industry standards and have come out with a product that actually sets out to accomplish what it’s designed to do!

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 The founder and innovator of Flare Audio, Davies Roberts, took the problem upon himself to correct what everyone else in the industry was doing, apparently using plastic, silicone and foam is not the best sound insulation. Roberts describes how those kinds of materials resonate their own sound so you’re pretty much listening to the foam muffling the music and the plastic resonating against it. They also fail to block lower frequencies and you’re left with, in the words of Davies, “a world of booming bass and sub-sonic pressure”. Which actually sounds pretty awesome if we aren’t aware of how unpleasant and damaging those things can be. His solution was to isolate a small piece of metal in soft foam that fits neatly into your ear, by doing this, sound waves can’t penetrate due to the composition of air, and it becomes a super effective isolator, who knew!


There are plenty of earplug products that have hit the market recently, from the standard foam plugs to battery powered devices and even some bizarre playdough-like wax material which I had some real trouble with… messy. But Flare Audio’s ISOLATE® are simple to use and that’s really grabbed my attention. It’s as easy as plug and play or I guess in this case, plug and muffle. The foam is size-adjustable and replaceable for when the material wares, but the coolest part is probably how it comes in a wide selection of colours including two special editions: gold plated or platinum plated. They’ve also done well to reach out to professionals by introducing the ISOLATE® PRO, which use titanium instead of aluminium; this way it maximises isolation and can also withstand serious abuse. 


Flare Audio have really gone the extra mile to make sure they produce a quality product with huge significance in the music industry. An example of this is how they use an aerospace certified supplier to manufacture the metal components which give a quality look and feel far superior to most competitors. A piece of aerospace manufactured titanium inside your ear, pretty damn cool! This sort of thing has been long overdue, there is a significant problem in venues with distorted PA systems at high volumes that leaves a lot of us coming home with ringing in our ears. That is direct ear damage, no escaping it, and even if you try you’d most likely end up with something half decent. We should all agree that music should be amazing to experience and safe to listen to, and if need be, the option to isolate ourselves from noise that is harmful or annoying. In the words of Davies Roberts “hearing is an incredibly important sense that should be cherished and respected”, let’s take that to heart.


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Words by  Alexander Fetokaki