HOT WAX Tools & Tips (7th July 2015)

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These bits do the business, all out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise:

FreundSein – Selected Groove (FreundSein)

The second release for Berlin based imprint FreundSein presents a selection of four different shifting moods of minimal music. Label owner, Pawlo Tojeda supplies two 'Selected Groove's including a rigid rework by Marcman which packs a punch as the heavy hitter of the selection. New young talent, Sakamaka expresses his ability through tight structured percussion's that mould together like glue, before the EP concludes with Tom Languisi & E. t. h's  slice of warm low swung techno. TIP!


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 Unknown - #Wisp 001- (wolf im schafspelz)

It's always unique to see the artistry of an anonymous producer, and this one certainly doesn't disappoint. The one tracker has the prowess of four tracks through it's diverse elements of sharp jazzy synths, piano stabs, vacuum bass and seductive vocals. Most of the appeal is not knowing who is behind this exclusive masterful track.


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 Anton Zap/tommy Vicari Jnr – Various Aritst (Cartulis Music)

The Cartulius collective welcomes Anton Zap and Tommy Vicari Jnr who each provide two emotive tracks. Opener, Volatiles Pt1 is a joyful journey through minimal electronica that would shine brightly during the after hours. Anton Zap's aptly named Crucifix Lane represents the former club's stomping and grounded atmosphere.

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 Mosaic Split Series Part Five - /Annie Errez/Clandestine (Mosaic)

Mosaic returns with the fifth instalment of the Split Series which showcases the pairing of Annie Errez, an exciting and emerging talent and Clandestine, two UK house/techno mainstays, to present a solid collaboration. A side Discovery Inn exemplifies Errez's ability to master a driving, dub infected groove that just keeps rolling. Clandestine move in a grittier direction with Slave To The System bridging the gap between raw and rigid house and techno purposefully built for heavy sound systems. Vengeance concludes the EP through a chopped up excursion through Mosaic's signature style and disco with resounding results.


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Felipe Venegas – Opace (Birdsmakingmachine Remix) (Melisma)

Melisma returns with the first release of the year from Felipe Venegas, with an additional rework from Birdsmakingmachine. The original mix offers a lingering, wide open groove with floating vocals that builds with atmosphere throughout. On the rework, Birdsmakingmachine put their unique shrinking style on an open groove, presenting a tighter cut for the peak time of the dancefloor.

felipe venegas

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The Mountain People – Mountain People 11 (Mountain People)

The duo from Switzerland return with two serious slices of pulsating percussions. 11.1 is a perfect tool with its kicking hi-hats and bassy undertones, whereas 11.2 drives along with sharp and shuffling synths. Both tracks are built to burn the dancefloor, TIP!

mountain people

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