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Hope you all had a nice Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. As an end of year message I would like to emphasise the importance of cultural knowledge and passing on information from generation to generation which in turn, sustains the truthfulness of our music movement, like any other. With electronic dance music however, it is slightly different as, for being a relatively young movement, it has not been documented as widely as it should have in my opinion, such as in the academic realm as we still find ourselves trying to prove its cultural relevance in many ways as seen during fabric’s recent closure. I have, over the years, compiled lists of documentaries which guides us through this history and later contributed to some groups like the programme for Electronic Dance Music at City University where I did my Masters so I would like to share them here. They go through Disco, House, Techno, Geek (gear, technology, etc), amongst other things. They travel through showing how House made its way to the UK while Techno made its way to Berlin / Germany and how advances in technology had an impact in the history of music making.

(Isis Salvaterra - Founder of Toi Toi Musik, Agency and Record Label / Press and Communications at GuestHouse



Kraftwerk & The Electronic Revolution
Pump Up the Volume - The History of House Music
Maestro - Larry Levan and Early Dj Culture
Disco - Spinning the Story
New York Disco to Hip Hop
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Chicago Hip House
The Chemical Generation - Acid House UK
1989 - Summer Of Rave Documentary (UK)
Human Traffic Movie (Classic)
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Universal Techno (1996)
High Tech Soul - The Creation of Techno Music
We Call It Techno (Germany)
Sub Berlin "The Story of Tresor"
Pioneers of Electronic Music - Richie Hawtin
Live Recording of Narod Niki at Mutek 2003 (audio only - private link)
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The Delian Mode - Delia Derbyshire
Discovering Electronic Music (1983)
Totally Wired - Schneider’s Buero - Trailer only
I Dream of Wires (2015)
Synthesizer Documentary ~ Moog
Synth Britannia


TB- 303 Doc- Bassline Baseline (2005)

What the Future Sounded Like (2006)
808 Documentary (2016) Trailer Only
The History of the ‘Amen Break’


Theo Parrish Redbull Music Academy Lecture (2005)
In Conversation with Theo Parrish
24h Berlin - Ricardo Villalobos - Arte TV
Before Music Dies
Tom Dowd and The Language of Music (documentary) - Trailer Only
Why Beauty Matters (subs in Portuguese)
The Art of Listening - Music Documentary (2017)
Why We DJ - Slaves to the Rhythm Documentary (2017)
Leonard Bernstein on the future of music (1973)
That should you guys busy for a while ;)