The Past is the Future: Cilo Cassette Tape Album Launch

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Archipel is a minimal techno based label in Montreal, Canada run by Pheek. Founded in 2004, starting from a simple project of publishing samples for a community in order to make special projects around it. The project had soon evolved into the label that it is now. The label's aim is to build a community of artists producing a wide range of electronic music, in which the artists have the freedom of expressing themselves as they want. After all, what's music without self expression?

Maxell Cassette Tape by Cliffski

Archipel Musique has build until now a very unique and vast library of artists such as Leif, Lee Curtiss, Vakula, Hubble, Move D and of course PheekThe most recent and very interesting upcoming release though, is a new project on its own if you will. A newly launched sub label, Cilo, is making steps forward and not backwards by creating their upcoming releases for cassette tapes. This new project is being run by both Pheek and his partner Réservoir. Pheek shares with MEOKO his vision and influences behind the new label:


''I have grown up with tapes and I always found they had a very mystical sound, something about the hissing and the warmth that made everything seem elastic. It built a specific atmosphere which relates to my childhood as I discovered electronic music on both tapes and vinyl...Nowadays, the state of electronic music has dramatically changed. It is not about the future anymore, there's no main union or mass direction. It is more commercial because there's new kinds of technology and everyone wants a piece of  the cake.''



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''With the return of vinyl and even the tapes, there's some sort of drawback from the music from the future vision, but more of a fixation for what was from the past is actually cool. That includes older distribution medias such as the tape. Cilo reflects music with a high reverb fetish and we will eventually contribute with our own dub-influenced works.''


The first dub artists to have the honour of opening Cilo is the very talented Agazzi. His addiction to underground music originating from his fathers shared passion, Maurizio, who was an old school DJ kickstarted his exposure to a multitude of information vital to his musical growth. Experimenting with sound whilst growing, lead to discovering the darker sides of techno music, meanwhile also performing ambient and jazzy tunes at several underground parties within the Italian scene. Since 2010 he is under Sleep is Commercial playing in Berlin mainly at Katerholzig and Club Der Visionaere.



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The Arrhythmia Tape Cassette consists of very intricate experimental, lo-fi sounds which makes this project all the more distinctive. An album which is certainly worth more than one listen as different magical sounds unfold each time. Cilo's first release is happening on the 2nd of June and can be pre-ordered (and listened to) on Band Camp in either digital or cassette form. Be sure to choose the cassette though!


Written by: Thalia Agroti



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