Music Review: Zohki, Bídlee - Down The Road EP [Obaidlí Records]

Newborn Qatar-based Obaidlí Records' first release comes by the bídlee, the founder of the label, and Deep In You Music-head Zohki. With their very personal blend of minimal and deep house, the pair deliver four original cuts on Obaidlí Records, setting the standard for an ambitious project, aimed to bring some underground vibes in the Far East. 




On the opening cut, "Default", Moon Harbour and AVOTRE associate Zohki delivers a very engaging pace. Drums are tight and pressing, with open hi-hats that constantly differ on their rhythmic pattern, creating an extra-dose of grooviness. Far away spoken vocals create a floating mood, whilst well-balanced sweeping sounds help the track on its rolling endless movement.






Thus, "Xonoo604" gets mental and more-stripped back. A very essential and stingy 909-groove bounces above the kick which cuts sharply in the mid as well as the snares. The hi-hats sound metallic, recalling some Berlin-ish sonorities, with a twisted and delayed sinister synth that perfectly matches with the rest of weird hits and sounds.




On the flip, head-honcho bídlee takes control of B-side with the sublime deep house track "Morph Your Keys". The kick gets lost in the rolling and lo-fi groove, designed to convey just a little low shake. The use of sampling is widely used here, with some lively real sound that we can actually feel and touch. Only at some point the kick and groove become more explicit, accelerating the piece suddenly after the dreamy and touching break.




The closing "Down The Road" shows us bídlee's melodic approach, as he introduces some delicate ambient fluffy sounds, making of this one a very interesting and meditative piece. The listener is immersed in a colourful sound palette of samples, driven synths and smooth groove elements, with rich pads that arise and wave, making "Down The Road" the ultimate summer breezer.




Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi

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Music Review: Benjamin Taylor - Drifting EP [BT Recordings 01]

Hailing from the eternal city, Luca Costa aka Benjamin Taylor has really stepped up this year with his Polarized EP on Burnski's Constant Sound, which was then followed by a remix on the same label. Benjamin's sound commits to bring back some dub-techno sonorities, with deep and delayed chords, simple grooves and soft, ethereal atmospheres. The entitled "Drifting" EP on his own newborn BT Recordings is no exception: here, the Rome elusive producer serves two brilliant cuts that perfectly reflect his style and skills in the studio.



Click HERE to buy Drifting EP - BTR001


Opener "Drifting" is pure dub pleasure. The main stab offers a very classic Panorama Bar-ish sound and flows elegantly above the essential groove. At the fourth minute, when we've already stuck into the loop, a tight clap makes his appearance, giving a twist to the whole dark mood. The arped synth fills perfectly the gaps left by the main stab and its ever-changing delay, giving life to an unwearying whirling of emotions.




The second track shows Benjamin's attitude on also making real minimalistic jams. The entitled "The History Of The Future" features a fragile, understated, thin groove, made of just a few woody elements. The kick stings cutting in the mix. Distant vocals and noisy texture create a moving atmospheric layer for the very trippy heads. Re-sampled and over-stretched real sounds rule the roots, without ever taking over the track, marked by sad piano riffs and weird rumours.






Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi

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Music Review: Various Artists - Mineral Minds 1 [BAR Musica]

After four EPs - which have involved renowned name from the likes of Einzelkind, Bruno Pronsato and Pier Bucci - Italy's BAR Musica strikes back with its first VA compilation. Mineral Minds 01 is a real find for true dubness lovers and includes 9 tracks that range from the classic house ("Umberto - A New Way (of Me)") to trippy minimal ("Carebears - Billy's Fantamoney)" and tribal funky-inspired deep house ("J Paraguai - Materialism")



Click HERE to buy Mineral Minds 1


Opener "Ognidove" by label-head Bartolomeo kicks things off with a smooth, deep shaker. Pads arise gently, airy, whilst short stab keeps on hitting in a neverending tight groove.




Up next, Italy's duo Carabears make BAR Musica debut with "Billy's Fantsmoney". Immediately, the track gets trippy starting out from the stinging drums which almost go resonant to exasperation. Rolling 909 toms on top on the groove create a techy and bouncy feel. Distant vocals create an intriguing atmosphere on the side, mysterious and dark. 




The entitled "Like To Think" by Valeria Croft and Like Electronika is a deep and emotional jam immersed in a juicy and jazzy artificial mood. Hi-epic pads float above a rich breakbeat groove that writhes on itself because of the filters. After-hours or opening situations, this is a 100% ensured tool.




Umberto's "A New Way (Of Me)" digs in an old school boomy joint. Fat arps move around the breakbeat groove. Bass is deep and over-saturated, gently pushing the drums on. Detuned saw pad create an uplifting vibe. House music ladies and gentlemen!




Returning to our dear 4 to the floor groove, Jesse Marcel is next with the entitled "Alcantara". Drums are sharp and vibrant, with super glidy synths laying on the hypnotic beat. Fuzzy voices seem to call us from afar, increasing, even more, the "ritual" mood that we can breathe on this piece.




Thus, "Spacing Guild" by Francesco Mami gets techy, introducing a different, fatter style of drums. Warped synths rotate, slowly arped randomly, giving movement to the entire piece. SCI-FI sounds coming from another planet collide on the slow-techno drums. Grooving hard, exploring the dark side of sound.


J Paragaguai's "Materialism" brings us back to earth with a colourful jam. The house vibe is enriched with tribal flavour by a swirling mix of percussions, congas and ethnic chants.




Next, Liro's "Uyuiii" features weird sounds that create a dense and glassy texture. A male vocal moves on vaguely above some eastern-ish melodies, noisy drums and a clicky kick. with the groove rolling smoothly.


Rounding out the package, the bonus "Pattern One" by Ahoda Psi rises up the tempo with a club-oriented track with jagged shakers, profound pads and gnarly synths.






Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi

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Music Review: Various Artists - Winder 05

After releases by Floog, Silat Beksi, IWOU and Ruven Medici, iO (Mulen)'s dark and groovy operation-base Winder reaches its fifth chapter with a delicious VA catalogue. WINDER05 is a 2-on-2 battle between Romanians Costin Rp & Faster and Argentinians Franco Motta & Bernat




The kickoff is entrusted to the Romanian team, with Costin Rp mighty "You Me Space". Plucky lead rolls sweetly and sharp hats arise, fastly hitting on the top of the spectrum. Analog sounding pads and synths make the piece colourful and lively, whilst a retro-sounding synth charmingly clashes with tight drums in a superb contrast. Groove is light but engaging and bouncy, as the powerful upbeat bassline and we can't stand still while the arps float. Proper party vibes.




"Necomestibil" by Faster goes slower and deeper. The whole mood is bit dusty and lo-fi sounding, and it's easy to get lost in the harmonic texture. Drums are gentle and thick, not too bright. Track smoothly rolls till the break, where we can finally appreciate the profound bass at its full potential. A slow and poetic pad arises on the drop, laying softly on the groove. Bass is shacking, headbanger opening stuff.


On the flip we Buenos Aires' very own Bernat who's back after an incredibly productive 2019. The entitled "Mod" features a headstrong bass with a glidy and dirty tone. The harmonic layer is varied and everchanging, with a hail of tuned percs rolling thin on top of the groove. While noisy FXs sweep the mix, some melodic shots suggest listener a new emotional sense to the whole jam, aided by long-tailed pads and bleak chords.




Closing the EP is Franco Motta's mental "Finish". The track reveals is a dirty soul from the beginning, with pitched synths moving up and down uncontrolled. Swingy drums are woody and rigidly keeps the beat. A real-sounding bassline walks on the straight four fourth kick, while acid synths lead waving, coming in and out of the scene. Snare rolls building up, a cool, faded vocal on the background. A subtle vocal whispers the word "Seductive", and this piece definitely is, with its nervous and clean pace.



 Label owner iO (Mulen)



Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi

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Alex Ground & Dave Zeta: Isolation Inspiration

Samplestate is proud to announce the release of its latest sample pack “Minimal Dubs”. Produced by the Italian producers Alex Ground & Dave Zeta this pack takes its cues from Alex’s trademark sound as well as influences from underground artists such as Fabe, East End Dubs, and Infuse to name a few. Labels such as Infuse, Pleasure Zone, Moscow, Inmotion and Moan immediately spring to mind when auditioning this amazing collection of samples.


Minimal Dubs Main


With 180 club-ready drum loops with top and full loops, a hefty collection of 60 sub-heavy bass-lines, and also 44 synth/music loops. 139 One-shot samples are also included with pre-programmed sampler instruments that cover Drum HIts, FX/Glitches, synth hits, and bass hits. 

This pack comes in two main formats as well as specific sampler formats for convenience.

Apple Loops Pack - Includes Apple Loop aif files with pre-analysed and tagged drum, and music loops.  You also receive 3rd party sampler instruments as well as all the other content in the other formats such as REX2.

Wav Pack - Standard wav pack, if in doubt then select this one. It contains standard wav files and is suitable for any DAW system. You will also receive 3rd party sampler instruments as well as all the other content in the other formats such as REX2.


You can buy the pack right HERE and enjoy 60% off the price but be quick, it won't last forever!!!


What's included in the pack?

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 883MB
  • 180 drum loops with top and full loops
  • 180 Drum Rex2
  • 60 sub-heavy bass-lines
  • 44 synth/music loops
  • 105 Music Rex2
  • 139 One-shots
  • 63 Soft Sampler Patches for EXS24, Halion, Kontakt & NNXT
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