Music Review: Archie Hamilton - Resurrection EP [Moss Co.]

Founded in 2013, Archie Hamilton's Moss Co. label was originally intended to support her big sister Moscow Records. Now, 7 years later, what was once a space dedicated to intimate deep productions has grown and matured, greatly increasing her output over the last couple of years with EPs from Noha, Alexis Cabrera & Hanfry Martinez, Joren Edwards, Toman, and last Ben Balance. This November the label serves up a superb 21st release from the boss himself Archie Hamilton, who's literally been on fire also thanks to the release of his debut album Archive Fiction last year. The entitled "Resurrection" is the much-hyped artist's first full EP here since its inception and as always it is a fierce two-tracker.


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"Resurrection" goes first and quickly establishes a smooth groove with rubber kicks. The pads are a little old school but sci-fi, and the bobbling bassline cannot fail to carry you away. As things go on you get even more lost in the cosmos, making this the sort of stylish tune that is designed for heady backrooms late at night as the track falls into a break that never seems to come to an end. When the track drops, it's a powerful whirlwind of full-bodied sounds, right before the spacey shots on the beat appear again, this time supported by a wisely delayed vocal chop.


“Really happy to share this wicked video for Resurrection! Directed by the amazing Conrad Gamble and shot by Ollie MacKay and Richard Bell. One thing about the current situation is that the streets have been quieter so we were able to get some shots that we’d never normally been able to get. The result is an amazing trip through the city I call home, from day to night” - Archie Hamilton


Things get more gritty on the second 128 bpm cut "Reflection". The keys are trippy, the bass elastic, and the grooves more futuristic and restless, giving the piece a weird but vibrant funky attitude, under which a classic house organ and an acid bassline move; two elements with whom you'll never go wrong. It will fit in perfectly with sets you'd expect from the likes of Francesco De Garda or Nicolas Lutz and is another winner from Hamilton.


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Music Review: Hadley - Millenium EP [Modula Records]

Today we bring you fresh rhythms from Modula Records which is quickly rising to be a standout label in the UK. It already has welcomed the likes of Jerome C, Ray Mono, Lee Onel, and Artmann (of which we've recently talked here) to their imprint in recent times and their new EP is in the form of a 3 tracker from Hadley. The Manchester-based DJ & producer broke into the scene in 2018 with his remix for Gorgon City's "One Last Song" and so far he signed his music on labels such as Lacuna Recordings and Los Pastores' Oblack Label.



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Opener "Millennium" builds intricately as elements are slowly introduced; spacious pads and tight synths entwine perfectly together before a rhythmic crescendo hat takes us straight into the mix. This track has US Garage influences throughout whilst sticking true to its deep roots. The bassline keeps you moving and gives the track plenty of energy as mesmerizing pads combine with shuffling hats and compact snares.




"Every Cloud" sores into the sky’s and into the stratosphere with tight kicks and shaking hats accompanied by nimble use of airy pads that bring a trippy edge to the track. This is brought to life by a blunt bassline with plenty of groovy and soul.



Last but certainly not least ‘Seeing is Believing’ concludes the EP. A nimble garage hook grabs your attention instantly accompanied by a female vocal that stops you in your tracks. Hands up heads down material. The bassline again has plenty of energy and resonates throughout the piece. Perfect dancefloor stuff to round the EP in style.




Words by Jordan Diston

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PRVNS pres. Sonido Peruano Vol. 1

With the South American scene being more consistent than ever, just think of recent labels and projects such as Musica Lunar, Audionik, From The Void Above, and Guaguanco to name a few, representing Perù is the newborn PRVNS label. As the name suggests, the label, owned and directed by 4 young and passionate locals, it's the extension of the Peruvian Sound collective and will focus on delivering just the best on house, minimal, and techno sound in all its facets. Their first VA compilation is a huge 37-tracker collection of 100% made in Perù lovely rolling groovers ready to warm and rock the dancefloor - not only the Peruvian ones - as soon as possible. Sonido Peruano Vol. 1 is divided into 3 parts and within these, we can already spot some known names such as Deaf Pillow, Kike Mayor, Alejandro Cuestas, and He_Did: in fact, almost the entire compilation is entrusted to newcomers that do not disappoint expectations.



The speedy "Numero Dos" by Bauer kicks off the project with a delicious spacey tune. The bass pulses definite and deep, rolling smoothly around the stomper kickdrum. Glimmering synths arps populate the scene with energy and color, giving a trancy touch to the track. Drums and delicious congas are drawn in a wide and sharp reverb that brightens up and enhances clarity.




Moving one, the compilation proceeds with gloomy deep and minimal trippy rollers, among which appear “Un Vals?”, a dried-out minimal cut carried on by an outrageous guitar sample, and Deaf Pillow’s gloomy “Alternate”, where bold shaker-ish drums meet intense chopped synths and a cavernous bassline.



Heading to the second part, Lima-based GhostHorse delivers the heady "Chermass", which insists on a hypnotic siren that elevates the gloomy mood to a mental level. With the main arp that sounds like it's never going to stop, the overall pace gets tenser on each cycle, layering together with other plucks, always evolving and coming back. Kick hits gently, muffled, laying on the very bottom of the track. The wavy shake of the synth is mimicked in the arrangement, as it opens up and closes down alternatively, playing with elements’ density.




Saint & Don’t Music head Kike Mayor is next with his track "Semblante", a deep and warm slow burner with a variety of caressing sounds providing a chilled state. All the elements are picked and shaped wisely not to tire the listener and stay engaging on the run, where old school taste melts together with a minimal approach and a mature expression of time management.



We have reached the third volume now but however, the music continues to amaze us. For the gift track, JJ Beteta enters the stage with an idea of sound: funk. His “Gimmi Da Funkei Bit" is a raw joint that works around the famous sample, here warped and treated enough to make of this one a huge club rocker. Definitely a peak time anthem.




Another one to mention is Lima’s Fuga Night Club resident Ludovic aka Muchos Alias, here unleashing a deadly after-hours tool that mixes dreamy synths with smooth 90's pads and an enthralling bassline capable of making people dance hours to this.





Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi

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Music Review: VA w/ Piktor, Miroloja, Triptil [Bread & Butter 003]

Just a few months after his previous edition, London-based Bread and Butter Recordings strikes back with the third vinyl-only installment on the label. This time, the A-side is Romania's Piktor competence, whilst rising talents Miroloja and Triptil fill the flip with mesmerizing melodies and tight, energetic grooves. The label confirms to be in top form lately, providing yet again quality tracks after the latest VA compilation with Rowlanz, Direkt, Sublee, and Vern.



Hailing from Romania but now Based in Vienna, Piktor continues his rise after recent releases on Subtil and Lokomotiv, making his debut on B&B Recordings with “Everythingship”. The entire track insists on a short, skipping synth that brings groove and energy even before the drums. Added to this is a colorful and evolving rhythmic pad that brings forward the whole groove that smells of a crispy, old-school flavor; a loose attitude that allows both clap and hat to lean on the beat. Some grainy effects populate the very sides of the mix, creating depth and atmosphere and alongside them, Piktor places fragments of voices and airy piano riffs which further contribute to the frisky mood of the piece.





On the flip, the French brothers of Miroloja roll next with the entitled "Karezze". The Parisian waste no time and start off the track nice and deep with an engaging groove and electric bleeps and dark SCI+FI atmospheric layers. The track moves smoothly until the break when it opens up to a more harmonic scenario in which pads become prominent, and a sentimental turn is revealed. Dreamy arps start echoing the pad’s motion, working on higher notes and introducing an entirely new sonic palette, whilst the drums his sharp and the bass rolls clean and definite. 




Closing down the VA is Bucharest's Triptil with the bouncy "Mrwho!", within which playful synths freely evolve above rigid drum patterns that bounce tight on the swingy bassline. The tight groove perfectly stands out in the mix, without, however covering shimmery guitar-like strums and a warm female vocal shot that appears - far away - counting backward, laughing, bringing on interesting variations to the cyclic pace of the track.




Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi

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Music Review: Various Artists - Extended Family VA [Floorpiece Digital]

North Wales-based Floorpiece label has rapidly become a touchstone within the last couple of years, able to embrace both the house, minimal and deep-techy enthusiasts with delicious cuts released both on vinyl and digital among which appear artists such as Michael James, Herck, Lorenzo Chiabotti and Cosmjn to name a few. The imprint's 27th digital instalment sees Floorpiece gathering a conspicuous group of up&coming producers for Extended Family VA, including tracks from Lorik, Alex Dam & Zambiancki, Mike.D, Pinney and Pablo Hdez among others.



The compilation starts with "Cold Shoulder" by Adam Nahalewicz (Recycle) who kicks things off with a compelling Michael James-ish funky roller. The fluttering drums transmit a sense of lightness and airiness, further enhanced by sparks of synths that resemble almost like the chirping of birds.


Italy's fellow Alex Dam & Zambiancki deliver the boldy hi-octane "Distances", a solid groover full of gliding pads surfing over a superb groove and sweet stabs. The overall harsh sound on the drums is powerful and upfront, making of this one a gritty bouncer with a sweet minimal flavour.




Up next, Brasilian Serialism associate Ian R teams up with Allan Blue for "Vostok 3". Spacey synths move shiny on top of an essential tight groove, within which the bassline's pattern is reduced to essentials, rolling flawless and shaking the track from underneath. Kick stomps gently and caresses the drums, in perfect balance.


Gwylim Owen's "Clean Off" comes after, catapulting the audience into a realm of twisted synths, warped sounds and a top-notch joint of pitch-delayed vocals. The darker mood is immediately noticeable and groove minimalistic goes swingy with sharp drums cut through reaching out face directly, slapping hard. The acid-esque bassline is the cherry on the cake and really brings the piece forward while the groove keeps hitting.




Thus, Swiss-based Lorik unleashes the rubbery "Her Thingwhich gets straight to your feet. On this one, The Swiss-based DJ and producer relies on skipping closed hats and the jerky snares to set the perfect scenario to a catchy female vocal to shine at is best, also adding an ever-changing synth-line that provides an extra dose of bounciness groove.


Yet after all of this tightness is good to find some fat dubby attitude just around the corner with the entitled "April Afternoon" by 'ManLike'BCoz. The bulbous bass rolls heavy and the drums sound fatter than ever, whilst a classic house stab gives to the piece and instant old school mood from which it is difficult to escape.




Hailing from the beautiful island of Tenerife, Pablo Hdez debuts on the label with the refreshing and soulful "Oval". With smooth pads and delicate plucks are carefully panned in a very atmospheric way, the Spanish talent is able to make room for straightforward drums to shine deep and dubby. A distant vocal makes its appearance on the break giving to the piece a pleasant human touch.



Closing down the release is Wesz with "Technological Process", where classic 90s house organs hold all the piece up, while a rock-solid rhythm section stomps underneath. Drums are essential and thin, allowing the low frequencies to really make a statement. The retro-analogue mood gets more intense every second, clashing with SCI+FI textures and subtle whispers, and making of this one the great closing act of a mighty compilation.





Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi


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