Music Review: Revivis - Get Clapped EP [Talman Digital 007]

Among the most popular names in the deep and house (or whatever you call it) scene, there is certainly that of Revivis. Hailing from the UK but now based in Berlin, he has rapidly made a name for himself, releasing his tracks only on the best labels of the scene, including we_r_house, EWax and Druzhba, always focusing on quality than quantity. During these years, he had the chance to show his skills behind the decks at renowned clubs such as Watergate (Berlin), Toffler (Rotterdam) and 93 Feet East (London).


After providing a track for the latest VA compilation, he strikes back on Okain's Talman Records for the 7th chapter of the digital side of the label with the entitled "Get Clapped" EP. This release will be followed by more EPs on EWax, Quality Vibe, Inermu Wax and a 2nd EP on Talman that will all come to light later this year! So you should definitely keep an eye on this guy as did Enzo Siragusa, Djulz, Raresh and Archie Hamilton to name a few.


IMG 4334


As the title suggests, "Get Clapped" is about the continuous bounce between straight and clean claps with filtered and crispy ones. This combo creates by itself a significant part of the groove, which is gradually joined by sharp 909 hi-hats, rides, stiff percussions and fist-pumping synths. If it seems to you that every now and then the track is going to stop, it’s just your impression, as it's going to drop again sooner than you think.




Thus, "Acid Drip" kicks on with some lovely deep chords and rolling arpeggiated bassline, allowing for large hats and deft shakers to move freely through the acid lines that infest the whole track, which is enriched by male vocals speech right in the break, without ever being excessive or inappropriate.




Remix duties are entrusted to French house veterans of Politics Of Dancing, who have recently celebrated the 5 years of their own P.O.D. Records label. With their unmistakable gentle touch, they turn "Acid Drip" into a warm house tool which, for its soft and groovy sounds and breezy house groove, can easily be associated with the classic Apollonia stuff. The groove is rich but no showy and the continuous alternation of different delicate pads will definitely make of this one a proper tool for the next summer months. 




Closing the EP is "Breech" which is also the track we've decided to premiere. The track starts with solid kick drums and infectious groovy elements joined by 909 airy hi-hats and rampant synths, but it's the wavy bassline the real deal here, which takes the track into the next level. As the time pressure builds, some late-night driving synths make their appearance, adding an extra dose of energy to the superb flowing groove.


More Revivis on FacebookSoundcloud and Instagram




 Words by Francesco Quieti

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Music Review: Peshka - Overdrive EP [Visionquest 082]

Ukrainian producer Peshka has been on our (and apparently not only on ours) radar for a while, releasing lovely tracks on AMAM, Crocus, and RE.FACE Records to name a few. His productions are characterized by a nice blend of deep elements, minimal inspired drums - which sometimes roll on breakbeat grooves - and hypnotizing, almost shaman-ish, atmospheres. Due to the complicated situation that can still be found in his home country, he had serious issues on delivering a constant output over the years, and he was forced to stop his work for almost 2 years.


After this hiatus, it seems that Peshka, although he continues to deliver top-notch quality material, has added a dose of energetic, raw and aggressive vibes to his previously style, which can be easily heard on his new EP on the legendary Visionquest label. In fact, all the tracks are characterized by stumping vibes, raw claps, futuristic and dreamy pads, splashes of acid and sharp percussions.



Click HERE to buy Peshka - Overdrive EP


We've decided to premiere the fast tempo's "Spectral Analized" which goes hard and direct in a 5 minutes ride, a pretty short track considering the usual length that we're used to, with a naughty bassline, spacey and synths and SCI+FI atmospheres, making you feel almost in an 80s retro-video game, dodging asteroids and enemy ships.






Words by Francesco Quieti

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"Silverlining Dubs in the Pub" kicks off at the iconic The Lion and Lamb

We are pleased to announce a brand new night at London’s iconic party pub, The Lion and Lamb. Silverlining Dubs in the Pub (i) is the first of what hopefully will be a long series of events tied to the legendary British producer, Silverlining. Sharing the venue’s booth with the London veteran will be 100Hz (live), LE Bass and Sam Don.


Silverlining Dubs in the Pub i3340


To give you an idea of what a night is going to be, we have an exclusive 100Hz mix ready to set you in the right mood!




Few artists have gone through over 20 years of career. Among these, the UK institution Silverlining is one of the most emblematic. To those who were around during the 1990s, his name might evoke feverish scenes of rumbling bass-lines, flickering high hats and dubbed out vocals in cavernous underground spaces. To those hearing it for the first time, there is a freshness and authenticity that emerges from his trademark aesthetic. One thing is evident: the Silverlining sound has proven to withstand the sands of time.


Silverlining-Simulacra 127aSQ3341


His intention, back in 1993, was to have a go at making some records that smelted the shuffle-heavy grooves of US house, the abstract energy of Detroit and deep techno. Before long, he was invited to play his first gigs from Brixton to Berlin to Buenos Aires, which have followed by several appearances over the years on more than 40 countries and hundreds of venues, within which he had the chance to express all his diverse influences and styles, constantly reinventing himself without ever abandoning his underground roots.



His productions span numerous other genres, with a breadth of taste adjoined by an unmistakable yet uncontainable groove that branches out between unique blend of house, techno, electro and splashes of disco. Silverlining, aka Asad Rizvi, has indeed created memorable tracks such as ‘Breezin Thru’ and ‘System Error’ produced alongside Nathan Coles under their Two Right Wrongans alias, which was one of the highlights during Pedro’s set at SW23.



Over recent years, he has released tracks on labels such as Moss Co, Berg Audio, Talman, See Double, Neotropiq, as well as his own Silverlining Dubs label to make the music accessible to ordinary vinyl buyers.




Silverlining will be joined tomorrow by 100Hz, who is another legend of the UK club scene and a close associate of Bosconi Records.



Alongside them will be one of London's finest underground DJs of the last 25 years, LE Bass, all exquisitely warmed up on an eclectic tip by digger extraordinaire, Sam Don. It’s set to be a massive night of good music and positive vibes on the dance-floor.  1




Words by Francesco Quieti 

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Music Review: Christian Schiemann, Nazt, Javier Carballo - Transition EP [Framed Realities 005]

Switzerland is a country that, although it has appeared relatively recently in the European radar, is recovering much its initial disadvantage. Christian Schiemann, Retro Erni and Squep's imprint Framed Realities is part of this "new wave" of labels and it's ready to drop it's the fifth chapter called 'Transition', a 4-tracker EP made by one collaboration, two solo originals and a remix by Gran Canaria's hitmaker Javier Carballo.


Cover - Framed Realities 05 - transitions

Framed Realities 005 - Transitions EP


The EP opens with the original version of 'Transition' by label-head Christian Schiemann (Handcrafted, Get Physical) together with Spashin DJ and Producer Nazt (Serialism, Inwave). The pairs provide a slick minimal jam with deep pads, edgy and resonant synths, within with splashes of acids and female vocal shots make the appearance, making of the A1 a great opening tool.




Up next is the Javier Carballo (Play It Say It, Underyourseat, Vatos Locos) who delivers a hard-hitting and dancefloor reinterpretation of the original. Since the first kick drum, you can immediately feel the wobbling low frequencies trying to dig down in the bottom of the track, without turning the track into a 4/4 aggressive beat thanks to distant pads, acid lines and dreamy atmospheres.




Javier Carballo Artist Picture2

Javier Carballo


Thus, 'Kibou' by Christian Schiemann is a driving, almost progressive-ish, track armed with a sweet balance of subtle keys, old-taped vocals and spiralling synths, confirming his ability on crafting delicious deep house cuts.


Christian Schiemann Artist Pic2-min

Christian Schiemann


Closing is 'Ng031' by Nazt who provides a real club stumper with rumbling sub-bass, heavy kicks and essential groove elements. The mindblowing break is filled with acid squeezes, making of this one a real dancefloor rocker that will absolutely melt the crowd. 


Nazt Artist Picture2





Words by Francesco Quieti

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Celebrating San Valentine's day with 10 unconventional love songs

People tend to associate cheesy, overdramatic power ballads with Valentine’s Day. But we’re here to challenge those preconceptions and bring you some leftfield tunes to make you feel all the feels on this gooey and lovely day. From minimal and deep house to 80’s rock n disco, it's all about the love! Grab some hot chocolate and indulge yourself in this compilation of underrated romantic tracks obviously involving your partner!



"There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved" (George Sand)


1. Ricardo Villalobos - Baby 


2. Anonym - Love You Like I Can 


3. Casco - Cybernetic Love


4. Charlie - Spacer Woman


5. Daft Punk - Something About Us 




6. Maceo Plex - Vibe Your Love


7. Beach House - Lover Of Mine (Rojid Edit)


8. Sieg Über Die Sonee - Hot 


9. English Boy On The Loveranch - Sex Vigilante


10. Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)






Music selection by Caterina Fidelbo

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