Music Review: Carebears - Carebears 505

It is increasingly common in the current scene to find artists who more and more often like to hide behind secret monikers, and the guys of Carebears have been surely one of the most successful unknown-duos during the last couple of years.


With appearances on Niko Maxen's OFF Path, Blind VisionPurism and ROWLE's sub-label Abduction, these guys have put out an incredible number of quality analogue jams, receiving support from the biggest in the industry. In fact, they track have been played by Cabanne, Varhat, Roger Gerressen, Petre Inspirescu, Dorian Paic, Markus Fix, Raresh, Cap and Arno to name a few. They're now back on their own self-titled label with another infectious 2-tracker vinyl-only EP.



CB 505 A



The A-side is a bubbly rhythm track with harsh chords and a straightforward dose of 909 grooves that take you back to the heart of a dance-floor with futuristic menace. The track is filled with unexpected female vocal samples and prickly hi-notes that help to keep pressure and involvement at seriously high levels.




On the flip, '505B' keeps using 909 groove elements, but directing the track in a deeper way, with rhythmic congas, dubby pads bubbling sub-bass, accented by infectious male vocal hooks throughout.







Words by Francesco Quieti

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Celebrating 6 years of Soundopamine w/ Varhat and S.A.M. in a time capsule for the next generations: Club Guesthouse


Soundopamine is a duo live act who combines warm microcosmic grooves with the human touch. They are a fresh breath of air in the Romanian music scene, always keeping the crowd craving for more.

Chris & Natasha are lifetime musicians that met at the courses of the National Music University in Bucharest, back in 2012, creating their own everyday paradise soundtrack ever since. In 2017, the duo - live act took part in the #wildmusictracks experiment in which they transformed a bus into a musical instrument on the way to Sunwaves Festival and they were also invited as production trainers along with Rhadoo, Mahony and Fouchat, in the Romanian DJ Bootcamp. 2018 had even better energy, as they've by being nominated as one of the 2018's "ones-to-watch" artists.

The summer brought a collaboration with the Open-Air crew in Portugal which culminated with a huge party under the stars in central Lisbon, and in July the first 12' Moment EP came on vinyl, released on their own label EverydayParadise.


Fast-forwarding ahead after all this flashbacks of Waha Festival, Amural Festival, 3SmokedOlives Festival, Electric Castle Festival, Neversea Festival, Untold Festival, Airfield Festival, Picnic Fonic 2019, Snowfest France, Open Air Portugal, TEDxBucharest, Musai Fest / Club Eden / Club Control / La Gazette (Cj), Floreasca Pool, Oha Beach, H2O Beach, Monteoru Mansion in Bucharest and many others.

2020 will bring us their 2nd vinyl release ''Una Cu Natura'' EP, which will include 2 lovely originals and two remixes by Harrison BDP and Swoy. Their Bandcamp page is loaded with more digital goodies and we're thrilled to share with you an exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD new track called 'We Should Talk' as part of the ''On The Road'' VA special compilation. A personal and close to their heart track with no strings attached.


6 Years after their debut, road trips, festivals and obscure events playing along with Archie Hamilton, Afriqua, Mano Le Tough, Tulbure, Ada Kaleh, Charlie, Bryz, Harrison BDP, Los Bastoneros, Prichindel and other cosmonauts, they've put together a stellar lineup in one of the main electronic music culture spots in Bucharest, at Club Guesthouse with S.A.M. (Delaphine) & Varhat (Yoyaku), around their live act and some local support from Grizzly (evp) & Vlad Bretan (evp).

The night will be completed by a visual trip made out of paintings and visual mapping! 


Getting hyped up? You better, as we’re all gonna get first row tickets deep outer space and flowing in zero gravity. Suit up, pull up your hypnotic panties, do some pushups or whatever you need to get ready for a joyful ride into the micro-cosmic grooves asteroid.


 More MEOKO; Facebook Soundcloud / Youtube

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Music Review: Moskvich Bar Infinity Anniversary [MSKVCH 001]

Kharkiv’s underground institution Moskvich Bar had a massive 2019, continuing to host both rising local talents and renowned DJs such as Gel Abril, Pillow Talk, Nasser Baker and Kirik to name a few. During these 8 years since its opening, the bar crew's impeccable music taste and competent international DJ booking of artists from Germany and France, the UK, and Israel, helped Moskvich to rapidly grow into a favourite spot for lovers of quality electronic music and carry its mission today.


MSK001 Labels

Click HERE to listen to the PREMIERE of Christian Burkhardt - Chameleon


To celebrate the bar's birthday, they’ve decided to prepare a special present in the form of launching an in-house vinyl label. The debut release delivers a compilation of tracks by seasoned friends whose historic sets went into Moskvich's history. "MOSKVICH BAR INFINITY ANNIVERSARY” features 4 killer tracks that come from the likes of German top-producer and Cocoon-associate Christian, Ukrainian Kirill Kirik, Anton Kubikov from Moscow duet SCSI-9, and venue's longtime friend — JOSS, who’s also the head of Kyiv label Artreform.


“Moskvich Bar is the homeplace, cosy and warm. The place where friends gather to hug and smile, connect and dance. The unique venue where each worker feels like the owner. This approach changes each mindset, that of a chef, a waiter, a barman, who gladly devote themselves to their jobs and follow their calling. Ultimately, it creates an exclusive atmosphere, that is tastefully underlined by your favourite music,” says Moskvich Bar boss Anton Slepoy.


Kickin' off with the deep and minimalistic ‘She Appears’ by JOSS who sets the standard with minimalistic drums samples programmed with a housey swing, rolling basslines, lush pads and sweeping synths, making of this opening tool the perfect cross between dancefloor mover and trippy after-hours mood.



 JOSS (ARTREFORM, Memory Remains)


Thus, the legend of Christian Burkhardt delivers ‘Chameleon’ and as the name says, this one will definitely fit in any situation. It’s a proper tech-house roller, with tons of percussions, vocal shots and a simple but effective up&down bassline, ready to shake the crowd in every corner of the world.


Christian Burkhardt

 Christian Burkhardt (EASTENDERZ, Cocoon)


On the flip, Russian Anton Kubikov steps up with the deep and smooth ‘Winter Never Come With You’. It’s an intense journey with deep Rhodes, delicate female vocal parts and a touching piano part that suck you in and keep you there for the duration.


Kubikov 2

 Anton Kubikov (Kompakt, Mayak)


Closing the EP is Crocus label head Kirik who has delivered an impressive number of quality tracks during the last couple of years, oftentimes hiding behind the Unkown artist moniker. His a track 'HS001' features a rolling and rubbery bassline, shuffling drums and involving grooves, giving life to another dancefloor rocker.


Kirik 2

 Kirik (Crocus, UZVAR)




Words by Francesco Quieti

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Music Review: Ema Remedi - Outsider EP [Visionquest 081]

Montevideo-born and Berlin-based producer and DJ Ema Remedi (Melisma, Drumma, Sketches Records) is ready to drop her debut release on the legendary Visionquest label. 'Outsider' EP consists of 4 original cuts, in which Ema melts her typical Latino groovy-roots together with the most avant-garde European meticulous approach, giving life to some lovely deep house pieces of art.


 IMG 44235166

Click HERE to buy your copy of VQ081 at


Visionquest's 81st release kicks off with 'Even Odds', characterized by curious vocoderized parts, which turn to be almost sung by robots. The vocals float above sharp compelling groove and under short and panned arpeggiators, whilst deep chords are joined by various tiny elements. 

A2's 'Why' is a hell of stripped-back number with a mean bassline, modular sounds, repetitive distorted vocals and a powerful dose of 909 grooves.



Click HERE to listen to the exclusive premiere of 'Open Closing'


On the flip, 'Open Closing' is a proper deep house tune within which you can (easily) find all the Berlin-ish typical elements: dancefloor-oriented grooves, delicate cymbals, deep pads, sparkling and crispy synths, all together perfectly in keeping with the rolling sub frequencies drawn into an addictive low-end pattern.

Closing the EP is the creepy 'No Sun, No Problem (feat. Sol)' which features sinister keys, distorted effects, unexpected squelches and rattles. The track is raw, gloomy and murky and proceeds with solid sub-bass, piercing hats and electric synths, wrapping the listener in a halo of mystery, as the title track itself foreshadowed.




Words by Francesco Quieti

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The extraordinary Traumer about to drop a huge LP on Berg Audio


Parisian top-producer Traumer is back on Berg Audio for his most immense project to date - Assembling Pieces LP - an outstanding triple vinyl LP consisting of 8 originals + 3 exclusive collaborations.


Traumer is a familiar face into the Berg Audio family, in fact, his latest track called 'Citron' was released on the label as part of the 'Construction Tools Vol. I, II & III'. Going back even further in time, his original 'A Different Path' EP came out in 2017 and it was one of the earliest releases of Berg Audio, a label that since its first chapter showed an incredible musical output.


This huge LP showcases his marvellous talent in the studio, and the EP's name - Collecting Pieces - may refer to the unrestrainable musical research of his current idea of sound, a perfect blend of dub techno, minimal and deep house. Inside, we can find three collaborations with top-notch producers such as Steve O' SullivanPriku and Cristi Cons, and this contributes to making of this already massive LP a really epic one.






Words by Francesco Quieti

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