The Master & His Maschine

00master copyIts not very often that I can say that I have truly been left in awe of a person after a few solitary hours spent. But Tuesday 10th June 2014 left me stumped. After the norm of a 9 to 530 I made my way across the intercity underground overground network in anticipation of what was in store. My destination; Hackney Wick. When I arrived at the station I eagerly jumped off the train and trotted down the winding slope, which was then followed by a brisk walk around the corner to Number 90. Of course… I was early.

00room 44 logo black

As I entered the building the tables and chairs were being shuffled and positioned by the staff for optimum engagement. Being the first to arrive allowed me the privilege of picking my spot for the evening. Perfect. So I took my seat awaiting the arrival of the man himself. Moments passed and the other students trickled in. We began to exchange pleasantries, which were all put on pause for a moment. Off to the left through the double glass doors, in stepped a tall, slender framed man with duffle style bag across his shoulder. Mike Huckaby had arrived. We all stood to greet him, one after the next which was returned with a humble “hi” and a shake of the hand.

0020140610- MG 6144-lo-wm

Out of the bag he pulled his arsenal and laid them out on the table similar to a surgeon about to operate. The staple MacBook was accompanied by Native Instruments’ Maschine Studio (powered by Maschine 2.0); the most recent addition to the Native Instruments armoury. I had not yet come into contact with one, but it definitely is a piece of hardware to admire. With each piece of now connected, the rainbow of lights glowed across the Studio buttons as it came to life in true NI fashion. Room 4/4 was in session.

0020140610- MG 6284-lo-wm

Its hard to do justice in words to the insight given in the 3 hours I was privileged to. We all followed suit as best we could as Mike guided us through the labyrinth of Maschine 2.0. Each of us dumfounded with every bite of information he cared to share with our infantile minds. If you can understand music as being a sonic conception, and the Maschine being your choice of vehicle, then Mike Huckaby is your onboard satellite navigation. His mastery of sound design led us through a spectrum of genres in his demonstration through the manipulation of any sound he chose. From classic House baselines to modulating Techno. At times we were caught looking left and right at each other in disbelief of what we were hearing. “How is he doing that?”.

0020140610- MG 6275-lo-wm

As the sun disappeared beyond the canal, and the light faded in the room, I glanced at the clock and realised I had been lost in his vortex and time ran away with us. I almost felt that we had only moved into second gear, as he glanced across at us with a slight grin at his taster session. Before the close, to my own personal dismay, TFL had come calling. It was time for me to depart. I made my apologies and thanks Mike on my exit, for sharing his knowledge with us. As I made my way back to the station, I tried to comprehend what I had just experienced. I found myself awkwardly chuckling whilst shaking my head as his words played over and over again in my head… “Hard Knock Maschine Wisdom… Hard Knock Maschine Wisdom”. I can do nothing more than agree with that statement.

Mike Huckaby, Room 4/4, Number 90, Native Instruments,, … Thank You.

By Anwaar

0020140610- MG 6207-lo-wm

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Is it Sunday yet? - KOG Preview


There is something 'A-MA-ZING'ly different about it.

Detractors keep saying it is not a real party, because the line up is not the first reason why regulars keep heading there. Yet, since their first event in 2012 at the 512 in Dalston, Keep On Going kept growing. Nowadays it established itself as THE after-party, gathering the various East End crowd together every Sunday morning, unfailingly.

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The idea is quite simple: an after party. But when they started, there weren't many around, not in public spaces at least. Keep on Going has not even been 'created', it kind of came to be on it's own. Both promoters were continuously asked 'where to go after?' and so it was quite natural for them to join forces and give friends what they were looking for.

And that's the other particularity of KOG, the community sense behind it. This is where its sought after positive, friendly vibes come from. 'La familia' eventually grew and changed in components, but has never lost its nature: it is always the inspirational font as each event banner perfectly declares. You go to Keep on Going not only to dance but also to meet your friends, after you've spent the night in different places.


Performing Dj's are part of the family, they have fun playing and you can see it from their faces, you can feel it all around. Residents Angelo Mazzone, Dean Marc, Georgia Girrl, Steve Kurz and Tim Ross keep the crowd going together with an ever evolving number of guest DJs.


1511907 517196858386810 1930589960 n

The high demand of people wanting to play at KOG often cause a line up not actually finalized until the very last days. This might lead to you going there and not knowing exactly what, or whose tunes you're dancing to, but surely you'll dance. And even if you'd rather spend the time in their cared for outside/chill-out areas, passing by the sound system eventually you'll bump in to that perfect drop that will drag you into the dancing crowd. Also because, Keep on Going has now evolved into 24 hours long party sessions, just to keep true to its name.

1461425 477386529034510 1876344994 n

Other than its incredible duration, Keep on Going is also infamous for its legendary B2B sessions – KOG die hard will remember last winter Romanian invasion - and special hosted nights, which frequent collaborators include Spanish frenzy party Cartuli's Day, and niche, minimal oriented Damaged. Alongside promoters and established Djs also many 'newcomers' are given the chance to play, because in a community you help each other out, don't you?

 10168150 535812583191904 7416861928200169252 n

This Sunday morning Keep on Going will be somewhere in East London for a 'short' session. 

Busy snoozing that time? Well, on the 15th KOG will obviously be back again, and this time with a 24 hours of B2Bs - unmissable, in every sense. MEOKO will be there from the morning to give full support to our dearest Nick Maleedy b2b Denny Kem.

In the unlikely case you haven't found yourself at Keep on Going at least once, we suggest you to put on your most comfortable shoes and check this party out.


Join the KOG community on Facebook HERE

Photo credits: Nick Ensing & Tootsie

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Erupted Events presents Encounter


Erupted Events has been founded only a year ago, in their view the London party scene has a lot to improve especially when you compare it to other capital cities across the world.
The vision goes beyond the already set lines in the current underground scene. A party is not something that you can just go to. It should be overwhelming, mind blowing, it needs to be an experience, which you would feel and breaks you for that small moment from the harsh world we currently live in. It should be an experience where people will be just at our events and are just enjoying themselves and don’t think about the rest of their troubles or worry about anything.

10253882 525737920859997 7825978710281806461 n

Because of these high goals the team works around the clock to make all of this come to life on their events. In trying to do this, to find new ways, things that have not been done before. Erupted Events is seen as a platform where one can bring together all different art forms, it’s a platform where the unimaginable happens, ideally, a platform where dreams are born if you will. The music is the most important aspect for Erupted Events. The team does their absolute best to bring only the best electronic music artists that are out there. The line-ups consist of already known and respected DJ’s but at the same time equal importance is given to showing London some of the greatest acts the world has to offer, but haven’t broken through yet.

942745 364676936966097 1329276267 n

This time round, after the first Encounter in May, Erupted Events brings to you the second edition in their monthly series, come June 7th 2014. Once again it is a privileged to have a collection of world-class guests that will be showcasing their talent, with the best in minimal and techno grooves only for you to enjoy. Headlining at this event will be Robert Babicz from Cologne, Germany who will be delivering one of his world famous live sets, crafted in the soul of his mythical essence. From the USA, Butane, the head honcho of Alpha House and Little Helpers record labels will be flying in to join us. Another interesting addition to these two unmissable acts, Yakovev from Erupted Events itself and Leander from both Erupted and HDNSM will be joining this magical night.

 10258492 525737254193397 8717481877414963619 n

Set in another amazing TBA location, an element of finesse and sophistication meets the music from the raw underground. The combination of these two creates an experience like no other. In among the flow of the hedonistic atmosphere, people from all around London will be gathering together to dance from the early hours of the afternoon through till the late hours of the evening. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing yet at an Erupted event, then this will be your chance to catch up on what you have been missing. It is guaranteed that you wont look back after this. Come and join or, encounter the second Encounter event on the June 7th and leave all your troubles behind as you let go to the music. 


More info about the event HERE

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Rotate Berlin 2 Year Anniversary

00rbbanner copy

Germany and more accurately Berlin, is very well renowned for it's quality underground electronic music. The incoming summer vibes along with techno moods and beats set the perfect atmosphere. Berlin is definitely the place to be whether you want to party or relax. Although, we don't suggest you settle too much into relaxation and instead prepare yourselves for whats going on...

Coming up this month, is Rotate Berlin's 2 year anniversary which will be a 48 hour non-stop celebration at probably the best spot in Kreuzberg, Berlin, none other but the Club der Visionaere. Sitting on the canal, Club der Visionaere is a small brick building that acts as a bar as well as an after hours venue. The wooden deck outside and the beautiful weeping willow that shelters it, provides the choice of chilling there in between the expected breaks throughout this 48 hour long dance session.


Rotate Berlin may not have been around for too long but their events and booking agency has nevertheless been hosting fresh and talented artists as well as established artists. The idea behind the agency is the family like environment and the fact that the artists are familiar with each other, share friendships and are first and foremost drawn together by their passion for music. Rotate Berlin's main aim is to share quality music through releases, podcasts and events. 

 001 copy copy copy

The partying begins on the 24th of May with acts such as Mattia Lapucci, Janina, David Gluck, Giuliano Lomonte and Andy Kolwes then it is picked up from Francesco Del Garda, Avos, Die Holländer made up of Sander Baan, Makcim & EL-P until the evening of the 25th when Tolga Fidan & Volkan Akin swoop in for a live showcase followed by Vadim Svoboda & Jason Lanox with instruments by Rouge Mécanique until the celebration slowly reaches pass out time!

 For more information on Rotate Berlin's 2 year anniversary CLICK HERE 


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Sonus: Ready to Take Off

Sonus Festival - No Click copy copy copy copy


The summer getting closer and closer. It’s in the beautiful Croatia, it’s Sonus festival and its the place to be this season. If you haven’t made plans for it yet, then get off your seat and don’t wait any longer! Sonus runs right through the middle of summer, bringing music and madness to Zrce beach on Pag island between the 18th and the 22nd of August. It is located in the most perfect and idyllic secluded spot which is not far from Croatia’s tourist-friendly city Novalja, but remote enough to have that Adriatique paradise feeling we all crave from our Croatia trips.


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The line up, is just as attractive and breathtaking as the location. Names such as Adam Port, Apollonia, Bella Sarris, Chris Liebing, Dixon, Djebali, Dorian Paic, Henrik Schwarz (live), Joseph Capriati, Jamie Jones, Loco Dice, Luciano, Marcel Dettman, Marco Carola, Monika Kruse, Ricardo Vilalobos, Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, tINI, Yaya, Zero, Seth Troxler, Sonja Moonear, Margaret Dygas, Alexandra and Pan-Pot as well as loads more! 


1555311 583095791764797 832012353 n copy


In total, the festival will host 50 international Dj's over a variety of exhilarating parties and the beach provides the perfect destination for such a large scale event. The festival itself is spread over two open-air clubs, Papaya and Kalypso; if that wasn't good enough Sonus also delivers a variety of alternative events to wet the party-goers whistle, including pre-parties, boat parties and after-parties, what more could you possibly ask for?


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I personally won't be waiting around for this one to sell out and neither should any of you, which is why MEOKO has an exclusive podcast by Yaya in order to get you in the summer festival mood. Get your swimsuits out and shades on!



Listen to MEOKO's 138th podcast HERE 

yaya copy


For more info on Sonus Festival CLICK HERE 

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