Music Review: Carebears 606

The soft and loveable Italian Carebears drop another spacey 2-tracker EP on their self-titled label.




The opening track rumbles around a deadly 909 skipping groove made of gritty drums and dirty modular percussion. If at first, just a metallic synth rises to the rescue, we're pushed high with the entry of the thunderous open hat, throwing our hands to the sky. The piece has a slow harmonic development, with the pads able to fade and arise smoothly, giving to the track an emotional and profound feel. In its whole length, the track is a neverending loop that cycles naturally, keeping the listener’s half-awake thanks to the overbearing bassline that literally carries the track from start to finish.




 D4 1104-Modifica


The bears stick to the B-side rules, providing a slick and funky minimal jam get minimal on this B side. Some dry drums are pointed and very defined, with a sort of odd melody prowling on the background. The synth hits are shotted just where needed and die in silence after their appearance. Hypnotic high pitched perc completes the complex interplay.  A far vocal starts talking, polarizing the listener’s attention. Muffled stab kicks in halfway through the track, shifting the track into an uplifting and sunny mood. Well done bears.




Words by Francesco Quieti and Francesco Zambianchi


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Music Review: Guti & David Gtronic - Personality Disorder Remixes LP

Personality Disorder Music is Guti & David Gtronic's launched at the end of last year with a massive 18-tracks LP. We talked about this new joint-venture with both the guys during the fantastic Guti's Bday-bash during ADE last year, also premiering one of the peak-time from the album called "The Traveller". The collaborative effort has seen both the label-heads involved in the LP and now, 6 months after, almost every original track got a remix treatment from good friends of the label like Hector, Sece, Giorgio Maulini, Chklte and Just_Me, to which are added the winners of the remix contest Del Fonda and Federika. The whole package flows smoothly on its 15 tracks, ranging from the summer-breezy atmospheres of US trio Imbue to more dancefloor-oriented gunpowder tools courtesy of Vatos Locos associates Sece and Randall M.




Dailycid Music boss DJ W!LD opens the package with a tight, load of soul, minimal banger on his version of "Endless Positions". An airy overprocessed pads moves smoothly in the pan, sweeping from left to right, while distant voices create a gentle contrast with the harsh sound of the drums. A second, masculine and low-pitched vocal kicks in boldly on the drop. Bass shakes powerfully and trippy percussive loop complete the frame with a just-right breakbeat feel, with the French DJ able to deliver a gentle and measured piece exploration in different music styles.





Just_Me's remix of "Nakata" - which in its original version also featured Argentinian Fosky, now involved as a remixer -  features his deep-techy signature. The rubbery and definite pulse from the low-end area keeps on the groove, perfectly matching with a second sampled bassline that kicks in later on. Pads arise, creating an opening just in time for the break. A very simple but effective re-interpretation, with a resolute and clear personality. No disorder here.


Next up, Buenos Aires-based and contest winner Del Fonda delivers a funky and robust remix of "Robot Love", and we immediately get lost in the gentle piano chords. Harmony takes the piece immediately, while a swingy drums section walks tight and sharp on the deep kick. Noise sweeps and transitional effects are perfectly used in the break, emptying the track enough to get empowered back on the drop. With its short notes and a kind of nervous, raring feel the bassline do exactly what we really like, bouncing, rolling and carrying the track from start to finish.  





Moving on, Vatos Locos head-honcho Hector gets gritty, puts his hands on "Du Sade", providing a tremendous powerful version. Dirty drums invade the spectrum with harsh sounds and a fiery attitude, whilst the rampant bass never stops moving, literally melting whatever floats by. Pitched down vocal gets mental, humming an odd melody that we can’t get out of our head. More synths kick in aggressively, filling the scene, never settled. The wave of sound that invests us is thick and picks the listener’s up. It’s difficult to remain seated. It’s hard not to get involved. Heavy tornado-like mood bears down all. They should have warned us about. Parental advisory explicit content absolutely needed here!




Man of the moment Giorgio Maulini puts all his Swiss class on his interpretation of "Waves In The Sun", one of the deepest track from the original album, transformed now in a bold breakbeat piece. The bass is so garage, and the overall sounds are deliciously old school-ish. Fluffy pads are emotional and light as feathers on the solid groove.

With the kick getting straight from time to time, the track is always in constant motion, smooth and flawless, as everything that occurs in the tracks feels like a natural consequence, showing a real mastery from Maulini when it comes to time-management. Let the music speak (from himself). We like the tale, we like the story. On repeat Giorgio!




Towards the end of the album, DJ W!LD strikes back again with another remix, this time for "Jupiter Ascending". Apparently, his rough version has nothing even close to capable of reaching the planet's orbit, until some deep lush pads spread pleasant vibes, warming our cold journey to distant galaxies. To infinity and beyond.






Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi

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Music Review: Macarie - Kontent 002

Romanian wonderkid Macarie is next on Vlad Arapasu's label KONTENT. It was indeed the boss himself who got the ball rolling earlier last year with three massive originals on the first EP. Now, he leaves the throne to his fellow-Romanian colleague Macarie using the exact same winning formula, as the young talent delivers three compelling original tracks, a deep dive in the new tendencies of the minimal house spectrum.



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Opener "Perry" features shiny synth lines that run smoothly on the tight beat. Long organic strings are in interplay with more shotted harmonic stabs, creating a suggestive "ups and down" mood. The rich groove structure is in constant motion and literally sticks in the listener's head, while high pitched FXs hover in the upper part of the track with spacey hits, making the entire piece dynamic and enthralling.




Thus, "Low Pawz" really turns to be a natural consequence of the first piece. Here, things get tripped, as the kick breaks its regular pace, breaking into a wavy motion. Since the first minute, to the first kind of low-arp synthesizer, a new high-tone spacy synthesizer peeps out, revealing a skilful creative process by Macarie. The endless rotation, given by the constant repartee between these two ever-changing elements, manages to take the listener in a timeless space - considering that the slapping groove is pretty simple - allowing Macarie to create a lively harmonic development.






B1's "Papa Nicolau" is the darkest of the EP, resonating in the vast desolate lands suggested by the war-horns like a rousing call to harms. Cinematic harmonic elements and intense atmospheres wash the mix out over the rigid and swingy drums, suggesting a vague sense of ageing and authority. The heavy bass rumbles on the subs, while the kick hits hard on the upper mids, cutting nicely. Minimal tunnel.






Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi

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Music Review: Zohki, Bídlee - Down The Road EP [Obaidlí Records]

Newborn Qatar-based Obaidlí Records' first release comes by the bídlee, the founder of the label, and Deep In You Music-head Zohki. With their very personal blend of minimal and deep house, the pair deliver four original cuts on Obaidlí Records, setting the standard for an ambitious project, aimed to bring some underground vibes in the Far East. 




On the opening cut, "Default", Moon Harbour and AVOTRE associate Zohki delivers a very engaging pace. Drums are tight and pressing, with open hi-hats that constantly differ on their rhythmic pattern, creating an extra-dose of grooviness. Far away spoken vocals create a floating mood, whilst well-balanced sweeping sounds help the track on its rolling endless movement.






Thus, "Xonoo604" gets mental and more-stripped back. A very essential and stingy 909-groove bounces above the kick which cuts sharply in the mid as well as the snares. The hi-hats sound metallic, recalling some Berlin-ish sonorities, with a twisted and delayed sinister synth that perfectly matches with the rest of weird hits and sounds.




On the flip, head-honcho bídlee takes control of B-side with the sublime deep house track "Morph Your Keys". The kick gets lost in the rolling and lo-fi groove, designed to convey just a little low shake. The use of sampling is widely used here, with some lively real sound that we can actually feel and touch. Only at some point the kick and groove become more explicit, accelerating the piece suddenly after the dreamy and touching break.




The closing "Down The Road" shows us bídlee's melodic approach, as he introduces some delicate ambient fluffy sounds, making of this one a very interesting and meditative piece. The listener is immersed in a colourful sound palette of samples, driven synths and smooth groove elements, with rich pads that arise and wave, making "Down The Road" the ultimate summer breezer.




Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi

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Music Review: Benjamin Taylor - Drifting EP [BT Recordings 01]

Hailing from the eternal city, Luca Costa aka Benjamin Taylor has really stepped up this year with his Polarized EP on Burnski's Constant Sound, which was then followed by a remix on the same label. Benjamin's sound commits to bring back some dub-techno sonorities, with deep and delayed chords, simple grooves and soft, ethereal atmospheres. The entitled "Drifting" EP on his own newborn BT Recordings is no exception: here, the Rome elusive producer serves two brilliant cuts that perfectly reflect his style and skills in the studio.



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Opener "Drifting" is pure dub pleasure. The main stab offers a very classic Panorama Bar-ish sound and flows elegantly above the essential groove. At the fourth minute, when we've already stuck into the loop, a tight clap makes his appearance, giving a twist to the whole dark mood. The arped synth fills perfectly the gaps left by the main stab and its ever-changing delay, giving life to an unwearying whirling of emotions.




The second track shows Benjamin's attitude on also making real minimalistic jams. The entitled "The History Of The Future" features a fragile, understated, thin groove, made of just a few woody elements. The kick stings cutting in the mix. Distant vocals and noisy texture create a moving atmospheric layer for the very trippy heads. Re-sampled and over-stretched real sounds rule the roots, without ever taking over the track, marked by sad piano riffs and weird rumours.






Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi

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