Music Review: Various Artists - MO-OB 003

Spanish vinyl-only label MO-OB has dropped another stellar VA, featuring quality cuts from TERMS (aka Javier Carballo), MO-OB, stevn.aint.leavn and Akyra.




MO-OB 003 opens with a nervous jam called "Happy Nightmare", where the FM stab insists on the ethereal pattern and cavernous sub-bass flows underneath, ready to blow your head in the darker rooms. Breakbeat feelings and airy pads give a kind of high-tech touch, until some cinematic chords kick in, breaking the loop and elevating us to the next level of consciousness.


Up next, "0003" kicks the things off with a well-balanced breakbeat pattern of steady drums and delayed vocal chops. The sick bassline immediately takes us back to the 80s and we're grooving hard with this one. It spins continuously, wobbling and hitting. Sweet stabby sounds and glassy FXs do the rest and our head can't stop banging to the beat.




On the flip, Berlin's very own stevn.aint.leavn brings the funky bass we were all waiting for. The groove catches the listener instantly. Mysterious voices from the darkest fantasies come out and catchy sinister chords keep on dancing in a loop of two. Icy synths and delicious hats fill the last gaps to deliver a hard minimal and house banger. Sounds are dry, we can feel all the edges of them, we can almost count them. Nothing more than what is needed.


Rounding out the package is the entitled "Galaxy999" by the Italian groover Akyra, who chooses to close this record by insisting on the main percussive stab. This one is a true head-blower and makes us feel in the club, right in front of the DJ. It features evolving drum patterns, glitchy sounds from the spacecraft, housy chords and repetitive stabs, creating a complex signal from outer space and bringing the listener into the loop. The analogue bassline keeps us grounded on the planet Earth, while in the meantime some flanger sounds and tiny little FXs swing all around. When finally the kick gets regular, we realize that we have been dancing for a long time. Big tunnel piece.






Words by Francesco Quieti and Francesco Zambianchi

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Music Review: Various Artists - LOCUS (curated with ASOY) [TECHFUI 003]

TECHFUI label puts out this fantastic new 12 track sampler. It proves the label has plenty of different and talented names on its roster and they all serve up the goods here. 




"Evening Lying" from Halosaur is a deep and bubbly minimal number to get you in the zone. Stripped back and late-night sounds sure are the order of the day here as Leon Roberts proves with "Calypso", a sci-fi laced groove with supple synths that get deep into your psyche. "Elsewhere Wood Drift" is a glitchy little groove with nice pixelated melodies. OZ Artists goes deep with more dreamy and floating grooves that carry your mind away. 




"80 Feet Tall" is another one from a dreamy realm with spoken word samples and lush ambient melodies eventually joined by a broken beat. ASOY feat. Dark Matrix is one of the many standouts - "Your Addiction" is a dark yet alluring and warm track with superb drums and whispery vocals.


"The Essence Of A Sou" l by Riki Inocente & Darren Roach is a chunky house cut to end on, with streaming deep house chords and bubbling beats. All in all this is super high quality and very tasteful selection of late-night house music.






Words by Ian Fleming

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Music Review: Émoi - Story Telling EP [Émoi 001]

Emoi is the brand new and independent label founded by MJOG. The imprint is about to reveal its first EP, which comes under the name of “Story Telling" EP, delivering both introspection and groove moments for the audiophiles all around the world. ÉMOI-001 delicately balances between minimal and deep house, with tinted percussions, dub atmospheres, dreamy digitalized synths, while still keeping a dancefloor-oriented groove. The A-side offers two lovely fresh cuts, while on the flip, Sunrise's very own Jay Bliss serves up a soothing remix that perfectly fits with the whole emotional idea behind the label. Lastly, B2 closes the EP with a tropical and spiced dancefloor roller.



Click HERE to buy Emoi 001 - Story Telling EP


Label-head MJOG has landed on labels like DaydreamUkiyo MusicRecordeep and STAMP Records over the last couple of years, and now he has finally decided to create a new own platform to share his dreamy vision of music. Émoi aims to display a wide range of human emotion, from euphoria to melancholy, moving from sensuality or excitement and joy, to love and other feelings, variating from release to release. Driving inspiration of daily thoughts and experiences that resonate with people, sometimes echoing dancing by the beach in intimacy and sometimes evoking the adrenaline and rush of a hot summer nightclub.




Opener “1pm Breakfast Time” is a tight bit of drum programming that gets you in a funk. The micro synths and deft chords are warm, deep and infectious. This first track sets the mood with a funky glitch groove and a vocal sample that develops forward and drives your feet second by second. “The Story Behind My Pain (dear C)” is another slick house tune with a tight rhythm and electrifying chords that pulls you deep into its core. Thus, Jay Bliss provides a dreamy rework of the former track, adding balmy pads and late-night romance feels. Last, but definitely not least, we have "Find Me¨ which closures the EP with a dubby, cavernous house cut that is gorgeously detailed with sci-fi pads and a distorted yet romantic Ibero-american vocal sample that makes for the perfect dancefloor experience. The boss himself says, "We aim to convey the idea that you need to get out of your comfort zone and cause the heart to flutter" and we couldn’t agree more. This is a fine start to what will be the new label’s going into 2020 and beyond.






Words by Daniel Ordonez and Francesco Quieti

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Music Review: Various Artists - Body Movement 002

London-based veteran Robert James is about to drop the 2nd chapter on his own newborn label Body Movement. Despite being not very active in the studio during the last years, the man has never lost interesting in music, collaborating and directing the big Paradise brand, which has seen him participate since the beginning. The label's name is inspired by one of his first tunes, and now, 10 years later since its release, he's about to open his own one, drawing to all the precious influences collected over the years.



Buy BDVMT002 on Juno


After a solid first EP by Robert himself last year, the label is ready to unleash another beast-wax which contains 4 original pieces by Robert James & Jack Michael, LVCA & Sidd, Frazer Campbell and North Phase.


Kickin' off with "B2A", head-honcho James join forces with fellow-Londoner and 2-steps specialist Jack Michael (INSTINCT, Dansu Discs) for an electro-inspired piece, with an unrestrainable and rough bassline which is magnificently balanced in the break by some lush female whispers and deep house strings.




Then is "Chroma" by the collaborative project between LVCA (a familiar face for the DC10-heads) and Sidd. Together, they're running Dacha an Ibiza-based shop and record label and for their debut release, they've provided an housy dancefloor roller with catchy synths and smart arpeggiator lines which bring us back immediately to the early 90's Italian-house days. The wavy bassline is glued with a sick acid line and creates the perfect scenario for the delicate analogue groove patterns to shine.


Up next, "One Armed Bandit" by garage maestro Frazer Campbell perfectly showcase his ability on crafting freaky late-night cuts with seriously warped synths and naughty basslines, all enclosed into a massive 136 bpm anthem.


Closing the EP is "Zone 1", which also sanctions the debut of North Phase, a collaborative project between long-time friends Rober James and Burnski. The pair, 10 years later their hit "Malibu" on Hot Creations, decided to join forces again and "Zone 1" is the result: a hard and direct 909 drum section stands out above cinematic atmospheres, epic pads and rumbling basslines, wisely alternating 4/4 floor beats to breakbeat moments.






Words by Francesco Quieti

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Mihai Popoviciu: Underground Survival Kit

Deep house maestro Mihai Popoviciu shares his first sample pack on Samplestate


Every artist has a signature and deep-house maestro Mihai Popoviciu is no exception! For over a decade the ever consistent Romanian producer and DJ has built a body of work characterised by deep grooves, crisp precision, and irresistible energy. Mihai’s prolific production schedule has seen him regularly releasing on labels such aBondage MusicPoker FlatBedrockDessous and also his own label Cyclic which he established in 2012.




This calm determination became Mihai's trademark as his career blossomed from production to DJing. After honing his skills in the studio he learned to DJ and began drawing attention in Romania and across Europe. Playing international gigs was a big move for someone who grew up only seeing clubs on TV but Mihai stepped up with professional aplomb. His CV now includes the best clubs in Europe and around the world, from Berghain and Watergate in Berlin; to London's Fabric and The Egg; to D-Edge, Sao Paulo; DC-10, Ibiza; and more!



Mihai's ambition with every track and every DJ set is to transmit the joy and energy that fuels his dream. "It feels great to see people dancing, smiling, having a good time. No matter what I do, that's the main thing."    


This pack lets you into Mihai’s signature sound, with each sample carefully crafted with the attention to detail you hear in every one of his own productions. Track ready drum loops split into Full, No Kick and Top loop varieties. Music loops include sophisticated chord and bass loops. Also an exceptionally very well rounded resource of one-shot samples that includes Bass, FX, Pads. Drum Hits as well as all major sampler instruments being represented.




As always its Samplestate's philosophy is to bring you forward-thinking and inspiring artists, delivering unique high-quality sample packs that can provide endless inspiration for your own music.

This pack comes in three main formats, Ableton, Apple or standard Wav as well as Music Loops, Drum Loops and One-Shots and Sampler formats only.


Ableton Pack - Complete with pre-made Drum Racks, Instrument racks and macros.

Apple Loops Pack - Includes Apple Loop aif files with pre-analysed and tagged drum and music loops. 

Wav Pack - Standard wav pack, if in doubt then select this one. Contains standard wav files and is suitable for any DAW system.

In all 3 versions, you will also receive 3rd party sampler instruments as well as all the other content in the other formats such as REX2.


Product Details:

• 22 Full Drum Loops
• 68 Drum Loops (Without Kicks)
• 34 Top Loops
• 34 Bass Loops
• 29 Chord Loops
• 25 Bass One-Shots
• 136 Drum One-Shots
• 14 FX One-Shots
• 25 Pad One-Shots
• 55 EXS Patches
• 55 Halion Patches
• 55 Kontakt Patches
• 55 NNXT
• 100% Royalty-Free

Get your hands on Mihai's sample pack right here!





Words by Dom Fletcher
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