Music Review: VA w/ Piktor, Miroloja, Triptil [Bread & Butter 003]

Just a few months after his previous edition, London-based Bread and Butter Recordings strikes back with the third vinyl-only installment on the label. This time, the A-side is Romania's Piktor competence, whilst rising talents Miroloja and Triptil fill the flip with mesmerizing melodies and tight, energetic grooves. The label confirms to be in top form lately, providing yet again quality tracks after the latest VA compilation with Rowlanz, Direkt, Sublee, and Vern.



Hailing from Romania but now Based in Vienna, Piktor continues his rise after recent releases on Subtil and Lokomotiv, making his debut on B&B Recordings with “Everythingship”. The entire track insists on a short, skipping synth that brings groove and energy even before the drums. Added to this is a colorful and evolving rhythmic pad that brings forward the whole groove that smells of a crispy, old-school flavor; a loose attitude that allows both clap and hat to lean on the beat. Some grainy effects populate the very sides of the mix, creating depth and atmosphere and alongside them, Piktor places fragments of voices and airy piano riffs which further contribute to the frisky mood of the piece.





On the flip, the French brothers of Miroloja roll next with the entitled "Karezze". The Parisian waste no time and start off the track nice and deep with an engaging groove and electric bleeps and dark SCI+FI atmospheric layers. The track moves smoothly until the break when it opens up to a more harmonic scenario in which pads become prominent, and a sentimental turn is revealed. Dreamy arps start echoing the pad’s motion, working on higher notes and introducing an entirely new sonic palette, whilst the drums his sharp and the bass rolls clean and definite. 




Closing down the VA is Bucharest's Triptil with the bouncy "Mrwho!", within which playful synths freely evolve above rigid drum patterns that bounce tight on the swingy bassline. The tight groove perfectly stands out in the mix, without, however covering shimmery guitar-like strums and a warm female vocal shot that appears - far away - counting backward, laughing, bringing on interesting variations to the cyclic pace of the track.




Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi