Music Review: Floog pres. "Floog & Friends" - 001 with Priku

Romanian titans Floog and Priku join forces for the very first time. Almost two years later since Floog appearance on Atipic, their paths re-cross, giving life to the first number of the newborn “Floog & Friends” label. Despite the two have known each other for several years, this EP sanctions their very first joint-collaboration, contained in 180g of dense grooves, evanescent sine-waves and memorable emotions.



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001 starts with just the right amount of madness. Profound chords clash on unstoppable arp-synth which keeps hitting hard on top of the harsh drums. Percussions go around in perfect patterns, coming back and forth into listener’s attention. The track goes straight ahead, without the need to rest into some breaks, imbuing in a sort of tunnel from which we can’t really escape. Powerfully and engaging, that’s the proper way to open the three-tracker EP. With the meticulous and gradual introduction of sound from time to time, the pair makes us believe that change is going to happen, and while the pads evolve, some concrete sounds arise too, enriching the already wide sound palette.




Thus, 002 gets trippy. Modular buzz creates the perfect background for dubby drums and low-rumbling bass-slapping sounding like roars from the abyss. Hypnotic synth lines rotate on the bars, making us lose perception of time. Again, the piece insists straight, with low scratches digging the mix and creating slight variations. At half of its duration, smooth stabs start appearing, sounding thick and harmonious, in clean contrast with rest of the elements. That simple idea keeps the track flows serenely by itself. The pulsing interplay of all lines creates a solid and groovy net that holds up until the end, with a variety of tiny percussions and drums all sounding at the right point




Closing affair 003 couldn’t be better. It’s like the whole EP has been arranged in descent: starting from the moment of higher energy smoothly going down, which happens within the length of the single pieces. Over its almost 7 minutes ride, 003 shows an absolute sense of dubness, slowly growing and getting progressively crowded. Drums sound natural, silhouetted through low-rolling toms on top of the thick harmonic layer. The rubbery bassline fits perfectly with the dub stabs and their little tight delay. In conclusion, 003 gives us a better perspective on the atmospheric and evocative effort that Priku and Floog wanted to achieve thanks to high-grade sound design skills, as they serve almost cinematic and experimental textures, in the frame of a polished and mature esthetic of music.




Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi