Music Review: Latin flavour "Guaguanco Ritmos Del Sur" drops its debut EP

Newborn project Guaguanco come straight from the vibrant South American. Aimed to spread an avant-garde approach to the native rhythms, the label will focus on delivering the perfect blend of old-fashion and brand underground stuff, giving the chance to both affirmed producers and rising talents to show off their skills. From micro-house to more experimental music not intended for the dancefloor, Santiago de Chile-based Guaguanco will take you on a trip between ancestral rhythms, tribal percussions and an unmistakable Latin flavour.



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The name of the label is inspired to the homonymous Cuban famous subgenres of the Rumba that unites Latin rhythms with African and Spanish influences, combining percussions, voices and unrestrained dance moves, which is precisely what the label wants to see on the dancefloor.


The first EP comes under the name of “Trawun” and it’s a 4-tracker VA which includes South America natives Cahuin (Gianni and Fco Martinez from Santiago de Chile), Manglus, Latuaro Scavuzzo (Rosario, Argentina) and his fellow colleague and friend Guillermo De Caminos. 




As expected, opening track “El Talisman” by Manglus (State of Flow) offers processed ethnic chants, rumbling tom tricks and well-balanced shakers before catapulting the listener into an unexpected break enriched by a new filthy bassline.




Thus, “Piano Tool” rotates around a powerful combination of congas, bells and electric piano riffs, which obviously gives the name to the track. Guillermo De Caminos delivers a 10+ minutes ride with funky and jazz vibes within which, once immersed, will difficult to get out.


Chilean duo Cahuin is next with “Ernia”. While the low-slung bass leaves let the groove breath, tiny percussions fill the space optimally, giving to some Spanish vocals and weird synths the chance to shine.




Lastly, Lautaro Scavuzzo (Island Beats, Micra) closes the EP with “Unoydos”, a simple but effective dancefloor burner that perfectly represents the label’s motto, as Rosario’s newcomer serves a nasty tool with a jackin’ bassline, delayed stabs and a solid and compelling groove.




Words by Francesco Quieti