Guy Andrews - Annum EP


July sees the return of the ever reliable UK imprint FINA Records with a four-track EP from Brighton based Guy Andrews, a producer quickly gaining a reputation for being at the forefront of the so-called ‘UK bass’ scene. With previous releases on Hotflush and Hemlock, a broad taste in everything from post-rock to afrobeat has resulted in incredibly refined productions that never fail to stand apart from the crowd. Always extremely organic, percussive and progressive: this potent combination has led to support from the likes of Massive Attack, Ame, Dixon and Untold – which speaks for itself on the versatility of his records.

A slow-burning introduction comes in the form of opening track ‘Divide’, instantly recognisable from the rich mixdown as a haze of textures gradually builds to form a dense mist of ethereal synths and melodies, thickened up with a growling bassline, in what sounds like a nod to his early drum & bass influence. It’s the playful toms in ‘7AM’ that see the EP pick up the pace a little. A larger than life lead synth conjures up a real 80s new-wave atmosphere, with a hazy, emotive hook making this a nice little set-closer before we flip over to the B-side.

Fixture’ is by far the most straight-laced out of the bunch, with an industrial backbone railed to a strict 4x4 march. There’s a gorgeous contrast between this hard exterior and the slow dreamlike pads that float above it, and the result is a track that I’m sure will get some heavy usage over the next few months. ‘Tapes’ sees a more pensive side of Andrews shine through a little more for the close. Right from the offset, there is something in the choice of chords used that give this track a more sophisticated feel. A stylish arrangement of off-kilter percussion and chopped up vocals is steadily built up, surprising with every bar as the song develops, eventually being awarded pride of place as all other elements are stripped away for the climax, rounding the release off perfectly. 


Release Date: 17TH JULY 2013


Words: James Ellis