Music Review: Matpri - Trud EP (incl. Remixes by Michael James, Zohki) [Deep In You Music 002]

Nearly one year since the very first release, Deep You In Music label opens again its door, this time welcoming Matpri. The entitled "Trud" EP two originals from the Russian promising young and two remixes by outstanding producer Michael James (FUSE, Constant Sound) and German-based Zohki (AVOTRE, Moon Harbour).



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Starting the trip out nervously is "Priznak", a concrete and dense minimal slammer. The track begins very softly and thin, with a cold Sweely kind of vibe, waiting for the kick and the groove to jump in, and it's instant bounce. Tight stabs are arranged in a flawless interplay, keeping the hazy jazzy feel going. Glitches and reverse hits create a continuous move on top of the essential drums. Variation happens smoothly and efficiently, a distinct sign of mastery in time management.




On the remix duty, The Zoo Project paladin Micheal James brings his own fast-skipping groovy vision of "Priznak". The bass kicks in almost at the start, light and funky, whilst catchy synths dance in edgy melodies and hits, slowly getting spacey. Michael's trademark groove is yet again more than on point, with just the right elements, at the right time, featuring swingy percussions feel very natural on top of the squeezed hats and snare that give to the whole track to breathe from time to time. Overall, the Manchester-based artist is exploring a slightly upper mood, less dark and more colourful, taking the original as a starting point to imagine a whole new universe.


Flippin the wax, "Wobbleton" is a fat and bold deep house groover. Since the first second, a delayed stab emerges in the gaunt but yet effective groove until it gets mental. One insists on its pattern, other hits now and then, pitched, slashed, always coming back on the beat. Bass is wobbly - as the title suggests - and feels old school and heavy weighted, with all other elements playing in and out of its fluid pace.




The more we dig into it, the funkier it gets as label-head Zohki opts for a thick and harmonious start for his remix of "Wobbleton". The main pad is lovely and frames the intro nicely, letting groove populate and bass come up. The closed hat sounds super sharp and 909 rim shot is punchy and has a generous dose of reverb on it, while the open hat, on the contrary, feels very drum-machine-sounding, tastily raw. Zohki's dreamy feel is just right for closing this release down, bringing on loads of class and shaking boomy bass.




Words by Francesco Quieti and Francesco Zambianchi