MEOKO reviews ESHU 005 / Elements EP

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ESHU is a small label from Nijmegen, Netherlands, run by a group of likely lads that share a passion for deep beats. The crew is composed of Jocelyn Abell, Daniël Lekatompessy, Roger Gerressen and Ivano Tetelepta.  These two last names might ring a bell as they both been extremely active music wise, notably releasing some languid Techno on a thriving British label: Fear Of Flying

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For their 5th release, the ESHU team is bringing together a blend of artists, from Holland, but not only: as the EP unveils, it starts with an adventurous ambient introduction, freshly delivered from a Birmingham based producer, Anthony Felton, aka Aepiel who spoilt us last year with several releases including the intriguing LP Invisible Walls.


Passing this delicate section, you’ll be able to taste ESHU’s classic recipe: a slow Techno, halfway across Dub Techno, and some cold analogue Deep House sounds that seem to have become a Scandinavian prerogative (hello Kontra-Music!). The Israel based producer Akimonu goes first with Cadence One / Native A, a perfectly executed performance, incorporating smooth ambient textures to complex rhythms. 


As the second half of the EP unrolls, time for delicacy is over: the beat gets harder and faster, the gentle pads have been replaced by a melodic void, and if you do hear a note, you’ll soon understand its only purpose is to jar you. It’s literally a come back to the very roots of Techno by Albert van Abbe and Counterpart, two Dutch artists, delivering one after another of unapologetic tracks with a nod to the violent and a taste for old underground beats.


With Elements EP, ESHU goes deeper in the ‘Nijmegen’ sound claimed, but they also leave the door open for a refined eclecticism, and will surely delight clubbers as well as the more discerning listener. 

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By Jonathan Cornacchia