Music Review: Émoi - Story Telling EP [Émoi 001]

Emoi is the brand new and independent label founded by MJOG. The imprint is about to reveal its first EP, which comes under the name of “Story Telling" EP, delivering both introspection and groove moments for the audiophiles all around the world. ÉMOI-001 delicately balances between minimal and deep house, with tinted percussions, dub atmospheres, dreamy digitalized synths, while still keeping a dancefloor-oriented groove. The A-side offers two lovely fresh cuts, while on the flip, Sunrise's very own Jay Bliss serves up a soothing remix that perfectly fits with the whole emotional idea behind the label. Lastly, B2 closes the EP with a tropical and spiced dancefloor roller.



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Label-head MJOG has landed on labels like DaydreamUkiyo MusicRecordeep and STAMP Records over the last couple of years, and now he has finally decided to create a new own platform to share his dreamy vision of music. Émoi aims to display a wide range of human emotion, from euphoria to melancholy, moving from sensuality or excitement and joy, to love and other feelings, variating from release to release. Driving inspiration of daily thoughts and experiences that resonate with people, sometimes echoing dancing by the beach in intimacy and sometimes evoking the adrenaline and rush of a hot summer nightclub.




Opener “1pm Breakfast Time” is a tight bit of drum programming that gets you in a funk. The micro synths and deft chords are warm, deep and infectious. This first track sets the mood with a funky glitch groove and a vocal sample that develops forward and drives your feet second by second. “The Story Behind My Pain (dear C)” is another slick house tune with a tight rhythm and electrifying chords that pulls you deep into its core. Thus, Jay Bliss provides a dreamy rework of the former track, adding balmy pads and late-night romance feels. Last, but definitely not least, we have "Find Me¨ which closures the EP with a dubby, cavernous house cut that is gorgeously detailed with sci-fi pads and a distorted yet romantic Ibero-american vocal sample that makes for the perfect dancefloor experience. The boss himself says, "We aim to convey the idea that you need to get out of your comfort zone and cause the heart to flutter" and we couldn’t agree more. This is a fine start to what will be the new label’s going into 2020 and beyond.






Words by Daniel Ordonez and Francesco Quieti