Music Review: Jamahr - Cloud Formations EP (incl. Urulu Remix) [Captea 001]

The Italian duo of Jamahr is finally ready to launch their own label Captea. The label's name draws inspiration from the Romanian "to capture" and for the first release called "Cloud Formations", the guys have unleashed 3 powerful originals, calling US veteran Urulu on the remix duties. Hailing from Biella, a small city near Turin, these long-time friends have started their venture of 10 years ago, slowly making a name for themselves thanks to their deep and techy productions, within which you can always find a 6th sense for intriguing melodies and catchy grooves. Over the years they've released both on vinyl and digital on renowned labels such as Tamango Records, What NxT, Mulen Records, Politics Of Dancing Records and EWax to name a few, getting support from heavyweights like Enzo Siragusa, Yaya, Rich NxT, Djebali, Reiss, Seb Zito, Janeret and Burnski. 


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A1's "Cloud Formations" is an intense trip in which the Jamahr drives us miles away from the Earth's crust, making us discover intricated rhythmic bounces, rattling percussions and warm groove patterns. Some female whispers joined to hypnotizing pads and curious SCI+FI sounds are perfectly placed above breakbeat inspired drums, giving life to a hell of an opener.




Up next, US eclectic Urulu goes faster, with his 132 bpm "No Satisfaction Guaranteed" version of "Cloud Formations". He provides a gun-powder remix which features splashes of cyber-electro sound with rolling and heavy bassline, turning the original into a real dancefloor heater.


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On the B-side, "Kamigawa" is the perfect representation of the sound that the Jamahrs got us used to over the last couple of years. On this one,  pulsating toms and hi-hats encounter mystical long-tailed pads and synths into a majestic and dreamy progression.




Closing the EP is another energetic club tool called "Voyage". The wise use of 909 hats and vocal loops, together with housy strings and pulsating basslines have made of this track one of Enzo's favourite over the last couple of months.


Distribution by Memoria Music Group:






Words by Francesco Quieti