Music Review: Peshka - Overdrive EP [Visionquest 082]

Ukrainian producer Peshka has been on our (and apparently not only on ours) radar for a while, releasing lovely tracks on AMAM, Crocus, and RE.FACE Records to name a few. His productions are characterized by a nice blend of deep elements, minimal inspired drums - which sometimes roll on breakbeat grooves - and hypnotizing, almost shaman-ish, atmospheres. Due to the complicated situation that can still be found in his home country, he had serious issues on delivering a constant output over the years, and he was forced to stop his work for almost 2 years.


After this hiatus, it seems that Peshka, although he continues to deliver top-notch quality material, has added a dose of energetic, raw and aggressive vibes to his previously style, which can be easily heard on his new EP on the legendary Visionquest label. In fact, all the tracks are characterized by stumping vibes, raw claps, futuristic and dreamy pads, splashes of acid and sharp percussions.



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We've decided to premiere the fast tempo's "Spectral Analized" which goes hard and direct in a 5 minutes ride, a pretty short track considering the usual length that we're used to, with a naughty bassline, spacey and synths and SCI+FI atmospheres, making you feel almost in an 80s retro-video game, dodging asteroids and enemy ships.






Words by Francesco Quieti