My First Time at...Fuse London


Διονύσης, or Denny as we know him, is the newest addition to the MEOKO family. Only 21 years of age and recently moved to London from his hometown in Greece, Denny has a neverending passion for all things house and techno and his enthusiasm is highly infectious. Denny lives and breathes dance music and we love that! When we discovered some months back that Denny had NEVER actually been to a club in London, we concocted a plan to make his wildest dreams come true by sending him to some of the city's most-loved raving institutions and underground parties, whilst also asking him to document his adventures - the result was My First Time at...fabric. Now we've done it again, but this time we've granted him VIP access to one of the most iconic Sunday afternoon parties currently running in London...Fuse. 


Photo credit: Daddy's Got Sweets

#2 My first time at...Fuse!

Sunday 21 April, 2013

It’s now been a couple of days since experiencing the institution that is Fuse for the first time, and still at this moment I can feel the vibe and atmosphere like it was happening here in my bedroom! Last Sunday was a very special day for the Fuse family, as they were celebrating the 2nd birthday of their own imprint Fuse London at Village Underground, and lucky for me, my beloved MEOKO colleagues had a plan to pop my “Fuse virginity” with the best way ever! Funnily enough I’ve been outside Village Underground distributing MEOKO flyerpacks almost every time Fuse has had a party and, believe me, even from outside I knew that something REALLY good was occuring inside those walls. So trying to keep myself out of the place until this Sunday wasn’t easy at all…but today, I can say it was totally worth it! 

fusequeuePhoto credit: Daddy's Got Sweets


As I approached the doors of Village Underground, the anxious excitement was building up inside me with every step. Inside, my excitement was fully satisfied and I loved what I saw;  the space was different from any other venue or warehouse I’ve been to previously, the whole atmosphere seemed to be dripping with great memories...with more to come. 700-800 people capacity, super high ceiling, and the whole building oozing the underground philosophy that gets me mad. The space was already brimming with the crowd’s energy, even as the music was just warming up; beautiful people and hundreds of smiley faces all around made me immediately comfortable and relaxed. I got myself a beer and I wandered onto the dance floor, where I found, in the middle of the floor, that the low frequencies were very noticeable (something that I personally like a lot) and the sound was warm and spreading all over the venue from front to back. 


After familiarizing myself with the venue more, I moved to the DJ booth to meet Tony Cannatella and Enzo Siragusa (Fuse’s founders). Meanwhile, Seb Zito and Luke Miskelly were already going back-to-back; a crazily perfect match, the duo showed how it’s done with great rotation and proper Techno sounds. One did not have to say much about their mixing skills as these gents knew exactly what they were doing.  Behind the booth, I spoke with Tony in detail about the whole Fuse philosophy, how it began and what their expectations are for the future. More that eight years of experience in throwing parties here in London and five years of running Fuse, Tony and the team are more than experienced in how to create the proper vibe and cater to the crowd in all ways! The importance of the sound system was one of the main things we discussed, both with Tony and his sound engineer, and hearing their perspectives and knowledge on the subject blew me away. Working hard and paying extra attention to detail, like these guys do, obviously pays off, that’s for sure! After our chat and as the evening approached 19:00 I ventured once again for a wander amongst the crowd, and made a little a video to give you a taste...

Almost 20:00

Ben Rau was on the decks at this point...and whilst I was in the crowd, I bumped into Ittetsu. Sadly I hadn’t had the chance to listen to him play (other than imagining it via his MEOKO mix) but when I asked him how it went, he said he was really satisfied with the result and had a great time. This seemed to be a running theme throughout the night; all the DJs were on top form and the unity of the whole Fuse family was noticeable even in the few hours I had been there! It’s undeniable there’s a specific sound associated with Fuse, a signature style of techno that creates a harmony and flow throughout all of their sets, whilst still each individual has their own unique flair. While dancing our arses off to Ben Rau, the crowd really started to heat up and Ben proceeded to take the party to the next level – and I was lucky enough to capture on video one of my favorite parts of the night! 

After Ben’s set I headed backstage, grabbed a beer, and chilled for a couple of minutes trying to mentally and physically prepare for Enzo Siragusa’s imminent set. As he told me himself earlier in the evening, Village Underground is awesome and Fuse is an experience that won’t let you down – so I was eager to hear what kind of lethal shots to the heart he was going to bring. And actually…that’s exactly what happened: Enzo did the job! Mixing effortlessly on vinyl, and turning the crowd into a sweaty, dancing mass of bodies, I captured Enzo doing his thing...


fusecrowdTime having flown past, suddenly it was 10 o’clock and I found myself with my MEOKO mates, enjoying the rest of the party as a family. Rich Nxt was on the decks, continuing to hammer the crowd with his cheeky basslines, affecting them in such a way that it seemed literally impossible to stop dancing! As a DJ myself, I recognized how important this amazing crowd were to the Fuse experience, and why all the jockeys were enjoying the party so much. A good crowd almost controls the DJ psychology, in such a way that they give more as the crowd gives more: it’s a “give to receive” thing and is hard to explain, although everyone knows it’s there! So a note to my fellow clubbers: if you want to party, guys just show some love and enthusiasm to the DJ, because at the end of the day you’re going to be the one benefiting from it more than anyone else!

fusealex It became even clearer to me later on, after spending some time backstage chatting with the Fuse crew, just what these beautiful people represent and why they do things the way they do - I was in love! Subsequently, I managed to catch about half of Alex Arnout’s set from behind the booth. The place was still rammed (it hadn’t seemed to lessen at all since they announced earlier at 7pm that it was at full capacity) and people were enjoying themselves more than ever, as you can see below...



Sadly the time came when I had to leave the place and catch the last tube home. Nevertheless, I left completely exhilarated from the whole day and after such an amazing first time Fuse experience, I am already counting down the days ‘til the next one. From beginning to end, the music and atmosphere was so intense it made me feel like I was tripping (and the emotional comedown the next day was equally as intense!) Massive thanks to Fuse for the incredible hospitality and amazing night, and to MEOKO for making it happen. Until my next ‘first time’, take care of yourselves and keep partying!  

 Pictures by Daddy's Got Sweets