Now that's how you play BINGO!


If one of your mates suggested you go out for a game of  bingo on a Saturday night, I would imagine your head would be filled with images of a slightly odd smelling bingo hall filled with an abundance of older women resembling the likes of your Auntie Dot or Nanny Pat.  This is most likely not the type of bingo your mate is referring to. The Bingo world has been turned upside down by the likes of a more unusual version of game - one that's loud, emotional and certainly NOT one you should take your Granny to.

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Rebel Bingo has become a global revolution creating bingo mayhem across the globe in North America, Spain, Portugal, Madrid and London.

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Now this is no ordinary bingo. At Rebel Bingo scantily clad ball girls take to the stage shouting more unusual bingo calls than the likes of '32 buckle my shoe' which you may normally expect to hear (if you have ever been lucky enough to have attended with your Nan.)  Rebel bingo is more of a game show with a DJ and dancing. If you're able to stay sober enough to actually score a 'line' or  'full house' they have some slightly unnecessary but rather cool prizes up for grabs - who wouldn't want to win a light up umbrella or giant disco ball?

If you fancy for a break from your usual Saturday night activity and are up for a crazy,  loud and somewhat emotional evening then I recommend giving Rebel Bingo a go - just make sure you remember to leave your Gran at home. 


Rebel Bingo is next at Scala London 15th & 16th March however this event is now sold out. Tickets are still available for any Bristolians at the Thekla on 21st February, 7:30pm  from £4 available at

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