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Summer in London this year hasn't been the greatest in my personal opinion, apart from the few gems that remind you of why London is London. So to close Summer 2014 me and “the family” flew out to one of my favourite places in the world… Ibiza.


Initially we were sceptical about the weather as mother earth had promised rain. Not ideal, but the flights were booked, the hotels paid for and the sterling exchanged for euros. So off to Gatwick we went during the early hours of Monday 29th September. The routine flight of just over 2 hours past and we touched down in Eivissa. There were slight grins all around as we hit the baggage reclaim and proceeded to the taxi rank. Those that know the route to Playa d’en Bossa, will know that from the airport you only have to blink and you're there. “Gracias”, we were handed our bags by their driver and rolled into reception.


As if the anticipation couldn't build anymore than it had done, check-in wasn't until 2pm! Not that we didn’t know this prior to arriving but we always hope that by some miracle that we’d turn up and everything would in place. This is never the case!! (I’ll note that it was around 10am at the time). Anyway, time past, we settled in, unpacked and could finally relax, but not for long. The allure soon kicked in and off we went to DC10 for Circo Loco; it had begun. From then on out it was a blur of madness, mischief and music followed by:


Amnesia - Cocoon Closing; Sankeys - FUSE Closing; Sands - tINI & The Gang Closing.


Thursday came and a little “sanity” crept in with a ride to Ibiza Town for dinner at cosy little restaurant tucked away on the first floor of a building just off the main road. The food was amazing, and accompanied by an unexpected thumping soundtrack from the kitchen. Would you expect less? It was Ibiza after all. Sanity now checked off it was back to the dance floor: Space for ENTER’s Closing party. Sake and The Terrace got us back into the groove prior to making our way to what was to be the last destination for us this year; Ibiza Underground. As ever, Underground didn't fail. It's one of those special places in Ibiza, away from the the masses, a place where you almost feel like you’re on home soil. The moments passed, the beat dropped and it was over… Kick out.


The thing about this little island, is that it never sleeps (even though sometimes you have to). Kick out followed its usual disorder of who’s going where, what’s going on next, who’ve we lost, etc, etc. Which to choose? The decision was made and in the taxi we jumped. Phone calls were exchanged and directions translated from English to Spanish and from driver to driver. We were back en route. It was almost as if we were chasing sunrise as the taxi driver took us through meandering roads that could have led to absolutely nowhere. From time to time, we exchanged looks with each other… “Are we lost? Did we do the right thing? Shall we turn back?” The consistent answer was ‘No’ so we continued on our mission.


After about half-an-hour we finally reached our destination and drove around the area for a while as the fare crept up and up on the meter. It was time to make another decision; give up or continue searching for this afters. This time we were split; two stayed and two turned back. I thought, we’ve come all this way so we had to find it. As the taxi left us by the beach without a person in sight, a bright orange jeep pulled up with music pumping. “Looking for the party?...Jump in” And we were off again. We passed the beach, drove up a hill, round a corner and through a set of metal gates that opened into what seemed to be a derelict car park. “Follow me” said our new found friend and tour guide.


The feeling that followed as we gingerly made our way down the weathered stone stairs can only be compared to the scene from The Beach, when Leonardo DiCaprio and co finally make it after that treacherous swim. About 100 metres down from where we stood we a small collective of people dancing against a breathtaking backdrop. Step by step we got closer to the bottom. We had found it: Project London Records - Closing Party, tucked away in a magical little cove, on the coast of Ibiza. It felt like we had discovered a little hedonistic civilisation. Who knew how long it had been going for; who knew how long it was gonna last? All we knew is that this was Ibiza at its heart. The raw surroundings complemented by a rolling beat. The water was crystal clear as it lapped lazily against the rocks and the sun bathed us in all its glory. From time to time, between a weary two-step, I caught myself just staring out at the water, without a thought and without out a concern. This was special. I’d never experienced anything like it. This was the reason why this little Balearic island is my favourite place on the planet. This was Ibiza at its finest and ironically, London at its best; home-away-from-home. This was Project Ibiza.


Until next time… once again…


Ibiza: Thank you.  


By Anwaar Bent