PRVNS pres. Sonido Peruano Vol. 1

With the South American scene being more consistent than ever, just think of recent labels and projects such as Musica Lunar, Audionik, From The Void Above, and Guaguanco to name a few, representing Perù is the newborn PRVNS label. As the name suggests, the label, owned and directed by 4 young and passionate locals, it's the extension of the Peruvian Sound collective and will focus on delivering just the best on house, minimal, and techno sound in all its facets. Their first VA compilation is a huge 37-tracker collection of 100% made in Perù lovely rolling groovers ready to warm and rock the dancefloor - not only the Peruvian ones - as soon as possible. Sonido Peruano Vol. 1 is divided into 3 parts and within these, we can already spot some known names such as Deaf Pillow, Kike Mayor, Alejandro Cuestas, and He_Did: in fact, almost the entire compilation is entrusted to newcomers that do not disappoint expectations.



The speedy "Numero Dos" by Bauer kicks off the project with a delicious spacey tune. The bass pulses definite and deep, rolling smoothly around the stomper kickdrum. Glimmering synths arps populate the scene with energy and color, giving a trancy touch to the track. Drums and delicious congas are drawn in a wide and sharp reverb that brightens up and enhances clarity.




Moving one, the compilation proceeds with gloomy deep and minimal trippy rollers, among which appear “Un Vals?”, a dried-out minimal cut carried on by an outrageous guitar sample, and Deaf Pillow’s gloomy “Alternate”, where bold shaker-ish drums meet intense chopped synths and a cavernous bassline.



Heading to the second part, Lima-based GhostHorse delivers the heady "Chermass", which insists on a hypnotic siren that elevates the gloomy mood to a mental level. With the main arp that sounds like it's never going to stop, the overall pace gets tenser on each cycle, layering together with other plucks, always evolving and coming back. Kick hits gently, muffled, laying on the very bottom of the track. The wavy shake of the synth is mimicked in the arrangement, as it opens up and closes down alternatively, playing with elements’ density.




Saint & Don’t Music head Kike Mayor is next with his track "Semblante", a deep and warm slow burner with a variety of caressing sounds providing a chilled state. All the elements are picked and shaped wisely not to tire the listener and stay engaging on the run, where old school taste melts together with a minimal approach and a mature expression of time management.



We have reached the third volume now but however, the music continues to amaze us. For the gift track, JJ Beteta enters the stage with an idea of sound: funk. His “Gimmi Da Funkei Bit" is a raw joint that works around the famous sample, here warped and treated enough to make of this one a huge club rocker. Definitely a peak time anthem.




Another one to mention is Lima’s Fuga Night Club resident Ludovic aka Muchos Alias, here unleashing a deadly after-hours tool that mixes dreamy synths with smooth 90's pads and an enthralling bassline capable of making people dance hours to this.





Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi