If you’ve yet to check out the debut release from Merveille, Crosson and Lee Curtiss’s side project – don’t hold your breath for anything dazzling. Dubbed ‘Sweatshop Boys’, their ‘Wide World EP’ suggests a more light-hearted approach to their usual material, but the end result is far from spectacular.

Had three producers - whose previous work displays finesse largely unheard of in the majority of dance music today - not been the curators, 'Wide World' might not have been such a let down… Jem Cooke’s playful vocals dance around a funky 808 beat, joined by a simple one bar bassline that beefs it up a little. The end result is a functional track that could no doubt work a dance floor, the problem being that it lacks any real substance. Mosca dishes out three remixes… well, two really; the ‘Dub Mix’ is a nice example of his typical pulsing deep house comprising of weighty beats whilst the ‘Vocal Mix’ has one obvious addition. His 'Ghetto Mix' is a pacy, raw rethink with an old school tint.

It is Matt Tolfrey’s contribution in the form of his ‘Micro Dub’ that really saves this release though. Stripped to the bones, he carves away space for scatterings of haunting piano chords and sporadic stabs, woven together around percussion that is sophisticated yet uncluttered. The vocals are worked over, given a cryptic edge – and the end result is yet another fine piece of work from the Leftroom boss. 

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