Music Review: RSLane - Dupa EP [Duck It Records]

Algerian based label Duck It Records’ new vinyl release comes by its label head, RSlane, a man of many talents who has been committed to promote the North African music scene for years now also known for his infectious groovy and deep sounding music. During the past decade, his efforts and his passion for the local electronic music cultural movement also led him, at the age of 34, to also found his own label.



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His latest EP, Dupa, contains four tracks consisting of two original cuts and two special remixes, one by Romanian sEmoa and the latter by Algerian talent Harr, perfectly complementing the release. The whole album is a beautiful mix of breaks and minimal house that have a contagious and deep feel that is both distinctive and alluring throughout.


"Dupa" is a fiery break driven minimal house cut that captures the listener from the beginning to end with its organic broken rhythm kick drum pattern, coalesced with mysterious and distorted atmospheric background pitch sounds and textures that subconsciously draw the listen inwards. The track’s bass synth gives off an enigmatic and vibrant vibe that both catches you by surprise and pushes the momentum forward. Deep sleek chords float and as cutting one-shot percussions pierce the air through, adding gritty and deep cuts to the sonic trip alongside some catchy female hip hop verses. Overall, a well balanced high key roller that displays RSlane’s versatility and natural instinct for musical blends.




RSlane carries on the release smoothly with his consistent and striking take on breakbeat and minimalistic house cuts with his second instalment, "Cosmic Breaks". The kick drum beat starts of the track as short hi-hat notes appear while a deep synth holds down a modulated key, reminiscing of the grandeur sound of sci-fi film introduction scores. The snare and chopped vocal percussive sample add properly well to the energetic and broken ravey breakbeat feeling of the track. The use of distorted slurred vocal sampling appears effortlessly as it complements the arrangement in gorgeous flair, whilst the panned one-shots drive the listeners' motion and attention headfirst. The hi-hats add the spice as the 808 tom brings memories of the grittier and more vibrant days of the UK nightlife. A deep bassline sine synth with deep house synth chord melody create a beautiful fusion of broken beats and flowing motion.




sEMOA takes on a more acid sound and electro-funk note for his reinterpretation of the lead track. A funky bassline gives off more of a wacky twist on the original cut and the breakbeat kickdrum perfectly works along with the acid synth for a harmonious track. The use of the classic 808 cowbell pattern along with flangerized effects and its characteristic bassline adds on to its particularity in sound design.




Harr, instead opts for a deep house minimal take on "Cosmic Breaks" that concludes the EP on a refreshing note. With beautiful synth chords, the remix lets the listener take on a lighter experience to that of its counterpart on the A-side.  Harr perfectly closes Duck It 002, which arrives as a pleasant surprise for those seeking to search deeper into the broken rhythms and get carried away into a profound daze.





Words by Daniel Ordoñez