Sydney's iconic spot S.A.S.H. launches a record label

Sidney's favourite Sunday spot S.A.S.H. is about to launch a homonymous record label. The debut "Emergerous" EP arrives straight from party resident Jake Hough and comes packed with two Djebali remixes.




The S.A.S.H. venue has become within 10 years one of the most important in the house and techno Australian scene. With an incredible team made of fresh and motivated minds, these guys really caught the attention of many promoters from all around the world, which have found in this party the perfect location for long-running sets and label showcases.


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Among them, we can mention huge shows by All Day I Dream, Half Baked, and the recent one by the unstoppable guys of PIV. The idea of split the parties between "Day" and "Night" sessions was surely one of the keys of their success, and this, combined with a passionate team, allowed S.A.S.H. to affirm itself as one of the most desired spots for many DJs all around the world.



We've decided to premiere the Djebali's "By Night" remix, who turns the bouncy and groovy original "Emergerous" into a late-night affair of rolling hats and slick percussions, where deep chords and sweeping pads combine to perfection in the lovely hands-in-the-air break.







Words by Francesco Quieti