Music Review: V.A. - Sensory Vol. 1 [Opulence]

After having released incredible tunes from the likes of Cristi Cons, Mike Shannon, Dan Ghenacia and Martin Buttrich to name a few, Cali Lanauze's label Opulence strikes after a 1-year hiatus with an array of house and techno heavyweights. In fact, the latest VA compilation Sensory Vol. 1 is filled with gorgeous tracks from Kozo, DJ W!LD, DJ Sneak, Cesare vs Disorder, Ryan Crosson, Deaf Pillow, Andre Buljat and label head himself Cali Lanauze, each of which provide slick minimal and house groovy numbers.




Romanian giant Kozo starts the compilation with the deep and hypnotic "See A Man About A Horse". Characterised by tight drums, tiny minimal percussions and a juicy female vocal samples, the track seems to float motionless right into your ears thanks to dusty and grim pads in constant opposition with higher synths, taking off after 5 minutes when the clap finally joins the rest of the groove.




Punchy kicks, hard-hitting 909 elements and a good dose of crunchiness: this is "Be The One", which also marks the debut of DJ W!LD on the label. On this one, the Parisian remains faithful to an essential groove until a dreamy pad suddenly breaks the previous pace to be then followed by a bunch of poignant arpeggiator notes.



On the flip, Opulence head-honcho Cali Lanauze unleashes classic deep house vibes in a minimal approach with the entitled "Sixfortytwo". Some subtle pads and elegant drums effortlessly drag the track for three minutes until unexpected jazzy sonorities take the track to a whole new level, making you feel immediately the summer breeze on your face.




The legend himself DJ Sneak provides one of his impressive house groove rollers within which funky guitars, low-hefty atmospheres, hip hop vocal samples and classic house strings are in a constant interchange over a 7 minutes ride that punches on the 4/4 structure from start to finish.




Cesare vs Disorder kicks off the C side with driving kicks and steel claps but It’s the attention to detail with micro effects and sonic sounds that really bring this track to life. Pads raise the anticipation throughout with 80s style synths leading the way creatively intertwining with a velvety deep bassline.


Visionquest’s Ryan Crosson steps up for C2. We’re transported deep in the wilderness with booming kicks and cricket-like tones raising the suspense. The bassline brings the groove instantly with a funky bass guitar riff. Layer upon layer of tight percussion takes us through into the unknown as we twist and turn with propulsive rhythms, robotic pads and whirlpool of echoing voices.




"Devil’s Head" delves into the underworld; welcomed by dark gritty basslines and tight intricate percussive elements. Metallic vocals start to mysteriously present themselves. The Deaf Pillow guys have managed to perfectly keep the groove found throughout this EP whilst still bringing in their signature dark tones. The second breakdown builds and builds as elements of the track are filtered through before dropping us straight back into the vibe. A* tackle left to right and centre.




"Telescope" closes off the EP with dubby tones from the offsetting the score for this affair. Sequences of electronic pads carry you from one rabbit hole to the next whilst giving the groove room to breath. Racing hats take the track into overdrive; this is pure hands up, heads down material and perfect way to close the LP. This is Andre Buljat at his best and a fine addition to his musical repertoire.



Words by Francesco Quieti & Jordan Diston