Music Review: Size 8 - 002 [The Check In]

With a jazzy background behind his back, Thomas Robinson, better known as Size 8, has been crafting music over the last 10 years. The London based producer then continued the studies as audio engineering, also focusing on learning keyboards, as we can easily notice on his latest EP 002


002 SIDE A

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Side A kicks off with a woody kick that still sounds delicate, able to not overpower the other elements. Little by little, a groovy male vocal chop makes its way on the track, matching harmonically with processed bells from heaven, delicate pads, thin drums and a warm, cosy bassline. The light mood that reigns is partly "soiled" by an LFO-ish synth that, enveloping on itself, enriches the track in an intelligent and not intrusive way.




"Through many musical genres and styles, I found myself starting up my own label "The Check In" last year. "The Check In" is a label and East-London based club night. The music is strongly focused on an intelligent sound design built around intricate bouncy grooves. Inspired by the sounds of iO (Mulen), Jake Flory, Fabe and many more, depth and subtlety are key to the labels sound. It can loosely be described as a minimal house but it is so much more. The second release is simply named "Size 8 002" and focuses on layered harmonies which gives both cuts a euphoric feel, whilst the drums hint at something more playful" - Size 8


B Side, instead, goes a little bit harder than its previous colleague, as Size 8 rises up the tempo for a more driving dancefloor tool. Spacey pads meet old-fashioned delayed stabs for an intimate and soulful journey that will leave a luscious taste in the listener's mouth.





Words by Francesco Quieti