Music Review: Various Aliens [WE R THE ALIENS 002]

We R The Aliens starts the new decade with its first “Various Aliens” compilation, featuring 4 eminently solid tracks from 6 illustrious producers – encompassing their unique brand of futurism across the release. Following up on the high-profile “Dubby White” EP of Mothership earlier in 2019, the German imprint keeps turning in cuts worthy of the occasion and is making a name for itself by housing a core roster of artists concerned with the playful aspect of house, electronica and minimalism.



The label's in-house family is well-represented with Boronas & Snad front and centre, opening the record with "The Remedy". Happy fews got a sneak peek of this gem at Else this summer, seeing as Ricardo Villalobos blasted it a couple of weeks ago in Berlin alongside Craig Richards. In a similar vein continues ”The Sway Effect” of Chklte – work deployed selectively and carefully, always serving to heighten the mood.




The most hypnotic inclusion of this release comes on the flipside with Melina & Jakob Seidensticker pairing up, determined to create a world of mystifying strangeness where intimacy, deepness, freakiness, groove and spirit are the means used to emphasise the ‘alien’ qualities of “Das”. Needless to say – we are chuffed to premiere this singular, unified vision of theirs.




Beginning with a subtle introduction of atmospheric nostalgia the synthesizers convey icy alienation at once. The track soon gains force and momentum, building into wonderful layers whilst the kicking groove sends the listener towards the after-hours realm. Melina and Jakob deliver a powerful bass nevertheless and winding atmospheres simultaneously sounding like a product of artificial beauty or the first fruit of music yet to come. The finale is given to prolific Markus Sommer who crafted a minor showstopper for the occasion with “Lost Love” effortlessly evoking the seamy underbelly of a futuristic megapolis.




Treat yourself to WRTA 002 in vinyl format but be quick as only a few copies are still in stock – you have been warned!







Alternatively, you can get the digital pack via Juno or Beatport, Spotify and Whatpeopleplay, as today marks the digital release of the “Various Aliens”.


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 Words by Denny Kem