Wave Goodbye ..for Now - Next Wave with Ricardo Villalobos & RPR Soundsystem: 2nd October

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As the Summer 2013 season draws to a close, and the nostalgia builds on the reflection of the mental montage of minutes, hours, nights and days, weeks and months in Ibiza, there is one date; Wednesday 2nd October that is marked in many-a-pilgrims calendar. An announcement was made this week that quelled the thirst of anticipation for an answer as to when and where this party will happen. Away from their island home at Privilege, NEXT WAVE will host their closing party at MOMA Ibiza, Playa d’en Bossa. Starting at 24:00, the Sorcerer and his Apprentices will begin to conjure up their magic in a ritual way only they know how.


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Ricardo Villalobos and RPR Soundsystem (Rhadoo : Petre Inspirescu : Raresh); four names that heighten your pulse in an almost anxious excitement at what is in store. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of dancing away into the early hours guided by the sounds of these master craftsman; it can only be portrayed in such a way that they have the ability to lift you into an almost transcendent-like state through their medley of rhythmic drums and instigating basslines, leaving you no option other than to dance. No matter who is in the driving seat as you are caught in your moment; whether it be the animated and playful characters of Ricardo and Raresh, the somber tone and expression of Petre or the intense, engrossed demeanor of Rhadoo, their combination will leave you in an enchanted awe.


So if you are privileged enough to be in Ibiza next Wednesday, in Playa d’en Bossa, as the clock strikes midnight, join the NEXT WAVE faithful at one of the closings parties that will remain forever etched in the memories of all those who made it. Until next season; Wave Goodbye… for now.



RPR SOUNDSYSTEM (Rhadoo-Petre Inspirescu- Raresh)