Event Staff

MEOKO’S primary focus has always been to provide the best possible characters and skill sets for the job. Through our years of experience we have learnt that finely selecting staff based on personality, specific experience and skill matching to your exact event concept results in next level working relationships and event success. Should you be hosting a concert, a private or corporate event, an intimate art exhibition, a jam packed club night or a romantic and personal wedding; our roster of MEOKO event & hospitality staff range from big room, attention grabbing characters to demure and elegant door girls and right through to young, energetic and chatty sales experts. The MEOKO image and reputation is incessantly important and all of our staff are experienced, reference checked and fully trained professionals. However intimate, capacious, niche or outspoken your event is, MEOKO’s waiters & waitresses, cocktail specialists, bar staff, door & guest list girls and event coordinators work to the highest of standards whilst injecting their individual personalities and flair into your event.

  • Waiters & Waitresses
  • Bar Staff
  • Cocktail Specialists
  • Bar Backs
  • Hostesses
  • Door & Guest List Girls
  • Event Supervisors & Coordinators

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Picture by Ben Douch on behalf of MEOKO