Flyer & Poster Distribution

Creating a unique and edgy event identity is one thing, ensuring it reaches your target audience is another. MEOKO’s flyer/leaflet & poster distribution services are designed to ensure your event reaches full audience potential before it has even begun. Taking pride in our thoroughly researched and targeted promotion structure, MEOKO and our staff create the contagious buzz your event deserves. Our print solution, hand to hand, shop drop and bespoke flyer/leaflet & poster marketing campaigns are mapped by our MEOKO consultants, matched to your events forte and carried out by our vibrant and area savvy team. Covering the length and breadth of London, our promotional staff become your event ambassadors as they elegantly and effectively spread the word on your event throughout the city’s hot spots.

  • Printing
  • Hand To Hand
  • Shop Drops
  • Bespoke

"A great company to work alongside and always deliver with an outstanding supervised flyer team. We look forward to furthering our relationship with them."

Basing House

"We love working with Meoko: Efficitent AND Great Value. No messing about. Promotion is easy with these guys! #1." 

Junk Department

Hand to Hand

Throughout our years of promotion experience MEOKO have found that hand to hand flyering remains one of the most effective ways of marketing your event. Carried out in MEOKO’s fun and vibrant manner; our energetic and friendly staff are fully briefed on the specifics of your event to talk to your public effectively. MEOKO’s hand to hand flyering and leaflet dropping is a personal, classic and tested method that rapidly raises the profile of your event.

Shop Drops

Knowing your target market and more importantly, where to find them is crucial when it comes to effectively promoting your event. Our MEOKO consultants construct tailored drop routes and destinations in order to spread the word within our ‘Shop Drop’ service. Whether your target clientele are university students, business professionals or night life lovers; MEOKO’s shop, bar, pub, club and ‘everything in between’ leaflet and poster drop service is researched and planned specifically to suit your events criteria and carried out by our engaging and experienced promotional team.


If you have some design or distribution ideas or requests which are not listed here in the MEOKO flyer and promotion methods, please do tell us about them and we will happily construct a bespoke package just for you! Lovers of thinking outside of the box to inject fresh and exciting life into our projects, MEOKO welcome your creative ideas or requests.